Multi-Cookers in 2021: Slow Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker and now... Air-fryers?

I've accumulated a number of small cooking appliances over the years: a rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker and more recently, and air fryer. Each of these appliances do one thing reasonably well, but they have slowly eaten into the free space in my cupboard which I'd prefer to set aside for essentials like wine and toilet paper, so I've been looking into the multi-cooker space again.

The last time I looked at the market, they ranged from '3-in-1' to '67-in-1' (accounting for every possible combination of porridge and kombucha), and generally seemed… trashy? With air fryers being all the rage, it seemed expected that they could add a +1 to these multi-cookulators. There only appears to be two on the Australian market at the moment:

Nutri Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker OP300
Pressure Cooking, Slow Cooking, Rice Cooking, Steam, Sauté, Brown, Air Fry, Bake, Roast, Grill

Intant Vortex Duo Crisp and Air Fryer
Pressure cooks, sautés, steams, slow cooks, sous vides, warms, air fries, roasts, bakes, broils and dehydrates

Somewhat objective comparison, from the US:

On the outset, my observations are:
* Both products seem on the chonk side of the 'small' kitchen appliance (seems somewhat necessary), but it's hard to tell when you're stuck in the house hitting refresh on the OzB front page.
* The video reviews suggest that the Ninja's ceramic pan might be easier to clean than the Instant Vortex.
* The 'drop in' air frying approach seems a bit more fiddly and less 'shakeable' than than my Phillips.

So… questions…
* Has anyone used one of these Multi + Air Fryer multi cookers?
* Is there a multi cooker 'sweet spot', eg. slow+rice cooker, but not pressure cooker?
* Can you recommend a non-air-fryer unit?


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    Get a bigger house.

  • this is almost $300.
    i would put that into a convection oven instead of buying one of these things.

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      Like many people, I have a convection oven, but there's value in being able to set and forget a slow cooker, and my oven certainly doesn't have a pressure, rice or air fryer option…

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        air fryer is convection, lol.

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    I haven't used an air-fryer yet; a friend of mine has a cheapo Mistral one and he reckons it's awesome. I'd only bother if you have a big oven or cook small portions.

    Get an Instant Pot Duo, it'll do pressure and slow cooking. I haven't used my slow cooker since I started pressure cooking.

    Keep the rice cooker if you really need it, odds are the pressure cooker will be in use when you need rice. I just make my rice on the stove.

    If you really want an air fryer, consider how many people it needs to cook for and get one that does the one task well.

    • I have one, this post is about the new line with of multicoojers.

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    The instant pot crisp and air fryer isn't meant to be that great at air frying… I did manage to get one for $219 after prime day but haven't used it yet.

    I believe it's the only IP model that does sous vide.

  • So if I understand correctly, your solution to too many small appliances is to buy another small appliance. Makes sense.

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      …which replaces them after I give them to my parents.

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    I absolutely love my Ninja Foodi multicooker. We don't use our oven anymore and have thrown out our rice cooker.

  • lot of multicooker can do rice/slow cook and pressure cook at the same time, we used the Philips one, missus is looking at upgrading to the instant pot to get the automated start timer.

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    I did a lot of research between the Instant Pot duo crisp and the Ninja foodi. They are very similar feature-wise, and I ended up getting the Instant pot purely because Amazon had a daily deal recently and it was only $200 (thanks OzBargai alerts for letting me know :P)

    I have been using it for a couple of months now, and I am absolutely in LOVE with it. I use the pressure cooker and the air fryer modes the most. The pressure cooker side of things has blown me away the most. Being able to do recipes that would usually take all day in the slow cooker in only 20 mins is amazing. I am really enjoying the air fryer too, but it is a little annoying the bowl base surface area is quite small.

    I use my instant pot/air fryer almost every day now. I also have a Thermomix.. and now I pretty much have everything covered. I've actually been using my thermomix more for prepping, chopping etc and the instant pot more for cooking - they are the ultimate power couple.. hahaha I sound like such a (profanity).

    Anyway, I would highly recommend, and happy to answer any questions about it.

    • Great input - thanks!

      Do you stow it away or leave it on the bench? Would it be a nuisance to lug in and out of the cupboard?

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