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Seiko Prospex Tuna Black Series Solar Watch SNE577P $499 (Usually $579) Delivered @ StarBuy


I've been waiting for the price of this one to drop for a while, and of course it does right after I already bought two other watches from StarBuy over the weekend!

Some specs:

  • Solar V157 quartz movement
  • 10 month power reserve
  • 46.7mm case size
  • 11.8mm case thickness
  • Steel case with plastic surround
  • 20 bar water resist
  • Hardlex mineral glass
  • Silicone strap
  • 3 year warranty

Google cache shows it was $579 before: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:fhXAUY...

Review including lume shot at 3:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSAORM4y9lw

This is my favourite of the Black Series because it has a partly-lumed bezel. Yes, I'm that superficial.

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  • +2

    I already bought two other watches

    horophilia….must resist the precious.

    • +1

      what did you call me?

      • well you do like hors don't you 🤤

        • +2

          You see I've played my fair season of 'tag-hoeur' 😋

    • +1

      i had been on a G-shock spree the past few months.

  • +1

    I already bought two other watches from StarBuy over the weekend!

    Which one's did you get?

  • +1

    "already bought two other watches from StarBuy over the weekend!"
    different day different purchase

    • that's how i tried to justify it to myself..

  • +1

    It's the fish that John West rejects..

  • Big watch.

    1000m water rating….. I think 2m is enough for me

    • +3

      1000m water rating


      • yeah, 1000 m seiko watches cost a lot more than this …..

  • thought we have been seeing tunas cheaper than this like sub $400, is this really cheap for this watch historically ?

  • +1

    sigh another watch I don't need.

    I'll put it next to black series turtle I guess.

  • +1

    I was hoping for saphire for this price

    • +1

      same. i think we're just paying more for it being a "limited" run. (though 5000 doesn't seem that limited..?)

  • +1

    Massive watch

  • the orange does make it “ pop” compared to std tuna watch … bit like planet ocean in orange …..

    • Seiko should've called this the ozbargain tuna ;)

  • FWIW, the Starbuy 1-day deals don't expire on the day they are listed. They usually expire when the next day's deal is released, or when they run out of stock.

    This watch is still available to buy at $499 as can be seen on the 1 Day Stardeal page.

    • the new 1-day deals usually change around 8am western or 10am eastern. this watch got carried over to join the two citizen aqualands for today's deals

      • +1

        Previously the deal was marked as expiring at the end of the day it was posted (28/09). Regardless of what today's 1 day deal is, your Tuna deal was still valid after 28/09 (and still is, for whatever reason).

        I did you a favour by reporting your deal and having it "un-expired". No need to set it to expire so soon, you'll lose internet points 😉.

        • +1

          hehe thanks for that. i did a lazy and didn't set an expiry time.

          • @tdw: Did you end up buy the watch? Been watching this watch for a month and now under $500. Not sure should I wait more for the price move further down 🧐🤔

            • @saiya78: oh yeah, i bought it first then posted the deal to ozbargain ;)

              • +1

                @tdw: That's the way!

                • @pennypacker: i was so excited about the purchase i had to post it here lol

  • -1

    hey guys can someone recommend a "pointer date" watch under AUD $500, I am looking for something unique

    • +1


      • Thank you! looks like its closer to 1500 AUD

        • 1500 would be a good price!
          Have to pay for originality, when I googled that style not many others came up at all.
          Date wheel works well anyway.

  • mine arrived today. #1115. came in quite a hefty presentation box (orange and black, of course). thing is a bloody beauty! despite its hefty dimensions, actually wears a tad smaller than my casioak; the lugs really are short, and while it looks odd on the watch, it makes it wearable for most people, even us skinny wristers. the strap is also amazing: it's super soft and flexible with a subtle texture.

    and yes, the alignment is spot on

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