Deliveroo - Same Order, Different Delivery Fee

My partner and I have the app open at the same time with the same items in the cart, but my delivery fee is $6.49, and his is $5.49! Plus he's got a $7.50 credit voucher too.

Is this normal for Deliveroo, charging different delivery fees to different customers?

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    A lot of companies do it in different ways, such as Tinder

    • Interesting that Tinder allegedly uses age to discriminate.

      • I should have expanded on this, I think it's more dynamic like how sometimes people get targeted offers. I once got a $100 voucher from Appliances Online, maybe they thought my washing machine was ready to replaced but all I wanted was a sous vide thing.

        Their algorithm may think you are willing to pay more, or they are just testing different prices. They are just playing with everyone.

  • Uber does the same