Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro Data Connection Then Mobile Connection Failing

Hi Team,

I recently purchased a Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro. The phone itself is fine but as most of us are in lock down I haven't had the chance to go out as much and test coverage. Shortly after leaving the house the following happens in this order:

1)Data connection fails
2) Voice calls cannot be made
3) Then the antenna signal at the top disappears entirely (Like when you are in the middle of nowhere)
4) Only rebooting the phone can restore the mobile functionality.

When testing with Woolies Telstra its happens very quickly where as the others take sometime longer.

Tested with Woolies mobile, then got an Optus and Vodafone sim and the same behavior happens in any sim slot. I have tried some different apn settings as well.

WIFI is fine internet access wise as upon returning home from a walk the internet works immediately.

Is anyone else having this behavior?

Thanks x