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Samsung Galaxy S21 Models - 128GB $811.85, 256GB $876.85 Delivered @ Samsung Education Store


Not sure if this is a sale or if prices have dropped permanently. You'll need a .edu.au email address to register for store access. No, there is no "easy" way, to my knowledge, to get a .edu.au email address without being a student or education worker. But most high school and uni students will have one.

There is also the $50 newsletter sign up voucher, but it's been difficult to get in the past, so I haven't included that discount.

128 GB $811.85
256 GB $876.85

128GB $1,006.85
256GB $1,071.85

S21 Ultra
128 GB $1,201.85
256 GB $1,266.85
512 GB $1,396.85

Various colours including custom colours are available in each model.

For the SD card and headphone jack lovers out there the S20FE 5G is also at good prices. Well the 128gb version is, at least.
128 GB $719.20
256 GB $959.20

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      Unfortunately it's no longer Telstra day and the new one won't be out until Christmas at the earliest. You also couldn't get the other variants on Telstra day. But thanks for your contribution.

      • -6

        No worries. I just think it's insane to be spending 800 on a Android phone so close to a new release.

        • There's always a new release around the corner.

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    Currently cheaper on the regular store if you have a phone that is eligible for trade in- though you don't need to go through with the trade in. Stock is highly limited though, especially on the base S21. See link for more info.


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      For people with a trade in device, yes. Ends tomorrow, though.

    • Sad sticks like me don't have a phone to trade in. Can i do anything about it?

      • I guess you could buy a cheap phone from FB marketplace and trade it in. Just make sure it's an eligible model.

      • Borrow somebody else's phone that is eligible and get the code sent to your email. That's what I did with my sister's phone.

        • +1

          You don't have to trade in your sister's phone?

          • @Etagelle: Don't get all detailed on us now!

          • @Etagelle: Nope, just pay the trade-in value or you can send in another phone to avoid admin fee. Read the post of that deal for more info.

        • Yeah but that's not really fair to borrow a phone, because then they can't do it for themselves later.

          GT.. have you seen the insane prices people want for their phones? OMG.

  • Better purchase on Samsung as you can use the bonus/voucher. Ends tomorrow though.

    • Everything looks out of stock on the bonus offer now

  • Wait for the Fold2 to go on sale.

    • You missed the last deal ($1049)?

      • No I got that deal.
        The fold2 have been excellent.
        Would not want to go back to regular phone.

  • Weird that that S21 keeps getting cheaper but the Note 20 doesn't, even though the latter is 6 months older.

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      S21 = no MicroSD card.

      I have one free from work and seriously it's the most frustrating thing ever.

      • What do you use your SD card for?

        • +1

          Storing more than an hour of recorded video without having to upload it to the cloud?

          • -1

            @b2dz: Try the HEVC codec option on there (it's in the camera settings). 4K video does take up a fair bit of space, but with HEVC it will drop it significantly.

          • @b2dz: One of the good things about this deal is the relatively small cost to upgrade to 256gb.

        • For porn of cause.

          • @Anubizz: My man.

            Yeah honestly I wish you could use a micro sd slot for installing extra apps but for some reason we haven't gotten that far yet.

            I would jump on a 2TB micro sd card if it meant it actually increased app storage and not just data media storage aka videos and recordings.

            Must be an internal storage issue.

            • @AlienC: Most android phones with a sd slot allow this. You just have to format the SD card in the settings as internal storage. The problem is that SD cards are relatively slow at reading and writing data so it's not ideal. They are also prone to failure. I've had them fail on me a number of times. Larger internal memory is always a better option. Cloud backups are always a good choice too.

              • @wombat81: All i know is my older tablets cant do this they still rely on the internal storage for app installations.

                SD slot or sd cards is purely for media and data storage and not app installs.

                But i could be wrong now.

                Speed is slow yes but being able to put 400gb of extra app installs is nice.

                • @AlienC: How many apps can you actually use on a device? The percentage of people wanting more apps than can fit in 128gb would be minuscule.

                  • +2

                    @wombat81: Yeah I am not the average consumer.

                    I am not even a hard core mobile gamer but I do install some of the larger games but have had to stick to one or two in the large category to cut down on space and those are team fight tactics and dota underlords both over 1gb in size.

                    I definitely fit into that category that can use a lot of apps in 128gb or 256gb.

                    With some devices not having a micro sd card slot it might mean apps plus media or recording space.

                    I'm not near my tablets right now but my phone for example has 193 apps installed on my 64gb phone internal storage which 52gb is usable.

                    Actually right now it's at 50 of 52gb which might be the cause of my current slowdown and freezing issues.

                    But yeah maybe 50 of that 193 is possible duplicates and same app competitors like having uber and the local taxi company and a few other rival taxi apps for example but that's still over 50 at least of apps with individual separate purpose.

                    So yeah plus it is just a very good habit to try stay under 70% filled capacity or to very safe and prolong health stay at around 50% full capacity storage or under.

                    Yeah having more storage is nice.

  • Is anyone willing to add the S21 256G White to a cart and take a screen grab and also take a screen grab of the product page? My samsung edu account is no longer eligible and was hoping to do a price protection claim for a previous order.

    • +3

      yep. gimme a minute.

      Edit: It's out of stock, sorry. Will another colour suffice?

      • Ahh too easy. Don't worry about it, they are pretty particular about model types and the like.

        Thank you very much for checking :)

        • +1

          no problem

  • Near end of year already. Maybe worth to wait till s22 to see what features they have. Unless you cant wait. And maybe they bring back SD card slot.

    • Highly doubt it. The S21FE might keep sd card support, but it seems like it's been delayed and possibly cancelled dur to the chip shortage. I also wouldn't bank on the S22 being released on schedule either. The ship shortage doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

      I can't see Samsung going back on it's decision to remove SD card support.

      • They did that before with s6 and brought back sd card slot with s7

        • Times are a-changing, bro.

      • S21 FE will NOT have SD card

        • You work for Samsung?

  • My s21 price is the only thing that drops faster than my crypto

    • +1

      Other than the S21 % battery left.

      • Wait the battery is bad on the S21?

        I need reaffirmations that I dodged a bullet on the recent great Samsung deal.

        • My 3yr old Note 9 has only slightly worse battery life (albeit with a custom rom).
          I sold my half price Telstra S21 without losing money and stuck with the note 9.

          • @petal666: Yeah I think the S21 if you could get it under $300 was good value but battery issues are not worth that discount.

            Nothing like running out of battery at the most crucial moment.

            Very scary.

        • The S21+ and Ultra batteries are awesome. Base model, not so much.

          • @wombat81: Anything else to know it worry about with the S21 base model.

            I'm trying not to go too far from my current phone size which is 5.5" Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

            So larger screen is actually worse for me as it won't fit nicely in my work pants.

            Yeah my current phone dimensions and weight (165g) is perfect.

            But I don't mind maybe up to 50g heavier but no more.

            My Samsung galaxy tab s2 8.0 is 265g and that is already very noticeable.

            50 to 100 grams on a phone can make a huge difference.

            • @AlienC: Not that I'm aware of. I bought a plus purely for the battery life. I had a base model S9 previously and the poor battery life gave me the s#$ts so I didn't make that mistake again. I also prefer a smaller phone and used to really like Sony's compact series before they left the Australian market. But battery life is more important to me. I've grown to really like the plus. The extra size doesn't bother me anymore. I don't have any issues fitting it in pockets etc.

  • Could someone confirm if it's the same price on the Gov store?

    • New prices as above showing on my Gov login.

  • Gotta love the edu store. There's a banner on the homepage "Galaxy week deals are on now!". Click the "buy now" button right next to it and it takes you to a page of washing machines.

    • I wonder if they take a sd card…

  • Similar to bleckyL request earlier in the post.
    Is anyone willing to add the S21+ 128G Silver to a cart and take a screen grab and also take a screen grab of the product page? My samsung edu account is no longer eligible and was hoping to do a price protection claim for a previous order dated 22nd Sep.

    Thanks Sam

  • Still remember I got my s21 ultra 256 for $799 only , best deal ever , including 2 x genuine pen case

    • Did you pay full price for the case or was it on promotion?

    • Where and when was this deal?

    • Thought the $949 was the best deal?

      • Back in March (?) They were doing the $500 trade in bonus and it stacked with a $200 chat voucher and $50 newsletter voucher. The final price depended on what device you were trading in.

    • Yeah got my wife's Plus on the same deal for under $500. Got my 256gb plus for ~$700 on the ed store deal before that.

  • just accessed the education store using my school account, half of the stuff is out of stock, not worth bothering with, but it’d be a GREAT deal if it was in stock

    • It was almost all in stock yesterday.

      • not today unfortunately

        • Samsung tends to restock quickly. Check again on Monday.

  • There's a 200 dollar trade in bonus with the S21 ultra. Stack it with the 50 dollar code for a very decent discount down to 1150 for the 512 or 1020 for the 256.

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