Need Help in Claiming GPU Warranty

Hello everyone. Needed a bit of guidance on a situation I am currently in.

So, I bought a used 2080 Ti back in 2019. Got the receipt. Seller bought it from PC Case Gear using the online store. Recently, the gpu fans were acting weird and so, I decided to claim warranty. PC Case Gear refused and were telling me to claim warranty from the original online account which I don't have access to. I tried contacting the seller but he told me he moved out of the country. Overall, he seems like he doesn't wanna bother considering he gave me the receipt which is kinda fair.

So, what should I do now? I am literally stuck here being unable to claim warranty. Is there any way I can make PC Case Gear accept the warranty claim? This just seems unfair :( .

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    Seems unusual that they'd refuse it considering that you have the receipt…

    Perhaps contact them and threaten Consumer Affairs Victoria or ACCC?

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      Accc does not cover 2nd hand purchase

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        Or deal with individuals.

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    Warranty in general only applies to the original owner. they don't have to honour the subsequent owners even with the receipt. It's a good will honour or not, it's their choice from here. They're being fair.

    • Further, the law around this only appplies to original owner too.

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        If it's a gift, full warranty applies to the recipient

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          Yes, if the original buyer makes the warranty claim, or PCCG issues a gift receipt. But one can't go buy it second hand with the receipt and tehn claim that it was a gift and not an ebay purchase and try to get a claim that way.

    • Does it really matter who currently holds the item ? I thought the warranty is bound to an item, not to a person.

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    Can you claim warranty directly with manufacturer?

    • Yes this, it cuts out the middle man anyway. Not uncommon to void the warranty on grounds of second hand/used purchase however.

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        Yeah, sounds like PCCG are a difficult company to work with. See this post here
        Manufacturer probably won't care that OP isn't the original purchaser.

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          I got a pre built from them a while back that ended up having dodgy ram, it was a relatively easy process to get them to replace it (ended up paying the difference for a different brand of ram as the original brand was getting a lot of bad reviews for being faulty) but after reading that thread, I'll never buy from them again.

          Their store is overpriced compared to most other retailers, the only thing they had going for them was good customer service. They also always took ages to ship stuff on top of it all.

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      Yes try this I bought a GPU second hand and despite having receipt ended up just dealing directly with manufacturer for RMA. Was a bit slow but got there in the end.

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    Can confirm first hand that PCCG are a PITA to deal with for warranty. Go through the manufacturer/distributor.

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      I'll second that notion that PCCG are a PITA for warranty claims. They dont have a phone line for direct calls and force you you to raise the issue via the website using the original account used to purchase the product like the OP said.

      Have steered well clear of PCCG now cause of the lack of service

  • Second hand, go through the manufacturer.

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    Can also confirm had to warranty some RAM through PCCG as the second owner. Had original receipt.

    Had to go back through the original guy who was actually nice enough to help me out for him to put the claim through on his account. I sent him a $50 for a case of beer.

  • Life is regularly unfair.

    • True :(

  • Have you tried any trouble shooting ?
    Have you updated the Bios of the GPU ?
    What are the FANS doing that's weird ?
    What is the Make and Model of you card ?

    • Strix 2080 ti Advanced. Issue is exactly similar to this:

      • Tried flicking between the P and Q modes? There's a little switch on the card.

        Alternatively, tried the latest version of Asus GPUTweak II? The last update had a fix for "abnormal fan curve on certain cards". Probably won't help as it sounds like it's a problem with the card, but Asus might have fixed something via their own software

        • Yeah, tried them all :| . Doesn't help :( .The card still ignores any custom fan curve once it reaches 70C. Found similar threads talking about same issue with other 2080 Ti GPUs also.

          • @GTG: That thread sounds like Asus should have a vBIOS update to fix it, is there an option for that on their support page for your card?

  • So, what should I do now? I am literally stuck here being unable to claim warranty. Is there any way I can make PC Case Gear accept the warranty claim? This just seems unfair :( .

    Its a 2nd hand item if you purchased it from someone else. PC Case Gear didn't sell it to you, they sold it to someone else.

    Your best option is to deal with the OEM. But I'm guessing it is out of 'warranty' as such and you're trying to get a Consumer Rights repair? Sorry these don't apply to 2nd hand items.

    Recently, the gpu fans were acting weird

    Cleaned all the dust out of them? :)

  • submit a ticket to asus, see what they said
    if they tell you to gtfo

    id open up the gpu and clean off the old paste and apply some new paste and see if that fixes the issue
    if that fails, see if you can get some gpu to pwm fan headers and run your fans through software like icue

    its obviously not as good as bios controlled but its an option

    or see if you can put noctua fans directly onto the gpu heatsink. iv seen a few mods of people doing this but it has to be a flat heatsink not one of those different level ones
    if its one of those strange shaped heatsinks you can try get a gpu fan bracket

    i think companies like pccg dont deal with second-hand buyers. because they have to deal with people who buy gpus second hand, wait until warranty period is almost up
    send it back and hope because its now end of life they cop a brand new gpu

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    PCCG is a pain for warranty (from personal experience). I don't buy from them anymore for that reason.

    However, you mention it is an ASUS GPU - you should be able to take it directly to them. They have a great warranty experience from personal experience including second hand. Just roll up with your receipt via their RMA portal. If they query it just say it was a gift. ASUS has 3 years warranty.

    • Yup, contacting Asus :( .

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        Should be fine. I did a warranty claim on an RTX 2060S a few months ago and it was fixed in 3 weeks.

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    PCCG - nuff said.. I'd rather pay a bit more than to hand over a dollar to this mob.

  • tried to contact manufacturer directly?

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    PCCG used to be known as the store go to for, for good customer service and easy warranty claims 5-10 years ago. It's why I always went with them. It's surprising to see how hated they appear to be now.

  • Try to find out who the distributor or wholesaler is for the GPU in Australia and then present it to them for warranty claim.

    I've had to do this a couple of times when the PC shop wouldn't cooperate or was trying everyway possible to avoid being involved.

    Both occasions the distributor or wholesaler processed the warranty claims for me.

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