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MSI GeForce RTX 3060Ti VENTUS 2X 8G OCV1 LHR Graphics Card $999 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas/ VIC C&C) @ Centre Com


I think you all understand this as OZ best price at the time of posting.

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    guess im waiting for the 5000 series

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      pre order now, Stock availability Q1 2045

    • It's almost certain the rrp of 5000 series will be more expensive than current gen. If the shortage continues till then (which is likely), the real sale price of 5000 series will be even more expensive so I think people waiting for GPU price going back to rrp will wait till 2077 at least.

      • By then the price will reflect the videocard model.

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        there is no shortage anymore, mining is dictating the price.

        • Yes. The discord servers show I can buy a GPU this minute from any of half a dozen sellers who have stock. The price is another matter and that's driven by miners (for a little longer). Reasonably priced GPUs (more than MSRP but a couple of hundred below average retail) pop up most days. I'm after a 6600XT and have seen them for as little as $699 over the last week, but I'm waiting to see what the 6600 prices at and in any case I'm confident an 6600XT will be about $600 within 2 or 3 months, maybe less.

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      40 series, 50 series…prices wont magically just drop back down to the original RRP of the 30 series.

      Until some big changes occur in relation to crypto you need to accept that GPU's will have the mining potential built in to the price and as such will be more expensive than they once were.

      • yeah, 1080ti are still selling for over $700.

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    Not behd good soyZ

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      2 seconds in…. not bheeeed, sold out.

  • Bought one, thanks OP!

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    No thanks.

  • HOLDING………

    • they've been saying this for the last few months and the prices just keep going up :|

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    This is definitely not too bad a price given that many 3060 are being sold at this price.

    But, just in case you dont need it this urgently, do note that this card is one of the worst 3060ti out there, 47 out of 49 at that.

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      that is such a good visual.

      do we have any more beautiful charts like that for any of the other new cards?

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      I think you should take those rankings with a grain of salt like the author of the video himself tells you to in the video.

      • He didn't test anything himself. He just compiled numbers from various reviews he found online.
      • His final rankings are based on power limits, VRM quality and cooling performance.
        • Gives a lot of weight to power limits and VRM, but doesn't show any OC results.
        • He could only find data on thermals and noise levels for 13 of the 49 cards so for the remaining cards 36 cards he ranked them himself based on number of fans, fan size and his knowledge…

      A lot of speculation in that video.

    • Colorful/iGame cards are going for $1,150 - $1,300AUD new in China. sadge

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    VENTUS is the lower-end series from MSI, I'd avoid it for higher-end cards but the cooling should be adequate for 3060ti.

  • $1000 for a 3060ti….

    People were berating me for a 2080ti at $1650, 2 years ago >.<

    15 Jul, 2019
    ORDER NUMBER *******
    SOLD BY shallothead
    username, click for member's profile
    View order detailsGigabyte NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti WINDFORCE OC 11GB Gaming Graphics Video Card
    Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti WINDFORCE OC 11GB Gaming Graphics Video Card

    AU $1,649.00

    (profanity) the 30xx series, skipping for the 40xx

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      Well, considering that a 3070 is faster than a 2080Ti I think getting one (a 3070) for around 1200 would be a good deal. Don't see the value in saving a little coin getting a 3060ti when for a few hunded more you're getting a much more effective card.

    • Well you sir are the Nostradamus among us! hehe … although you can get the equivalent performance from a 3070 which do come at lower prices, and i think 3060Ti is about 10-15% less than a 3070 (Yes i know, IF you can find one to buy hehe) .. :)

      Glad it's worked out for you though! i waited for 30xx or 6xxx and came out empty handed… luckily i gave up very early in the race and got a 5600XT for $300 …. :)

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    Get it now or price will go further up.
    production has been slowed down since Sep.

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      $1299 now

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        Didn't expect that quick

      • Crazy - I just paid this amount for a PNY RTX 3070 2 days ago (but that has also gone up now). Price shifts like the stock market.

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    Price 📈

  • Everyone blames mining; but do you think I can find someone who wants to trade their LHR card for my 5700XT? Noooo. By now, I recon it's just the marlet playing us for fools.

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      How many miners would buy an LHR card though?

      • They dont have a choice anymore.

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          Yes they do. They buy 3090s, used Navi and non-LHR cards.

          • @Void: non-LHR card prices are through the roof, very difficult to buy new one, even used ones are expensive compared to buying a LHR and using it at 70% rate.

            • @John Doh: True but most miners don't care about brand new or used. As long as it churns out coins and doesn't crash while doing it it's good enough for them. Most miners I imagine would be looking for 5700s and 5700 XTs since they're the best mining cards in the mid-tier price bracket. And there's no point buying LHR cards brand new when RDNA2 exists.

    • sorry nope not the case, miners are not buying the cards. gamers are buying them and mining on them to recoup the cost. gamers that buy and dont mine are willing to take the hit because they just want to game and cant be bothered with figuring out how to mine or don't consider it as an option (I suspect there is a high amount of buyers that fall in this category)

      miners buy cards in bulk and are not affecting the market right now because they were the ones causing the supply issue at first but clearly supply is not an issue.
      it makes sense to buy any card right now if you are willing to mine on it to get the cost back but the only problem with that is you are gambling that for the next 10 months mining will be profitable.

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        you are gambling that for the next 10 months mining will be profitable.

        And unless you have solar to help offset the power, lots of people miscalculate their margins…

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