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Sony 55" A80J 4K BRAVIA XR OLED Google TV $2495 (Was $2795) + $200 Cashback via Redemption @ The Good Guys


Just bought this TV for $2250 (included $200 cash back) from Pakenham Good Guys store. The website is still showing price as 2795 but you by calling them you can negotiate the price. I'll upload my invoice then you can price match it.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Just noticed that they have reduced price to 2495$, but you will be able to have it 45$ less by showing the invoice below,


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      Is that OLED?

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    Have OLED prices been steadily falling? It feels like they used to be very close to $3k and above.

    • A little, though they went up in price during the pandemic.

    • Before pandemic, 55" OLED were getting down to 2k. 65" 2.5k in some cases. Hope they get back down there

      • Oh man I didn't realize this. In my head they were always a very premium feature. I've only recently looked into getting a new TV and wanted an OLED and these pandemic prices are normal to me.

  • is this better than LG BX or CX?

    • You should check on review websites for those kind of questions.

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        true that but usually Ozbargainers are quick with the short concise comparisons lol

        • ozbargain is your friend

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        Reviews can be faked. OzBargain opinions are worth their weight in gold.

        • So you expecting one with both models ? sure buy me both, I will write a review ;)

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      I'd personally go LG because of the VRR support. But if you'll never connect a console to this then the Sony is very similar.


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        I think VRR is a firmware update Sony is planning for the end of the year?

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          With all else being almost equal, I'd take the tested LG one instead of the promised soon update from Sony

        • From memory Sony did the same thing last year with 4K 120hz on some of their sets, and then when it was delivered in the end the functionality was kinda crap. So yeah, they will probably do it at some point, but buyer beware etc for features that don't yet exist.

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      Just copying an old comment of mine.
      If you're primarily watching sports/movies, you'll be better off with the superior picture quality of the Sony.
      It's image processing is just leagues ahead of the LG C1.
      Plus better colour accuracy out of the box, better speakers, and better upscaling of high definition content.
      Just check out this video for yourself. Mind you the 77" a80j is featured in the video which utilises the Evo panel (brighter image), you can see the details/shadow details are far superior, even against the more expensive LG G1.
      Here's a good comparison by HDTVTest https://youtu.be/t1K4KN-HIn0
      Personally I wouldn't even consider the BX, unless you can pick one up for ~$1500.

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      The Sony A is better than the LGs. I've read reviews that say it's the best available right now.
      As someone else said, better speakers and better picture processing.
      It's the TV I'd get if my current one dies.

  • I've been watching these for weeks.
    They reduced the price across the series by about $200, which coincided perfectly with the Cashback rewards rate dropping to 2% (from 7-8%).
    It works out being the same price, even once you stack the offers.

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    If you have the time to wait for a few stars to align this is what I did:

    1. Got sony to price match a 10% off discount TGG's was running about 3 weeks ago at that time. Once Sony loads in the pricematch, the product sits in your cart at that price until you buy it or the product is no longer in stock.
    2. Waited for a 10% cash back.
    3. Collected the $200 cash back from Sony.

    I ended up getting the A80J 65" for $2905. It literally just arrived! :)

    Hope this helps.

    • Got a copy of invoice (obviously censored) so we can price match it?

      • Can you PM me and I'll email it to you. Not sure how to upload the photo here?

        • lol i don't know how to pm on ozbargain.

          Maybe upload to imgur or something if you can be bothered? :)

          edit: figured it out but your PM settings are off. I turned mine on if you want to pm me.

          Click on My Account - Messages - New

    • Same here :) except when I bought it the cashback was 8%. Great TV. Could not decide on this or 85” x95J. Chose the oled in the end. But just wish I could afford the 77 A80j or 85” x95J. Both very expensive

    • I wondered how long the price match lasted. JB's only lasts till midnight of that day its matched.
      Has your cash back been approved?

      • Yep! Did it with Shopback about 2 days ago. Cashrewards had a 10% going if you use an ANZ card.. it may have finished yesterday though. I was watching it pretty regularly for a few weeks… cashrewards pretty often boosts it to 6-8% for a couple of days a week.

        • Thats an amazing price, you did well.
          I'll just keep waiting - the 65" is currently $3250 stacked ~ everywhere

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    Problem with the cashrewards/shopbock at the moment is its max 2%, and the Sony Cashback offer ends today.

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    Thanks Op, going to keep waiting for price drop while waiting confirmation of VRR.

  • Looks like the 65 inch has dropped by 300 bucks to 3495 too. With the 200 dollar cash back from Sony that's a pretty good deal.

  • This or lg c1 ?

  • Same price on Sony website, free shipping, $200 cashback via redemption and 2% at Cashrewards and ShopBack = $2245.10


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      I asked Sony for a price match. They declined it at 6:30pm by email but went ahead and lowered the price anyway! Weird.

      I'll make sure they don't get my sale. Will wait for LG to go on sale.

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