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Bestway Fortech Airbed (Queen) $59.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


This airbed is designed to provide a quick, portable and easy way to provide extra bedding for visitors and guests, or when traveling. It comes with a built-in air pump allowing you to easily inflate or deflate the bed in as little as five minutes. The material used is a fusion of dense polyester fabric and durable PVC, providing high levels of strength, durability and comfort. It is 75% more puncture-resistant and 150-times more resistant to scratches than traditional PVC. Other great features include temperature regulation, lightweight construction, minimized air loss, and a softer, more comfortable sleep surface than PVC. Contents: airbed, Storage bag, repair bag, with Built-in Pump(220-240V).

Reviews are nice from some friends

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    How’s the comfort on this? Any experiences?

    • None of the airbed can be regularly used. Good for 4-5 days (vacation), night outs at friends etc.

      • I've been using one for the last month with the arrival of a newborn recently and haven't had any issue.
        This fortech material is way better than the PVC one which I had previously. Those you couldn't use for more than 4-5 nights straight!!

      • please put in title the size, eg double queen etc please

    • Pretty good. But as with all of these you do need to top up the air everyday if you plan to use it for more than one night.

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        I've been using one for the last month as mentioned above, and after researching, it seems to be a property of inflatable airbeds.
        The material is stretching for a period of time, then it reaches it's peak and you don't need to top it up anymore.
        I've reached that stage around 2-3 weeks in.

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    Perfect for visitors, you really don't want do give them a too comfortable bed if you know what I mean.

    • Think the big W 7$ single air bed would be more suitable for this purpose

  • Anyone knows how much rrp in store?

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      I bought this bed in store about 8 months ago at RRP…. I believe it was about the same price as online ($80-$85), which I thought was a bargain anyway, so I bought it :)
      This for $60 inc delivery is a great price IMO.

  • I find the fitted sheets to come loose on these higher airbeds because you can't wrap them in underneath

    • First world problems….

  • Costco’s items are mostly good. So bought 2.
    Thanks OP.

  • Great for rubbie rubbies.

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