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Microsoft Surface Go 2 (Pentium 4425Y, 4GB / 64GB) $477 Shipped @ Microsoft


Just noticed the Surface Go 2 reduced to $477

Maybe OW price match

This is my first post hope I have included everything

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    Go for the 8GB at least.

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    64GB storage; what can you download and use? I imagine at best some of the Microsoft Suite apps like Word and Powerpoint, maybe an Adobe app or two?

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      You can "upgrade" the storage via MicroSD card and keeping it permanently slotted in

      The I/O and transfer speeds of the SD isn't great but you can install apps to it that you don't use too frequently.

      The CPU and 4GB RAM however is your main bottleneck for a lot of things though.

    • Maybe use as a basic device to access your Windows 365 desktop in the cloud

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    ewwww 4gb ram

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      Yeah that's quite ridiculous as good as the price is

    • I am now remembering when I upgraded from 64mb to 128mb ram

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        How old are you, 12?

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        My first computer was a clone Apple IIe with 8k RAM. This one has 500000 times more RAM!

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          All we had was a 555 timer, and it kept us entertained for hours.

  • too bad you can't redeem any good cashback

    • shopback has 8% cashback

      Or you can buy xbox gift vouchers with 10% off

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        the ipad deal is what I'm talking about

        • oh

  • Wait.. that's quite a drop from the iPad trade in deal. Can we claim difference through price drop guarantee?

    • you have up to 60 days from purchase, just have to contact microsoft

    • Successfully exercised the 60-day low price promise, have received refund confirmation from PayPal.

      • Hope it won't affect the trade in value.

        • It shouldn't. Online appraisal was done before we upload the order receipt. So Cex did not know the cost of Surface device when they quoted the trade in price.

          I'd be fighting for it if Cex came back with a reduced trade in price, citing Microsoft's partial refund as the reason. 60-day low price promise is a Microsoft policy, it should have no bearing on Cex.

  • Can this run games at all and is it weaker than iPad?

    • No and yes

    • this runs all your dos/windows retro games,
      your ipad runs all the new and shiny iOS games

      you can't really compare the two, different OS, serve different application.

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      Of course it can run games, if you keep your expectation hella low. Games like league and rocket league needs to be turned down to 720p. Csgo will need to use some console commands to disable some cpu heavy stuff. It can emulate up to Dolphin, and maaaaybe citra. It should be able to handle 2d platformers.

      Basically, treat it like a mid range phone, and you know where it'll stand.

      If you're looking for a baby sitter device, the iPad is better cause it's simpler to use, but of course, more pricey. But more stuff will run on this than an iPad.

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        iPad9 is $499 and a way better device if you don't want to run Windows software, so I wouldn't say it's particularly pricey.

        It also has a much better screen and real SSD not shitty eMMC.

        • Yeah, but you're stuck on ipadOS. What game runs on that?

          And nice, didn't know ipad 9 is so cheap. Thanks.

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            @Wonderfool: Maybe about a million apps is all.

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              @itstuan: But are those apps, games?

              Ipad is a great device, but if you have any desire to game, I don't think it's suited for you. Kids are fine cause they don't know better, fortnite is enough for them lol.

              • @Wonderfool: If you think ipad for kids to play little games then you’re really out of touch. Maybe it’ll be better if you can let us know what game you particularly look to play and what do you use the device for? If you think this basic surface go can play latest Call of Duty or any graphic intensive PC games then I have bad news for you. It wont. On the other hand, you’ll be surprised how much games and productivity you can do with the entry level ipad.

                • @itstuan: I've already listed the games you can play. Rocket league alone is going to beat anything the ipad is going to allow. Civ 6 and kotor are the only games worth playing on ipad.

                  I'm very up to date to mobile gaming lol. I own Android handhelds console machines. Well aware Ipad has a few more big entry, but hardly enough compared to the steam library's flexibility.

                  • @Wonderfool: Rocket League is made only for Consoles and Windows platform, so just stick with what you have. Just know the Surface Go 2 (this post) will be struggle big time if you plan to play those games. The entry iPad though do have and can play similar games designed for the ios platform but I doubt its in your interests.
                    Can't compare 2 different gaming platforms. They are different. You can't play ios games on Steam or Consoles either. You get my point?

                    • @itstuan: I do, and I'm saying Ipad OS sucks for gaming lol. That's it.

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    I've got an old surface with 64gb and with the size of ms updates these days it's completely unusable. Any free space is taken up by the 20h2 update and there isn't enough space to fully download it

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    Microsoft surface go 2


    "Vs" Compared to the best phone in the world

    Redmagic wins

    Personally think Asus Rog 5's better than redmagic for its 3.10gh CPU.

    • Not sure what the point of this comment is? They are completely different products for completely different uses.

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        Do you stalk much 🙄

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          I just clicked on the post and saw this. It's a $1499 12GB phone vs a $477 4GB tablet.

          You still haven't said what your point for comparing these are?

          Edit: just realised you're also from the Notion deal lol. Your shitposting must catch my eye.

  • wonder if i can slap android/chrome os on it

    • Would loveto know if we can install ubuntu

    • lookup the "brunch" project on github

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    CPU is 14nm process 2C4T 1.7GHz

    Chuck it in the trash.

  • 8GB 128GB $636 now, MS matched HN

  • Any captains know if the go range getting an update soon, ie. go 3 or are they getting discontinued? Hence the price drops.

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        Thanks man, only released this week. This bloody forum, I tried to delete my comment but you were too quick with a reply! Good to see, I hadn't seen any solid info on whether they were continuing with the line, and I was half expecting microsoft to drop it, as it's pretty niche.

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