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Free US$1000 Credit @ Notion


UPDATE 2: Credits removed from accounts.

It appears they will bill you the amounts before the subscription renews, if you don’t have a workspace balance. You can check this by going to the billing section and at the top, select View upcoming invoice. Be sure to downgrade to the Free plan or delete your account otherwise your card may be charged.

If you wish to delete your account:

  1. Log into your account on desktop web browser
  2. Go to Settings & Members (on left side panel)
  3. Go to My Account
  4. Scroll down and click Delete my account
  5. Type your email address to confirm

UPDATE: Coupon - STARTUP1000P666 expired. Replaced with working coupon - STARTUP1000P453.

Original Post:

Found another coupon code for Notion - this one gives US$1000 credit, and is stackable with the US$500 and US$250 offer

If you haven't selected a plan yet:

  1. Log into your account on desktop web browser
  2. Go to Settings & Members
  3. Go to Plans
  4. Select Upgrade on your desired plan
  5. Enter the coupon STARTUP1000P453 and your card details

If you are already on a plan:

  1. Log into your account on desktop web browser
  2. Go to Settings & Members
  3. Go to Billing
  4. Apply coupon STARTUP1000P453 (you can also apply other codes here)

Redeem first, ask later….

What is Notion?

Notion is an application that provides components such as notes, databases, kanban boards, wikis, calendars and reminders. Users can connect these components to create their own systems for knowledge management, note taking, data management, project management, among others.

More about Notion

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    • My ING card was fine, no trouble whatsoever over here, maybe they fixed the problem?

  • End up with Workspace balance $1,457…

  • Thanks OP! My balance is now $1,712. Now I need to figure out what I do with this. :)

  • +3

    can you remove your debit card/credit card so it doesn't charge you in the future?

    • +6

      Your card should be expired by then..

  • By the time my credit expires I'll be a pensioner

  • +1

    Dont know what this is, but thanks - signed up

    • +1

      Literally did the same thing. No idea what it is. No idea how i can use it.

      • Haha. Yup. I got $1495 credits now lmao

  • 1462 credit

    hmm ok thank you!

  • +76

    Okay I'm going to write this up. This is the steps I took to get $1,745 credit and one month of the Personal Pro plan.

    Thanks to skido, undril, skd100™, Eatmoresushi and soukaimegumi and myself.

    To redeem:

    1. Log into your account
    2. Go to Settings & Members
    3. Go to Billing, select Upgrade (I chose Personal Pro) and enter the code: ADALOVELACE turn on monthly billing. If you want to downgrade and keep credit for later.
    4. You need to enter your card to checkout.

    This will grant you $500 credit on your account. $5 will be spent already for the monthly plan for Personal Pro so you'll have 495 in credit and one month of Personal Pro

    Now let's get the $250 extra credit by doing an upgrade and downgrade back to Personal Pro.

    1. Go to Settings & Members
    2. Go to Plans
    3. Upgrade to Team and except the pro rated pop-up.
    4. Go to Billing in the section apply coupon and apply the coupon HAPPYHOUR.
    5. Go back to Plans and Downgrade I went to the Personal Pro plan.
    6. Confirmation go to Billing next to Workspace balance you should see $745 in credit.

    Now let's get the $1000 by applying an additional coupon.

    1. Go to Settings & Members
    2. Go to Billing in the section "apply coupon" add and apply the coupon STARTUP1000P666.

    Additionally before your next billing period you're more than welcome to downgrade and keep the credit for future use.
    Additionally you can rinse and repeat if you have multiple Workspaces on your account and apply the credit for each workspace.

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      Also I discovered this tool a few months back that allows you to turn Notion documents into websites using Cloudflare Workers.


    • So glad that I waited, now next question I recently bought scrivener 3 for writing, this or that ??

      • I did all this yet I have "Workspace balance" $1750 credit instead of $1745?

        • +1

          First month is free

        • +1

          Sounds like you're a new customer or had completed steps in Settings & Members —> Earn credits and have earned some credits.

    • I do love this, but if you wanna be lazy and only get 1500 - you can sign up with the 1k coupon, then just apply the ADALOVELACE coupon in the billing section without needing to change plans etc.

      • +2

        It literally takes seconds to upgrade downgrade so why not $250 is still free money that you can spend on their subscriptions.

      • i signed up with $500, then applied $250 as a coupon, then finally applied $1000 as another coupon. All worked!

    • +1

      Thanks! For some reason I got 1755 instead of 1745 + one month credit in Personal Pro plan.

      I was going to downgrade and save my credit, till I realised at $5 / month, 1 year = $60, 10 yrs = $600, so this credit is roughly 30 years… ! If I'm still using notion then, I'll happily pay going forward from there!

      • Thanks! For some reason I got 1755 instead of 1745 + one month credit in Personal Pro plan.

        Sounds like you're a new customer or had completed steps in Settings & Members —> Earn credits and have earned some credits.

        I was going to downgrade and save my credit, till I realised at $5 / month, 1 year = $60, 10 yrs = $600, so this credit is roughly 30 years… ! If I'm still using notion then, I'll happily pay going forward from there!

        Even better if you go annual billing the price goes down to $4 a month.

    • i just kept on continuously applying individual coupons without upgrading/downgrading account - worked like a charm!

      • +1

        Yeah there's a couple of orders you can do it in this is just the order I did it in as I first found the $500 then discussion on that deal post lead me to the $250 and then while I was writing the method up for that post this was posted so I just added it to the end.

        The downgrade upgrade can be done at any point but needs to be done if you want to claim the $250 credit as that referral crowed requires you to be on a team or higher plan.

        • that explains, i chose a team plan for me and wifey :) $8 a month paid annually (9 years free for both of us).

    • Codes are not all working, I think Happyhour is the only one working. They also give you a $1000 code if are a startup and apply normally…

      • how to get happyhours working ??? i couldnt.

        • it's in the first section of this comment's instructions. I kept adding codes, it kept saying invalid but accepted one eventually. my code order was: upgrade to personal pro, try ada, startup66, startup545, then happyhour. Said invalid each time but eventually glitched and added the credit.

  • Thanks, OP. Now I will have to learn on how to use it

    • Take your time

  • do I need to provide them with credit card details?

    • +5

      yep for the initial sign up. Revolut’s disposable virtual cards come in handy

      • how do you prevent companies from charging your virtual card?

        i read that even if you delete your card, they can do an offline charge to your card.
        and that you have to cancel subscriptions with the companies first.

        yea, there are many threads about how companies can still charge you on your deleted disposable revolut card,…
        if thats the case whats the point… :(

        • +1

          I just opened an additional ING account attached to my main that I don't use that has $0 in it always. I also often regularly put it "on hold" for periods of time until I need to next use it then take it off hold and put it back on hold after. Edit: Actually I usually leave <$5 in it for those sites that use random $ amount confirmation authorisation.

    • Visa Giftcards work.

  • okay, got 1750 but where and how to use it :)

  • Thanks OP! But now how do I remove my card details? :sweat_smile:

  • Skeptical Pessimistic hour: they will change the monthly billing overnight to some absurd number and pull a hoodwink on us all

    That or this is a personal details and financial details scam.

  • Don't know what this is/does.

    Sign up anyway?

  • What’s all this credit, I doubt it’s like buy free apps or anything alike? So actually physical items for storage facility like Lenard’s? you can buy or just a illusion?

    • Wdym?

      It's a note taking app like onenote/evernote/notepad

      • Is it possible to use it as online storage of files (like dropbox)?

  • Might not actually use it for another 10 years or so but feels nice to see a credit of $1707 in my account.. lol

  • Definitely seems like a virtual startup conference code got leaked or perhaps a hackathon.

  • +1



    Presumably this is a unique code belonging to one of Notion's "partners" which I guess means resellers. Someone is not going to be very happy about this leaking.

    I expect to see the credit revoked when they realise what's going on.

    • +3

      Your organization (“you,” or “your”) may be eligible to receive a Notion for Startups promotional coupon code (“Coupon Code”). Notion Labs, Inc. (“Notion”) may collect information from you to verify whether you meet the program eligibility criteria.
      By submitting your information you agree that Notion may use the information to verify your eligibility, which may include sharing this information with a third party provider.
      You acknowledge and agree that Notion may issue or not issue the Coupon Code in its sole discretion and Notion may change the program eligibility criteria at any time in its sole discretion.
      If Notion denies your request and you believe you should be eligible, you should email [email protected].
      Coupon Codes may only be applied once and may not be used not in combination with any other offers or codes.
      Coupon Codes may only be applied towards current Subscription Fees (as defined in Notion’s Master Subscription Agreement) and may not be applied to prior payments.
      Coupon Codes are not redeemable for cash and expire one (1) year after the date the Coupon Code is issued. Notion may discontinue its Notion for Startups promotional coupon code program at any time, for any reason, and in its sole discretion.

      Looks like they can deny all these accounts, including those that have stacked multiple codes.

      • +3

        Username checks out

      • +1

        Deny the account is fine, so long as they don't then charge the credit card.

  • Good way to test if my prepaid Mastercard giftcard still works.


  • Don't need it can't think of a use for it, but a bargains a bargain.

  • I thought it said Norton and got really excited ha ha ha…

  • +1

    Perfect timing, I just started using Notion yesterday. TBH the personal plan is almost certainly enough for my use but this will allow me to use the Personal Pro plan and not have to worry about the file size upload limit and have the longer 30 day version history for free for the next 30 years.

  • +5

    One worry is that the coupon credits will get removed but my credit card details can't be….

    • +4

      you can update the credit card details with a wrong card number or cvc

      • Just get a debit card through a bank and don't put any money in it. Use it for this then lock the card. I keep a old free account open for these purposes.

        • Twinsies! I literally posted this 10 minutes after you further up the page.

        • Use Revolut. You can make single-use cards. Works great

        • Technically anything that's a credit card doesn't work like this and can still go overlimit.

      • +1

        So you tried and it worked?

        • +1

          It let me change my cvc into a wrong one after claiming the codes.

  • +4

    Not sure if this has been mentioned but if you have a .edu.au email, you can get the Personal Pro (Education) plan for free. It is the same as Personal Pro but $0.

    • Any way to get a free .edu.au email?

      • i wish i had an answer for you.

      • Yeah
        Diploma from UTAS or Melbourne institute of technology

        Even had ozbargain deals on them free degrees

        Best part is you can get legitimate Microsoft Office again

        And all them student discounts with the student card

        Sincerely, 28 year old and still enrolled for the student discounts

        • Is it still possible to get it ? Couldn't find any free diplomas on the MIT site

          • @profeeder55: It comes around every now and again

            Keep an eye out and next time you can sign up

    • Lol. So I went and got that $1745 for nothing


  • Thanks, now to figure what this app is. Quickest way to get a prepaid debit card so I don't have to keep my actual card on file with them?

  • +4

    Thanks guys, don't know wtf this is but got an account

  • +1

    Nice! I have been using Notion a lot and wanted Version History feature on the Pro plans for a long time. This is so perfect

    Thanks heapsssssssss

  • Thanks Op, just redeemed all 3 codes successfully. Now have balance of $1659 good for the next 34 years personal pro plan. yeee ha!!!

  • -1

    I'm the Director-General of a government department. Can I use this for my public servants? Thanks.

    • +3

      Fun police here. Highly unlikely. I would say there is considerable risk associated with the data being held overseas rather than locally. This would be sufficient enough to give a big no as your answer when referring to your departmental policy.

  • I don't even know what I'm signing up for, I even gave out my cc details, but hey, $1750!

  • I ended up with a balance of $1,707 but thats ok

  • +2

    I’m a simple man. I see 300+ votes on ozbargain, I “buy”.

    • +1

      this is the way

  • Ok I'm paid up for the next 36 years… What do I do with it now?

  • +1

    Anyone migrated from evernote and happy? Anything that evernote is better at and i need to worry? Im light evernote user, just need good note taking, web clipper handy on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop i can easily access.
    Web clipper is important (offline access later)

    • looking for the same info … difficult to leave evernote after so many years … i hope they bounce back.

  • +1

    Is there a migration path from Evernote to this?

    • +2

      There is:

      I just transferred all my notes. https://www.notion.so/evernote

        1. You migrated via desktop app or browser ?

        2 Did it in batches or all at once ?

        I am trying to migrate via desktop app, but it doesn't go through.

        Is it simple to use like evernote ? I felt its bit complex and not very straightforward.

  • WTF is this?
    I’m in.
    Can I trade for Wish vouchers?

  • thanks

  • I have been using Notion for over a year now. There is a steep learning curve, but once you have set it up and start using it, it is very difficult to move to anything else. As someone said above, it really is a note-taking, wiki, etc on steroids.
    I should mention that there is no offline mode so you need to be connected to internet all the time. The page caching has rarely worked for me. Also it might not be as secure as something with true encryption.

    But for what Notion is, it is really hard to pass on.

    • -3

      Huh… really no offline mode is that true?.. deal breaking …

    • what is the best free resource to deep dive into notion setup that you could recommend us newbies?

      • When I started I just wen through some YouTube tutorials. Once you have seen two or three of these, the whole “every block is a database” makes sense and then you can do whatever you want with the program. I truly mean you can set it up anyway you want and that makes it really powerful. But maybe just watch a couple of tutorials online.

  • I got a $1700 balance now,
    should I change to a basic plan now or keep it at personal PRO.

    I feel like I might as well keep it at pro and get charged 50$ a year.

  • It sounds good and looks interesting, and the bargain is spectacular, but no offline mode and a .so tld is a worry.

    Thanks OP . I'll certainly have a play, but I suspect I'll stick with OneNote.

    • I've been using Notion for 3-4 years now and I would say that One note is perfect for individual note taking. I use Chrome and the One note web clipper is more versatile than notions one. Notion is something I use to manage my company's SSOT. We utilise it as a general wiki for operations and protocols as well as project planning and management.

      If you're an individual and paid the $99 for MS 365 then you're sweet with their suite of products.

      Then, if you're into knowledge graphs and serious about knowledge managemeny in a purist form, then Obsidian is a solid choice.

  • +6

    Fun's over kids, they killed STARTUP1000P666 and HAPPYHOUR however ADALOVELACE still worked for me. I think they were killing the codes as I was inputting them, my 1st workspace got all 3, 2nd workspace got the first 2 and the 3rd only got the first one :(

    EDIT - I made a 4th just to test, they've killed ADALOVELACE now too, only getting HttpRequestError's now. Well it was fun whilst it lasted, sorry those who missed out.

    • +1

      Just missed out on the most important - STARTUP1000P666, oh well $755 credit surely will last a while

      • +1

        Downgrade plan to personal then apply the STARTUP1000P666 code in coupon section, it can be bypass somehow,I just got worked

        • Oh wow it worked, cheers!

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