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55% off Netflix Basic TL₺26.99 (~A$3.76), TL₺40.99 (~A$5.73), TL₺54.99 (~A$7.68) @ Netflix Turkey (VPN to Turkey Required)


OzReminder for those who may not be familiar with this hack. Thank you for the original post Ulysses31. Here are some steps to setup a Turkish or Argentinian Netflix account to save $$$. Results may vary so it's best to read up, there are plenty of comments below and members happy to help. Unfortunately, it may not work for everyone so please keep that in mind.

Netflix plans

Turkey Basic $4.66 Standard $7.07 Ultra $9.49/month (Mod 15/11/21: Prices in title updated to latest exchange rate, this will vary daily.)
Argentina Basic $4.02 Standard $6.61 Ultra $9.64/month (Note: Taxes will apply)

Step 1: Please understand that following all these steps may not work for you

There is no need for aggression in instances where you are unable to subscribe to an international Netflix account. Share your experience so everyone can chip in and help out. There are plenty of examples where hacks shared on this platform do not work for some people, but may work for others:
* Modem reset for faster internet,
* Cash back program purchase tracking,
* Price matching an unobtainable deal or price error,
* Targeted bargains, and
* Limited quantity items quickly or instant (bot) sellout.
Similarly we know there are cash back users who follow every single step for cash back (turn off ad blocker, have no items in cart, do not click other links, etc.) on their purchases and it does not work, its probably best to move on.There are many users who successfully use this hack and enjoy paying half the price of the Australian membership. Unfortunately there are also many users who have been unable to sign up to Netflix Turkey or Argentina. After all it is intended for people who reside in Turkey or Argentina. If it does not work, I am not affiliated with any of the entities listed below or linked to and cannot guarantee any outcome. I can only read comments on this platform and others to share them with you. Your patience is appreciated. Please do not take it personally.

Step 2: Obtain a Turkish or Argentinian VPN

Express VPN

Step 3: Confirm Turkish/Argentinian IP

IP Check

Step 4: Sign Up to Netflix

In a private-browsing tab open Netflix

Step 5: Enter Card Details

Possibly working: 28 Degrees, ANZ Rewards, Citibank Debit, Macquarie
Mixed reports: CBA, ING


Q My bank blocked my payment, what do I do?
A Some banks block 1st attempt and then text to confirm it's you. Once you reply, 2nd attempt may work.

Q Where can I purchase a Turkish Netflix gift card?
A Others have had success purchasing Turkish Netflix gift cards (for a premium) or using Transfer Wise.

Q I have an existing Netflix subscription, can I use the same email?
A You can try! Visit Netflix website and cancel your subscription ASAP. It will expire at the end of the billing period. Then follow Step 1-5.

Q I thought it would cost $4.66 but I was billed for $5.00.
A Please note that changes in the foreign exchange rate will impact the subscription fee. Happy to update.

Q How do I enter an international mobile number?
A Ignore any requests for a mobile, open Netflix in a new tab and confirm account is working. If you must, there are a couple of resources for codes being sent to an international mobile number. Please note that these services may not work since others may have used the numbers for verification codes from Netflix SMS Codes PVA Codes SMS-Activate SMS Approval.

Q Do I need to use a VPN every time I access Netflix?
A No, VPN is only required for sign up. After sign up, use Netflix without a VPN and you will have access to the Australian Netflix library.

Plans and pricing

Thanks Putin
Turkish Plans and pricing
Argentinian Plans and pricing
GST/VAT and Tax related questions
Full list of Netflix pricing around the world thanks CC123 and Giu

See previous post for additional discussion.

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  • I just renewed mine after I cancelled my Australian Netflix and let it run out. Tried multiple options with local CC (AMEX, 28 Deg, Wise virtual visa) but didn't work. In the end I bought a gift card from turgame and then applied that and through it went. Will see what happens when the credit runs out in April. I used the Netflix app on my phone and used PIA VPN to get me to Turkey. I then got all of the questions about a number to contact you if we have any issues and I could choose Aus. It didn't send me anything.

    Back in the game!!

  • -1

    Got in, with a couple of false starts.

    1. Let my Aussie sub expire a couple of weeks ago - 28 degrees card set up as payment method.
    2. Signed up to surfshark 27 months for around AUD90, can cancel within 30 days, but might keep it.
    3. changed to Turkey server in surfshark
    4. typed netflix in google, it loaded up the Turkey version, can't remember if I had to sign in or it just recognised my device as I wasn't in incognito mode, and was presented with screen to renew my membership, options were the Turkey pricing
    5. Tried to pay with my current payment method 28 degrees but got an error
    6. Purchased TRL giftcard from G2A, it was delivered within a minute. Had to switch off surfshark for this as I got a payment error 1st try while still on Turkey server
    7. Changed back to the Turkey server in surfshark. Applied giftcard sucessfully and was asked if I wanted to setup backup payment method. I probably should have skipped this part, but selected my 28degrees card and was then asked for a Turkish mobile number.
    8. Not having a Turkish number I clicked the back button on my browser. I now had a screen showing that the voucher had been successfully applied with my Aussie mobile number below it so clicked next.
    9. A few more setup questions about users, languages etc and all done.

    Like others, I'm not sure if my 28degrees card will work once my voucher credit expires.

    • I use Wire and it works

  • Didn't take too long with help from this thread. Similar to the above.

    • Bought 100TL gift card from MTC
    • Let aussie sub expire
    • Use VPN and connect to Turkey (used NordVPN)
    • Went to netflix.com/account
    • Redeemed gift card
    • This then redirected me to the membership page and had Ultra selected. Continued on and started membership for 55TL/Mo.

    I did try to use a CC and no gift card, but got the mobile verification.

    Hopefully when the gift card runs out, Netflix will fail over to my bank card or PayPal account.

    • Finally come around time to update my payment method. Using the website forced me to validate using a Turkish phone number.

      Contacted Netflix live chat (1 minute wait) and they had a form inside the chat window where I could enter my card details. Worked straight away and now I'm set until the card expires (2025).

  • Hi, might sound like stupid question, do i need to buy vpn first to use it? Which is the best vpn to buy Indian Netflix?

    • Some VPNs have free trials.

      Most ozbargainers have collected a nord or windscribe VPN in their travels.

  • +5

    How I got a Turkish sub using a Up debit card - no address change required and no month long wait for sub to lapse.

    1. sign up to Netflix Au as normal - can use Aus mobile. Use the card you want to be billed with when you convert to Turkish sub (in my case, my Up card).
    2. Immediately cancel and ask for a refund using chat
    3. Await cancellation email with link to Restart Subscription
    4. Start VPN with Turkish Server
    5. Open incognito browser
    6. Copy paste the restart subscription link and follow steps to sign in
    7. At this point, you should get the option to restart the subscription in Turkish Lira
    8. Confirm all details to remain same (remember they have your card on file already) and restart the subscription
    9. Once subscription has been set up, close incognito window and stop VPN.
    10. Profit
    • +1

      Thx, sorta used you're method, my account expired & i had to update my CC details & failed the SMS part & ended up locking out my account, tried everything, ended up signing back up in AU then went Live Chat & asked for immediate cancellation, made up an excuse that my partner signed up also & don't need 2 accounts. I found when using incognito tab & UrbanVPN plugin with chrome it kept saying my P/W was incorrect, so i used a normal window with the VPN going & back on Turkey now.

      TL;DR - If you need to change CC details & your existing account expired, sign up in AU with new card details, then immediate cancel & VPN from there.

    • +1

      I've just restart my sub in Turkey successfully and I found the most important point is step 1 and step 8.
      You must use the Up/Wise card (or whatever card reported working here) on your first subscription. And do not change any card details when you restart the subscription in Turkey. Just click restart subscription, next, next, next… done.

      If you attempt to change your card details it will fail. Looks like the restart subscription steps bypass some of the location checking process.

    • This was successful for me (CBA debit card/Nord VPN) Thank you :)

    • Hey thanks for sharing - followed your steps exactly but unfortunately its not working for me: "There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use."

      I have my Up debit card saved on there from step 1, but its not working in step 8.

      Any ideas?

      • Did you get billed using your up card when you initially signed up?

  • +1

    No luck keep getting phone number request and those sites dont work… seem to be scamming for low amounts of money.

  • -1

    HTTP 403 error

  • +1

    Hello friends,
    Any way I can pay using Aus credit cards or other Aus payment method.
    Tried few cards but all saying there is issue with this payment method.

  • +1

    Cancelled my account on 8th this month. Netflix still lets you use for a couple of days after that. Finally, it popped up and ask you to subscribe again.
    Used Windscribe for the VPN service (subscribed for one month abt $12.67 AUD including foreign currency conversion fee on my card), and St George Visa for the payment. It did ask for Turkey mobile number for verification, found a Turkey mobile verification service on Taobao (Chinese Ebay) for about $3.3AUD one txt code. All worked out ! Less than $6/month for Netflix premium service, hopefully it will last !

  • When redeeming the giftcard, should i enter the seri no or the pin kodu?
    I've been trying entering the pin kodu without success when using urban vpn
    Most of the times it complained about not being able to connect to captcha

    And since my account is not active yet, the chat guy can't put in the gift card as well from their end

    I'm just wondering if i should be using the seri no instead.

    • I had the same issue. It will come up with HTTP 403 error when you tried few more times. And the mtc games can't give refund for the non working code.

      • I got it working with a new email account and using nord vpn, instead of urban vpn
        Urban vpn (at least the free one) can't do the captcha verification

  • FYI, last payment on my 28 degrees was A$5.48 (on top plan). Amazing. Currency exchange is very much in our favour atm. Hope it stays that way.

  • +1

    I've been on the turkey plan for over a month now using WISE as my credit card. I tried to change the credit card to Macquarie bank debit card and it says

    "There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use".

    I tried also to add it as a backup payment method unsuccessfully.

    Is there any way I can change it from WISE to a standard AU debit card? I have plenty, ME bank, ING, AMP, Virgin Money, you name it. Just wanted to transition away from WISE so I don't keep having to top up another one.

    If it's not worth the risk, I will keep WISE going as I don't want netflix to flag me as suspicious and end the gravy train.

  • Work like a charm,, legend

  • "There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use."

    Not sure why, I've had a payment done through wise before I cancelled and VPN is landing on Netflix Turkey page, but upon payment has this error.

    Do we need to add TL to wise account, or just AUD in wise is sufficient?

    • I just keep adding aud with my payid transfers to keep the gravy train going

  • +4

    price rise for premium 77.99 TL = $7.16 aud at today's rate, last charge was $5.12 those were the good days

  • When's the price rise? They just charged me $5.10

    • Monday, 16th May.

      • Cheers. I never got an email about it

      • 27th May for me

        • Just got an email today advising of the price change to 77.99 TL. Will change for me on June 6th

  • Price is increasing

    We hope you’re enjoying everything Netflix has to offer. We’re updating our prices to bring you more great entertainment. Your monthly price will change to 57.99 TL on June 9, 2022.
    This update will allow us to deliver even more value for your membership — with stories that lift you up, move you or simply make your day a little better.
    Questions? Visit the Help Center to learn more or contact us. Or manage your membership anytime by visiting your Account.
    Thank you for choosing Netflix — we hope you stay with us for years to come. We look forward to showing you what we have in store.
    The Netflix team

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