What’s a Random Act of Kindness That You’ve Experienced And Still Remember Till Today?

Let’s here some positive stories! Can be something big or small. Personally, I remember a stranger helping me when I felt dizzy in a doctors waiting room once and that was years ago.


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    Didn't happen to me, but I witnessed it: Was lining up at a busy supermarket checkout, this one customer has problems paying with their card and another customer comes and offers to pay for them with their card. It wasn't the smallest amount either, around $40.

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      If you have good karma, why do you have so many mishaps like losing your car keys, misplacing your folder and running into aggressive security guards?

      • mishaps like losing your car keys, misplacing your folder

        Maybe it was actually good Karma than mishap, saving Pam from more serious problems on those days…

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            I am kind to animals


            , I was in Red Rooster

            You're hilarious.

            • @afoveht: my homeless cats love chicken too much, so I have to add it to my purchases, other than that I dont eat meat, but my cats do. I give then seafood platter a lot.
              I dont eat much chicken,myself just occasionally,
              So there smarty pants.

              • @screensaver:

                I dont eat meat


                I dont eat much chicken,myself just occasionally,

                If you do this to troll then all I can say is you're great at it.

                • @afoveht: I am not a strict vegan no, doesnt mean I am not kind to animals. I HAVE TO FEED MY HOMELESS CATS WHO ARE CARNIVORES. And Red Rooster sells other food than chicken, like garllic bread.
                  Sounds like you re the troll. Someone who has little to contribute, other than try and put others down.

  • Years ago, I was at the bus stop with a guy with downs syndrome and the bus had just pulled up.

    The guy was a $1 short so I just waved him towards the seat and paid the driver myself.

    A week later, I was back in the same situation and knew I was being conned this time. Same guy, same driver and me standing there with a stony expression waiting for him to pay his correct fare that time.

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    Lost my wallet at Brisbane bus station 22yrs ago. I reported it to police, but didnt hold much hope. Had $1700 cash in it from race wins.
    Went back next day to police after a call, and apparently 2x 15yr olds found it and handed it in, with all my cash.
    I got their names and addresses from cops and sent them $50 each, along with a letter congratulating their parents and themselves for being so honest.

  • Someone was running to the train station and dropped their Opal card ( from their backpack ) without knowing, so I picked it up, chased and “yell” to let the guy know.

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    It was the first few months I was in Sydney as an international student. I ordered a "sit stand desk" that can be put on my table from Officeworks online, then I went to pick it up in my local store. The store was about 15 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop, and the item was heavier than I thought. When I was almost there at the bus stop, it suddenly started to rain, and I was lost and unsure which bus stop I should go to for my apartment. A kind man walked by and asked if I needed any help. I said I was unsure which bus stop I should go to, and he helped me. He also shared his umbrella with me and walked with me together to the bus stop. I still remember, and I'm still grateful today. Thank you, stranger.

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    I went for a quick trip to the bathroom before my bullet train in Japan. There was a ledge behind the toilet seat and I put my backpack there instead of hanging it on the door like I usually do. In my rush back to the station, I completely forgot it. It had my passport, cash, MacBook and wallet. By the time I realised and went back, it was gone. However, I heard my name on the overhead speaker not long after and managed to get it back. Super thankful to whoever handed it in because that would have been a nightmare.

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    Was dead tired and hungry after spending four days and nights on a fire line back in 2019. Stopped at a good bakery on the way home and when I went to pay they told me a lady had left $500 for any emergency service personnel that came in for a feed, and our pies/sausage rolls were free.

  • Dropped a shopping bag while running to catch the bus, and randomly a kid picked it up for me.

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    As a teenager we frequently visited Australia's Wonderland, and it was normal for everyone to just dump their bags in a pile when going on rides. I got off a ride one day to find that someone had stolen my backpack. It was a brand new bag (my single mum had saved for ages to get it for me) and it had my wallet and awesome keyring collection (as per the early-mid 90s!) I was devastated, and gave my details to the park, but didn't expect to ever see it again. A few months later there was a knock at the door, and an old guy was standing there, holding my bag! He was a gardener at the park, and had found it in some bushes, and apparently had spent ages on his hands and knees, collecting all of my stuff that had been dumped out of it. Everything was there, except the small amount of money that had been in my wallet. I remember crying and hugging him, and Mum said "I wish we could give you something to say thank you". He just shrugged, put his hand on my shoulder, and said "Her smile is enough thanks for me" and just quietly left. To this day I think of him whenever I see posts about stolen/missing items, and hope that those people are lucky enough to encounter an awesome guy like I did.

  • Maybe around 1995,was about 6 when my dad took us kids (older bro and sis) to this theme park that had a wave pool. We all (dno abt sad) went in and then the waves got super strong. I went under and couldn't get above the surface. Nearly drowned until this random stranger plucked me above the surface. Saved my life! I'mma ask my dad when i see him next wtf he was lol.

    • Me too, I was at the beach on the water about 5 years old. I suddenly couldnt feel the sand under my feet so I put my arm up and a lifesaver came and rescued me. I was at that beach a couple of years back and noticed its a very powerful ocean, My mother wasnt even watching me.

    • My mum, baby sister and 7-year cousin (none of them could swim) were caught in a rip in Canungra that came out of nowhere. I spotted them and waded out to where they were, only to get jumped on by my sister and cousin. They were only kids (I was 16) but when you’re fighting to save yourself it’s incredible how strong you get. My cousin all of a sudden had the strength of Mike Tyson. I was just waiting for my mum to pile on too and I would have been done for. I was struggling to keep us afloat and starting to panic when suddenly life savers appeared on jet skis and bundled us on board. There were other bedraggled swimmers onboard too so we weren’t the only ones to have been caught. I vowed to name my first born son Peter in honour of the guy who ferried me back to shore but I completely forgot about my promise until now. Hopefully he’s happy being immortalised on OzB. Love your work Peter.

      • I buy surf lifesaving raffle tickets now but havent donated yett to that city where I was.

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    i was at my sailing club on the weekend, i was probably around 10 - 12. there was a storm water outlet which fed directly into the ocean, it was quite a big outlet and the ledge above it was rather high with a fence all around it. i don't remember how but i somehow fell over the edge and i was dangling over the outlet (puffer fish had been seen in it before and it was a storm water outlet, not really safe to swim in) while hanging onto the fence which i think was a thin steel rope between steel posts, and some older boy saw me and he rushed over to pull me up. I was very grateful that he did that and didn't make a big deal about it either as i was embarrassed.

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    Received: Didn't realise my phone slipped out of my pocket onto the carpark concrete as I was getting into my car at a shopping centre. Fortunately I also had a work phone at the time. The couple who discovered it rang the first ICE contact (my folks), who then rang me on my work phone in the space of about 5 mins. The screen was cracked but I was grateful nonetheless. Offered them cash for their trouble but they wouldn't accept it.

    Given: Spent an afternoon at a video arcade, won a heap of tickets, offered them to a young kid who was with their mother.

  • About 2 years ago I was driving to work on a freeway and had a random blood nose, and since I was driving it ended up going all over my pants/clothes. I pulled over in the emergency lane just before an entry ramp to sort myself out a little. A random lady stopped her car in the emergency lane of the entry ramp to check that I was ok. She saw me in my car from a distance of probably 100m, and made a split second decision to stop and check on me at the moment when most people are accelerating and concentrating on merging. ​
    She ran across the entry ramp, and the grassy verge to check I was ok. I was so surprised that I wasn't nearly as verbally appreciative to her as I should have been :(
    I am still touched to this day that she would do that for a complete stranger

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    My first trip to Japan, my wife, best friend and I had just bought onigiris from 7-eleven for a snack and stepped outside. We stood there looking at the packaging for a second and an older Japanese businessman walks past, stops, puts down his briefcase, bows and introduces himself.
    He taught us how to open the onigiri's tricky packaging in a way that it turned into a holder for the snack. He also welcomed us to Japan in broken English and wished us well. It was amazing. Mind blowing even.

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