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Samsung 980 PRO 1TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD $239 Delivered + $40 Steam Gift Card via Redemption @ Shallothead/gg.tech eBay


Available from:

PS: Redemption can be claimed for Shallothead/gg.tech365 under K.S Computer Technology.

Samsung Steam Wallet Code Redemption Deal - Must purchase before 11:59PM AEDT Wednesday, 6 October 2021 to be eligible

Update 5th October: Cheaper from BPC Tech with eBay Plus using coupon code 'PHCET10' - $211.65 $203.15 + $40 Steam Gift Card via Redemption

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    Cheap heatsink if anyone needs one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002901174549.html

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      Shipping from China $3.48 and shipping from Australia $7.48 via APP

  • Is it confimred ggtech are part of K.S Computer technology? I messaged them last week in regards to this via ebay and they couldn't even be bothered to reply.

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      Yes, They are. I redeemed that Samsung promo with an SSD purchase from these guys. I had a quick response when I needed help though.

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        I had my promo claim rejected because "eBay is not part of the promotion".
        I explained it was bought from KS Computer on the ebay marketplace but no response from Samsung promos.au or KS Computer.

        Feeling petty ripped off.

        • Check your email linked with your eBay account for a receipt sent from them external to eBay, that may have the info you need.

        • ggtech had provided me tax invoice so I used that tax invoice to claim.

  • is this the cheapest price for 980 pro? I want to get sn850 but WD have rep of swamping tech and firecuda is quite expensive even with discount

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    I bought this same SSD a couple of weeks ago from a KS reseller for $13 more and the serial didn't work for the redemption until I emailed Samsung and the heatsink I ordered seperately has been sitting in a warehouse for a week and no one reading this cares but I just wanted to vent

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      I care and I am outraged.

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      I care MosDeef.

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      Same here. Got the SSD from Futu which is from KS, need to email Samsung to fix the serial number

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      Also wanted to confirm I care and had the same experience with Shopping Express and having to email Samsung for the Steam Redemption due to the serial number not working.

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        The Samsung redemption serial problem is quite common and not a isolated issue.

        • Interesting thought someone had on a thread about this issue was it is intentional on Samsung's behalf as to try and deter people from redeeming the promos.

          Specifically as it doesn't make sense this has been an ongoing problem for years (had another drive 3 years ago, same serial number issue) and serial numbers aren't random, they would have a database of them that is just a matter of copy pasting or linking it to the web page (oversimplification but anyway…). Especially with how often they run the promos they would have the whole process documented and ready to go, or should at least.

    • yeah i bought a 980 pro from umart recently and couldnt get the serial number to actually work. ended up emailing samsung's promo team and they sorted it out after a week.

    • I had a problem with a serial redemption but it turns out the serial number printed on the box is missing a few digits. You have to check the SN on the actual device, not the box

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    Samsung's redemption process is a joke. A month later and still no codes.

    • Check your redemption status. Also contact them as it should only be about 2 weeks from approval date.

      • Two weeks for redemption on top of two weeks to get to the approval stage. Samscum.

  • I just purchased this as it's a great price, but since when were Samsung Pro's 3bit MLC?
    Is there any noticible difference between 3bit MLC and 2bit MLC?

  • I had a Samsung 980 500GB SSD

    Purchased January 2021

    RMA'd 1st July

    Still waiting for my refund.

    Horrific experience.

    Drive was fast when it worked though.

    • Agreed, Samsung has terrible RMA. Just send a replacement out ASAP. WD and Seagate both send a replacement drive if it's within warranty. Took a few days. Samsung faffed around for months and eventually gave me a refund.

  • Weird. I got my code in 13 hours after entering but I did email them before because the redemption link was not available at the time.

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    How are you meant to get the SN required for the Samsung redemption if you don't have the drive yet? It looks like the promotion ends on the 6th and I'd imagine the item wouldn't arrive by then.

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      From the Samsung promo page:

      Start: 9:00 AM AEDT, Wednesday, 1 September 2021
      End: 11:59 PM AEDT, Wednesday, 6 October 2021

      Start: 9:00 AM AEDT, Monday, 13 September 2021
      End: 11:59 PM AEDT, Sunday, 31 October 2021

      Buy during the promotional period and redeem during the redemption period.

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        Ah right, cheers!

    • Purchase has to be made before the 6th October 2021, but you have until the 31st October 2021 to claim.

  • Grabbed one, thanks OP.
    I'd already been considering getting one from BPC Tech but this being $10 cheaper and including express postage put it over the top.

  • This or wait for 990 pro imminent release?

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324411534636

    For Victorians, that's a victoria located item so you dont wait 2 weeks to get it… if that can help :)

    • Deal in this post should be express delivery, but would depend on Auspost.

  • I purchased so thanks OP! When I went to checkout I had a code available to use PHCET10 which ended up giving me $37.35 off instead of the $10 from the title. No idea what that code was from it just said it was available to use while I was checking out.

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      Refer to update in description.

      • Ebay price has increased from $239 to $249 :(

        • Was always $249 with $10 off using code SPENDNSAVEOCT.

          Currently cheaper with eBay Plus from BPC Tech using code PHCET10 - $203.15 + $40 Steam Gift Card

          • @RichardL: Hi RichardL. So the 2 codes stack together?

            SPENDNSAVEOCT for $10


            PHCET10 for additonal 15% for Ebat Plus?


            • @rubygoldie: eBay code don't stack.

              BPC Tech also increased the price so it now $208.25 with code PHCET10 for eBay Plus members.

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