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[Pre Order, Switch] Metroid Dread, Splatoon 3 $59.20, Mario Party, Triangle Strategy $55.20 + $5.90 Shipping @ DX Collectables


DX Collectables currently has 20% off storewide.

$5.90 shipping. They don't seem to combine shipping for preorders unfortunately.

20% off is applied when item is added to cart.

Metroid Dread $59.20 - Sold Out
Splatoon 3 $59.20
Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp $59.20
Mario Party Superstars $55.20 - Sold Out
Triangle Strategy $55.20
Shin Megami Tensei V $55.20

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DX Collectables
DX Collectables

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  • +2

    Has anyone received their Buy 1, Get 1 Free Game (assuming the games has been release)?

    • +3

      I received the board games, Pokemon cards, and one game that wasn't a preorder that I ordered from that deal.
      Had one of the orders cancelled because I ordered two copies of a game and the rest haven't been released yet.

    • Yeah I got 6 DnD books, received them in 4 days.

    • +1

      Not yet but only one released so far

    • +1

      Can vouch for DX, bought a few things in the sale and all have been honoured so far. Still waiting on a couple pre-orders to get fulfilled but can't complain. Hope they do well on OzB.

    • +1

      I got mine but had to change one of the titles. I purchased Digimon Survive which has been pushed back to end of next year or something.
      I was able to easily change titles and they even refunded me the difference as the other game I chose was cheaper.

  • Metroid dread coming up as $74

    • You need to press preorder and it'll take the 20% off.

    • when I put it in cart, it shows the 20% off? Unless you go further and it reverts back?

  • +1

    Are the products Australian releases or imported?

    • What’s the difference ? Not passive aggressive, just interested to know

      • +4

        Personally I prefer AU releases for collection purposes.

      • +1

        if a game has DLC it could require a user account from that region

        • How are the regions defined? I have a "JPN" Smash Bros and was able to buy Banjo Kazooie DLC for it without any issue…. unless the region is just "APAC" of course

          • @Jonzay: The region requirement is not consistently applied across all games. Some games you can buy DLC from any store while other require you to switch to region it was orgianlly intended to sell

            • @FireRunner: Where can you find these information? I rather be able to buy from 1 region rather than having multiple DLC on different accounts only.

      • +2

        Basically consistency in collecting. Prefer to have Australian Classification Board ratings on all my game cases.
        Also some games require DLC to be purchased from the same region.

      • +1

        I had EU splatoon 2 and was locked out of local splatfest it sucked

      • Splatoon 2 regions locks you to certain servers. Got physical splatoon 2 at launch from ozgameshop and got stuck in a different server compared to my friends in Australia.

        Ended up returning and got the digital which also meant that I had to start from scratch because physical and digital looks for different save file names.

        Definately not risk it with splatoon 3 because it's pretty terrible spending months to get 3 other friends to get the game at launch, organise splatfest only to be the only one that can't join.

    • +2

      The one game I received from them was Australian

  • Great value!

  • DX is indeed honorable and I received the preorder of Tales of Arise. I assumed it should be cancelled.

  • +1

    Damn Dread and Mario Party already sold out

    • +1

      so quick!

  • +4

    Just letting you know if you miss out on Metroid, Target have it listed at $69 (albeit you can't order until release date), which you can sign up with the newsletter for the $10 off with free postage and if you have suncorp, get an additional 5% off bringing it down to $56.05.

    • I think the newsletter $10 off excludes interactive gaming.

      • Yeah but as mentioned in another thread though, you can just add a pair of socks or something and the voucher will work on the order.

  • +1

    I'll probably end up buying all of these but through latitudepay offers. I'm in no rush.

    • +2

      Lol @ the neg

      Why pay $55.20+5.90=61.10 for a $69 game when latitude $20 off $60 spend will make it a $49 game. If you're not in a hurry.

    • How do you get that deal ? I don’t know what latitude is

      • Latitudepay. They have $20 off $60 spend promos regularly. It means you'll likely be buying from Harvey Norman though because it's only a few eligible retailers

        • How do you stay updated on the deals there ? You just sign up and get notified on the promos ?

  • Damn most of em are sold out

  • no deal to me.
    15-20% jb gift card is way better than 55.2+5.9

    • +1

      Where can you get such steep discounts on JB cards?

      • I'm interested too!! Dish out the deets

  • -1

    Lets wait for Amazon to save us.

    • +2

      It's a sad reality if we need Amazon to save us

  • Advance Wars/Splatoon 3 sold out

  • SMT V sold out. Damn

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