ALDI Supermarkets = Overpriced Rubbish

Everyone always says how awesome ALDI is because of "special buys" and cheap prices, but it's all junk and low quality. Also their prices are not cheaper.

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    ALDI for me is a mixed bag.

    Things I like from ALDI (YMMV):
    Frozen Margherita pizza
    Frozen Gyoza
    Moser Roth chocolate
    Staples like pulses (lentils/chick peas/kidney beans etc), cous cous, canned tuna, cheeses.

    Things I neither like nor dislike from ALDI (YMMV):
    Their special deal aisles esp. non-electronic goods
    Their bread range
    Their toilet/tissue paper range

    Things I don't like from ALDI (YMMV):
    Fresh produce (can be hit and miss) and I can find cheaper and/or better produce from my local greengrocer.
    Their special deal aisles esp. electronic goods

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      The black box Margherita pizza? That stuff is a great base for adding more stuff on. It my go-to for frozen pizza

      • Yes, that is the one - black box Margherita pizza. It tastes really good.

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    I used to have issues with ALDI that I always had to go to a grocery store afterwards to buy the stuff they didn't have.

    This has changed now that I treat them as a milk, wine and cheese store.

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    Makes wild claims. Doesn't give a single example. Well done, very convincing argument.

  • This post made me love ALDI more than I already do.

  • I think the OP is referring to the weekly ''Special Buys'' that change each week with the Aldi catalogue. I think his sweeping statement is referring specifically to the non food items that change weekly.

    I have noticed that the quality and durability of the non food items started to change a few years ago, not in a good way. There are still good items being offered each week but it's become more hit and miss.

    I agree with his argument that the prices on the Aldi Special Buys are no longer as price competitive as before. They tend to match the prices that can be found online marketplaces like Ebay etc for equivalent products, if you do your research.

    There are still bargains to be found but it requires a lot more research and a more discerning consumer to spot the true bargains.

  • I dont buy any of the random special usually, but do buy some of my normal grocery items there - some meat & veg, some dairy, some grocery/cleaning/frozen. Maybe 20-30 items all up?

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    Some special buys are rubbish, I 100% agree, from cheap manufacturing to materials, I've gotten stuff that really bad and made it almost worthless

    HOWEVER, some specials are fantastic - the MTBs from Aldi are unbranded but cheaper Polygon? bikes I think

    Basically you get some parts that are from a higher budget tier - who else is selling Deore gearset bikes for 450$ in Aus?

  • Hardly shop there, but I do like their potato wedges, Southern Chicken pieces and their whole Beef Eye Fillet.
    Last one I bought was amazingly marbled (I check for those before I buy) 😋 Never dissapoints, Colesworth would never! 😌

  • More for those who love Aldi. Stop buying keep hating!

  • Totally agree with OP and I have noticed they are getting much quieter as people learn of their no quality control .

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    I do a main shop at Woolworths but sometimes go to Aldi.

    I think they have some decent products for lower prices, meat and veggies and some specific products I like.

    Aldi products are quite variable in quality.

    You get to know what's good or not through experience. I wouldn't use them for a main shop because of this variability in product quality. That's just my take.

    I also know, through a former friend who was a manager at Aldi that their profit margins are relatively low per product. In that sense you are not getting a bad deal by shopping at Aldi - because they simply don't price gouge at all - there are very few retailers you could say that about.

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    It’s trial and error. I agree that some of their stuff isn’t as good as named brands but some stuff is much better than the supermarket own labels. Some special buys are good quality, some not so much. I’ve had crappy experiences with their electronics but their cookware has been good (Dutch oven at $29.95 Vs Le Cruset at $400+)

    It’s still definitely not a replacement for shopping at Woolies but I tend to go to Aldi first, but the basics and stuff I know is better and then Woolies for the rest.

  • i like ALDI but my advice is if you dont like it go to Coles, Woolworths or IGA?

    • nah clearly they'd rather go to OzBargain forums :P

  • I shop at Woolworths for convenience as it’s closer but there are some things I can only buy at Aldi and thankful they are around.

  • Wine - Unbelievable value. Keeps me coming back again and again.

    My other go-tos, but they're insanely specific: peanut butter, pasta sauce, deodorant, mouthwash, all bran.

    Only occasionally go but when I do, I never miss these. Their house staples in these are always vastly superior to Coles/Woolies. I'm grateful that Aldi exist.

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    I dumpster dive at aldis and they throw out a lot of great stuff. way more than the other super markets.

  • Cant remember the exact price but I think it's $2 at aldi for a pkt of 3 Turkish breads and $2.30 at coles for a pkt of 4. Better value at coles and nicer imo. Sundried tomatoes are cheaper at ALDI tho and the basic dips at Aldi are nicer for the same price as Coles basic dips.

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      Have to disagree with you on this one. The Aldi turkish bread rolls are superior for me. They've actually got that proper doughy turkish bread texture and are much larger. The Coles (and Woolworths) versions, while they have one extra roll, have the texture of regular bread. When I'm making my pseudo-kebabs at home, the Aldi rolls are by far better suited. They taste better and I can pack more into them. The only thing going for the Coles/Woolies version is the sesame seeds.

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    As hit and miss as the special buys might be, they come with 60 days return for refund policy. Not many places will let you just buy something, use it, then take it back 60 days later simply because you don't want it anymore.

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      It's just 30 days return unless there is something wrong with it (warranty claim).

      Lots of unsold special buys will be at lower prices after 30 days. If the free return is beyond 30 days, buyers can return the old item and buy a new one at a cheaper price.

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        It's 60 days.

        Special Buys

        We will refund or replace any non-grocery specials within 60 days. Please provide your original receipt (or other proof of purchase), ideally with packaging, when you return the item to us.

        If you’re not completely satisfied with one of our everyday grocery items or Special Buys, you can return it for a refund or replacement within 60 days. Simply bring the product back to any ALDI store with proof of purchase (eg. receipt, bank statement, warranty card, credit card statement), ideally with the product packaging. Our friendly staff will then assist you with a refund or replacement.

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    I must admit I think the same thing as OP, its all junk but mention it around the faithful and boy the looks you get from their love of the almighty isle of dreams.

    • OP barges into any discussion or argument
      'Aldi is overpriced rubbish'
      Refuses to elaborate further (while lurking and upvoting comments like this)

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    A lot of the lesser quality or reliable stuff you still have to "thank" Aldi for keeping the others honest. I learnt the hard way that longer term essentials like a power drill don't buy from Aldi not necessarily because of the quality but because of the warranty.
    If it wasn't for Aldi more than half the Bunnings deals wouldn't exist. (I still have a few Workzone things I should add!)

    A few people have mentioned equivalent prices online but the advantage is some kind of local warranty vs some eBay or AliExpress purchase, not to mention having it instantly. There also seem to be some items that they are cheaper than anything I can find online, like their current $2 tongs deal for a 30cm silicone set.

    Who here besides the OP has actually heard anyone make OPs claim in the first place? :P

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    Are Aldi condoms any good and fit for purpose?

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      They are mostly good but quality is a bit variable. I'm a father of 11 because of the variable quality.

      My children are all named after high ranking Aldi executives.

  • How dare you insult uncle Aldi like that!

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    The shopping experience is definitely not "good different”. I don't have big shops so I just go to Colesworth, in and out thru self check-out. I can't remember the last time I had to line up. Where as Aldi, there's always a line, never had to not line up.

    Special buys definitely hit and miss, but mainly miss for me. Most have failed prematurely. Also, special buys stock availability is and issue, I mainly wait for the special buys then but it from somewhere else like Bunnings when they price match.

    • I can't remember the last time I had to line up. Where as Aldi, there's always a line, never had to not line up.

      It does depend on the time of day obviously, sometimes at best there's only 1 customer in front or none at all. Also depends on location.

      • Have you been to an Aldi where you take your groceries directly to a checkout with no one in line?

        • Yes, plenty of times. I do sometimes do a little late night shopping, so I guess that's when I see it the most. This is with the Aldi nearest to me, which is a standalone building. The Aldi in the large shopping centre near me however, would never have empty checkout lines. YMMV.

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            @CrispyChrispy: Same for me.
            Plus where I live it’s common practice to ask people with only one or two items if they’d like to go first, and since I often only duck in to buy a portion of meat it’s common for people to wave me through to the front of the line.

          • @CrispyChrispy: Wow really, must be the times I go. I've always had to line up.

  • Bi Lo, Franklin's and The Reject Shop, how do they stack up nine 100?

  • If not for Aldi I'm sure all of you will be spending more hard earnt money at duopoly that's 100%

    Costco didn't really count

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    OP missed out on the last air fryer to a grandma.

    He's angry.

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    In Melbourne lockdown I buy only 20 or so weekly items from local Woolworths.
    I know prices to the cent.
    I am happy and tight enough to save a cent.

    Walked local Aldi and did not see a single item I buy that was cheaper.

  • Nobody is forcing you to shop there… are they?

  • Definitely not overpriced. My shopping bill comes well under what I'd pay at other supermarkets. I suppose you need to pick and choose your products to see the best value.

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    The super rush checkout process gives me anxiety and the only reason i dont shop there. I would much prefer to take my time and go at my own pace at coles.

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    Look at it this way. It's competition and we need more of it! I was so glad that Masters came along to challenge Bunnings and unfortunately they left. I think its shameful that Bunnings is able to operate as basically a monopoly and noone blinks and eyelid.

  • Duno about quality, but warranty/return/exchanges are a PITA.
    Usually after aldi u still need to go elsewhere for the rest of your stuff.
    The 'specials' are fun to browse, but usually OOS for any good stuff.

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    Clearly op is just a troll.

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    i find aldi wines pretty good

  • just go to your closest between aldi/coles/woolies

    or just go to costco

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    Aldi is behind 10-years, I get that they have a cost saving component to it, but comparatively, their prices seem to be slowly creeping up with Colesworth when considering the quality.

    The fact that there is no self-checkout means I barely ever go, I only need a few things and I cannot be assed standing in a large queue with trolley's full of items, politely declining everyone's offers to jump in-front of them for the 3-items I do have because of the COVID screens go about 1.5m past the assistant, so I can't just hand them the items without them looking at me weirdly as I start to approach the front of the store almost like I am about to steal my items before handing them through the exit window.

    Anyway, vote with your money.

    Lastly, the staff always look so miserable, proper miserable.

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    Heresy. Aldi are the best thing that has happened for consumers in Australia in the 21st century. Aldi has done far more for the poor than the ALP ever has.

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      Scomo wants to forcefully shake your hands

  • Good products from Aldi to get:
    -Beer and Wine
    -Instant coffee

    Stuff I don't get from Aldi
    -Some meats, but I will get meat from there sometimes it's convenient.

    • ALDI power tool batteries are good. I made a number of adapters so that they can be used on Dewalt, Makita tools.

  • Not sure whose more Australian, the prime minister or German aldi's given how much they have brought competition to Australia and challenged the status quo and how outrageous that statement is.

    Anyways based on experience:

    Aldi ravioli pasta is now $2.99

    that's way cheaper then Coles or Woolworths.

    Plus Aldi soy milk is gotta be the top 3 best soy milks in Australia followed by sanitarium soy and Coles soy.

    1 Aldi soy 1.09
    2 Sanitarium soy 1.90
    3 Coles soy 1.15

    The worst soy milk in Australia is Woolworths homebrand, I dare you all to try and compare.

    The Aldi frozen lasagna 2kg cheaper and has more beachamel then Woolworths expensive one, but slightly near Coles, bit cheaper at $8.49 raised from $7.99.

    The only two meat 4.99 pizzas are Aldi and Woolworths.

    Coles needs to go back to the revision board again.

    Woolworths sells the best green pesto, however Aldi does not, but Aldi red pesto's not only cheaper but better then Coles red pesto.

    Aldi green pesto's bland and poorly balanced.

    • I was actually going to post to say the Aldi Soy is the one thing I don't like at Aldi…I much prefer Sanitarium Soy. I don't find the Aldi one creamy and I don't like the taste. But a few weeks ago I made the mistake of buying the homebrand soy and totally agree with you there, it was disgusting.

    • Some things are worth spending more money on, and have to compare the ingredients and percentage soy beans and like for like. Even their organic range stuff is nasty.

    • Aldi lasagne are they any good?

      • Only one way to find out for 8.49, throw in oven and enjoy, add lettuce and u got a meal cheap.

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    I recently bought their boneless butterfly Greek style chicken and loved it. The buffalo wings were good too. Their frozen prawn cutlets are super as well.

    • -2

      My Aldi secret is when there is no queue which is always nowadays .
      You can buy unprocessed foods like fruit and veg and milk .
      To be frank I normally get them at a much cheaper price with double stacked bonus offers with gift cards from the other 2 majors .
      Everything else I would not go near as John West rejects end up there .

  • +4

    I shop at all 3

    There is some stuff that Aldi's sell that is better and cheaper than coles and woolworths

    I like the battered fish fillets from aldi's

    one thing I hate about Aldi's is sometimes a line I like disappears and never comes back

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    I’ve actually never found any of their products “low quality” some of them are just a bit “different” because I’m so used to some other brand.

    The main issue with Aldi for me is the lack of range. I often feel like I have to “finish” the shop at Colesworth to pick up the things I missed at Aldi.

    • We do that - buy what is decent at aldi and top up elsewhere.

      Adds about 20 minutes to a shop (assuming same centre) - but saves $50-$100 a week

      • Whats your typical spend? I often hear people say they save 50-100 a week at Aldi but i cant see how that stacks up, especially when you say you are doing a top up elsewhere.

  • ALDI is a bit like democracy. It's the worst except for all the other grocery stores out there.

    But at least it has consistent prices. Shopping at colesworth is hard because sometimes what you need is on sale but must of the time it's massively overpriced.

  • +3

    I agree with Op guys.

    I recall the days when Aldi was comming to Australia to bring European products at a fraction of the price of Coles/Woolworths.

    Unfortunately we were left with the vast majority of the products being the subclass, coles-branded (equivalent) products made in Australia, Thailand and East Asia

    • -2

      Toffifee was the only quality German product that I found to be worth traveling to an Aldi for. I was expecting to find more quality European items, especially since Built in Germany = Quality. I didn't see any quality salami or sauerkraut or tommy mustard….

  • Aldi is great, who the hell wants a duopoly?
    Like anything the regular food/household products are pretty good, and some special buys are fairly decent.
    (eg. the original Ambino 3L a/f, cheap and 4y warranty, my sunbeam has 1y).
    Anyhoo, opinions are like a'holes, everybody has one.

  • +4

    When Aldi first opened up I was pretty amazed at the special buys and was stuff just for the hell of it.

    But their items (not all, but the ones that I bought), are pure junk that falls apart (literally) easily. I think a lot of it is to do with low quality materials (especially plastic) which appear to be lot more brittle and not fit for purpose.

    Some of the things I have bought that have failed within the year :

    • garden solar lights ( the plastic used in this can't handle the sun, it's cracked fallen apart with the year). Compare that to a solar lights that I paid double at Bunnings, which is now still in use for 3 years and counting.

    • hedge trimmer (telescopic) - again the plastic was brittle and snapped within the first year. Unlike the solar lights this was in my shed.

    • USB flashlight - stoped taking a charge within the first year. Not sure what happened.

    • kids drink bottle (which was a branded bottle bobox or something) but the plastic top for the straw has cracked. We had another bottle from the same brand prior to buying the one from aldi, and I can feel the plastic used in one from aldi is harder and different. Feels like they made a special bottle for Aldi.

    Things that have worked, but not quite
    I bought metal rulers (set of three). They've lasted the years or so, but they're off by a 1mm on 11cm and others.

    Bbq light - fragile and it doesn't work half the time

    Meat probe - temp reading is off by 2-5 deg.

    Things that I haven't had a problem with :
    Kids wooden toys, these are made of wood and hasn't given any problems.

    All in all, depending on the item I wouldnt buy those products they just end falling apart.

  • Perfect example for "Freedom of Speech! Extra space at Aldi, very nice to have in Corona times! Let the OP borrow more money LOL…..

  • +8

    I read this first as AUDI = overpriced rubbish.

    Which is true.

    • Thanks for giving me extra space there! Make sure to wear that T-shirt for identification!

  • +2


    Mods need to ban this one post troll op

  • +1

    Like others I too do the bulk of weekly shop at Aldi including liquor

  • +1

    Also their prices are not cheaper


    Aldi basket of comparative products is repeatedly shown to be 20% cheaper than Colesworth

    Colesworth marketing department must really feel threatened if their so desperately trying to rubbish Aldi. If Aldi is so crap. Why do they have stores all throughout the European Union\Continent and the American continent?

    They must be doing something right !!

    • -1

      All those big brands are every second week 50% off used with triple stacking buying in bulk Aldi is no where near .
      That too complicated for you I guess to understand ?

      • +2

        No. It’s not too complicated to understand.

        But firstly,

        All those big brands are every second week 50% off

        Is just not true. Colesworth rotate between thousands of products which may occasionally be 50%, may be 20%, may be 10% or may not be discounted at all and Colesworth are often much more expensive to start with or may require buying 2 for 1 to get 10% off. But consistently Woolies or Coles are more expensive than Aldi. The number of variables to get the savings is vast and varied. So your statement is just not correct.

        Aldi is just simpler. I know Monday to Sunday at Aldi their prices will just be consistently cheaper. Not to mention I [generally] find quality of Aldi food grocery items better( taste and quality- obviously subjective).

        If you prefer Coles or Woolies good for you. More power to you. Occasionally I have shopped at Colesworth. Don’t you just love choice. Have 🍭 and gimmick plastic toy to go with that poopsie

  • +1

    What a rubbish post.

    Aldi is consistently about $100 cheaper for our weekly food shop.

    The special buys are usually good quality. If they aren't the return policy is extremely generous with low friction at checkout.

    • For reference what is your weekly food shop spend done at another store?

      • -1

        Going by what the comments above suggest Aldi is 20% cheaper so in theory their spend would be $500 a week. Sounds very high and I very much doubt the 20% save.

        The only way I can see this is if you are comparing the most expensive brand name cost with the Aldi brand.

        I have shopped at Aldi and maybe I am doing it wrong but I don't think i have ever come close to even $20 saving on a usual $200 shop.

        • I've done a few in the past at about the $200 mark. I could probably achieve a 10% saving. But then there would be 3 or 4 items I'd have to get somewhere else and there would be 2 or 3 products that taste lower quality.

          So you might save almost $20 there, but then I have to go somewhere else my Aldi is a bit of a drive from other supermarkets. Then spend time parking, getting those items, then pay the CC surcharge at Aldi, and spend more time in the queue. Then I also miss out on the rewards points like flybuys which when used correctly, can stack up (probably do about $600-$800 in rewards points a year) without doing any needless spends.

          So all in all, not worth the extra time and minimal savings from my perspective. I think for the usual battler types that are cash poor but time rich Aldi can be great. But for families that do over $250 minimum a week spends I might not be their target market.

  • +2

    Couldn't disagree more with the OP

    We do most of our shop at ALdi and top up elsewhere as required .

    Is all of their stuff perfect or better than their competitors? No chance - but no retailer is.

    But the lions share is better, it's also made the other retailers innovate and compete as well.

    As an example - the cast iron cookware that is coming out for $25 is not discernibly different to the $300 equivalent. Certainly not for the avid home chef. (It might be for the elite end).

    One of the things most Aldi shoppers know is which products they won't buy. We typically don't get our red meat there as an example.

    • The last lot of cast iron I looked at whilst at Aldi was pretty bad and was certainly nothing like a premium cast iron pan.
      The Aldi one had a pretty rough finish, even my no name cast iron that I found on the side of the road is better than the examples I saw.
      The Aldi one would have required a lot of sanding to bring it up to a reasonably smooth surface.

      On the other hand, the porterhouse roasts are pretty good and you get to choose how thick you want your steak when you cut them.

  • +3

    No shop is better than the others, same with CostCo etc, shop the sales and find which is better at which store and ya good. I don't understand people who don't go to multiple shops if in the same centre (if you only got one nearby then sure).

    ALDI is great for frozen things I find, but I feel like the OP is either trolling or talking about their weekly 'special' items.

  • +2

    I love how people on here give them a pass if they bought something cheap but it was rubbish or broke quickly.

    However if someone buys something from AliExpress and it takes forever to ship and it breaks even though it was a 1/10th of the price all hell breaks loose until a refund is issued and an apology & compensation is claimed.

  • I find Aldi milk is consistently bad. I have found on multiple occasions that it goes off before the best before date is even up, whether it's opened or not. Never had this problem with any other milk whether it's generic Colesworth or another better brand.

    • Agree with this. I like Aldi but stopped buying milk there - it goes off 2-3 days within opening.

      I suspect it may sit unrefridgerated for too long when being loaded and unloaded.

    • Aldi milk is the same as every other supermarket's. It's sourced from the same dairies, same handful of distributors like Saputo, and literally processed to the same standards in the same vats.

      • If that is indeed the case then perhaps Vallani is right about refrigeration then. Or the milk is already older by the time it reaches the Aldi bottles and stores. It's happened to me way too many times to chalk it up to coincidence.

  • Tried Aldi probably 5 times in total because of the cult like following, but just don't like anything about the whole experience. I don't know or care if Woolworths costs a bit more, it's a way less unpleasant experience for me personally.

  • +1

    One of the main benefits of Aldi for me is the small format shop size and everyday low prices rather than searching for specials - both making shopping quick.

    One thing I like which I haven’t seen others mention is the vacuum sealed steak - porterhouse and scotch fillet (180gm) for $5 each. Surprisingly good quality, and much cheaper than other places.

    The special buys are a ploy to draw in customers because ALDI don’t offer the usual discounts/promotions. I am often tempted by these but I try to avoid them because as others have said, there’s a good chance they will be rubbish.

    I also don’t like being rushed through the checkout, but have learnt to ignore the pressure to hurry up. Where I shop most customers don’t use a trolley - we don’t have a $2 coin- so have no choice but to load things at the checkout.

  • +1

    Are you an agent provocateur from Lidl? Costco? Aldi South??

  • We have a local shop which contains an aldi, woolies, coles, fruit and veg store, health and welbeing place, butcher and a few other specialty shops. Agree that Aldi is not a suitable replacement for a coles / woolworths store, but then neither are they as there's some products that I can only get at coles and vice-versa.

    When we do the shop:

    Health and welbeing places is good for vitamins and xylitol (we actively avoid sugar heavy products).
    Butcher for meat (obviously), but not all meat as they can be expensive.
    Fruit and Veg shop for certain fruit and veg.. not all of it is nice in appearance / fresh so we will sub with below stores as needed.
    Aldi for certain pantry / freezer items, cleaning products, treats and if there are any good special buys we'll grab them. (we find their non stick pans to be excellent!)
    Coles for beef mince and chuck caserole steak + coles specific items (coles special burger sauce, pickles) + cheap pantry items identified through their catalouge
    Woolies for everything else.

    And lastly being WA we have spudshed, we do a weekly / fortnightly shop there for bulk buys on milk + meat (in the freezer it goes!) and certain fruit / veg which our toddles devour.

    The comment that all aldi products are shit couldn't be any further from the truth. Our fussy kids will eat a fair it from there which they won't eat from the bigger shops.

  • +2

    Aldi mouthwash - made in Australia - half the price of Listerine
    Aldi toothpaste - made in Australia - cheaper than Colgate which is made in Thailand
    Aldi Brioche burger buns are awesome and cheaper than anything at Colesworth. Same for pizza bases
    Great selection of imported cheese at good prices
    Much better quality fruit and veg than Colesworth, and cheaper
    Great meat and chicken
    Excellent chocolate and biscuits - most made in Germany and Belgium
    Their Australian-made ice cream is awesome and good value
    Other good stuff - tonic water, raw nuts, tinned tomatoes, potato chips, frozen veg

    A lot of their frozen seafood is Chinese and I won't touch it
    Too much of their best buy stuff is Chinese tat and I won't buy it
    We don't like their breakfast cereals

    Overall, a great supermarket and my first stop for grocery shopping

    • I really didn't like the Aldi mouthwash. Way too frothy compared to Listerine.

      Generally speaking, I agree with you though fruit (other than apples and bananas) is not great at Colesworth or Aldi so that's a wash in my view.

      Pork ribs from Aldi are the best value I have been able to find.

  • Quite sure this is a joke post to rile up everyone but just in case
    Recently got frankfurts, hot dog rolls, black beans and pork mince which were special buys.

    $1.99 vs $2.50
    $1.49 vs $2
    75c vs 80c (Coles often OOS)
    $4.49 vs $4.99

    The results? Pork mince and bread rolls were a lot fresher (and cheaper) the others were cheaper (frankfurts had longer expiry)

  • +2

    Some of Their Packaged foods and hard goods lack quality consistency, Aldi probably save money on less quality control

  • I don't mind Aldi, some of their equivalent products are comparable if not better quality than Colesworth at a cheaper price. Depends on what products you like and buy too. Bananas, spinach, lentil tabbouleh, pasta sauce, range of cheese and bacon to name a few are all pretty decent. Their branded Euco Oil stain remover is a great shower screen cleaner as well. Agree on the Aldi milk, it isn't great.

    Can't say I've bought much of their special buys, they did have some decent ceramic homeware cups and mugs a few months ago, the latter of which I bought a pack. Slightly larger mugs than usual for those who like a bit more extra coffee in their cup!

  • my local Aldi today I picked up a couple of random snack items

    then noticed they've installed self-checkouts since I was last there.

    Last time I looked I think their credit card surcharge was maybe 0.25%

    now the fine print says 0.5% - so that looks like double

    who carries cash these daze ? That's another reason I won't hurry back to Aldiland

    I went looking for a special buy $10 mandolin slicer - but that was out-of-stock - as often - so Yeah Nah with that.

  • +2

    Sounds like someone didn't get what they want and are now having a sook.

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