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[eBay Plus] 15% off Tech eBay Plus Items / 10% off Non-Plus Items @ eBay (E.G Nintendo Switch OLED $470.01 (OOS))


This week's eBay Plus sale, includes a very wide range of sellers for tech items :)

Conditions: This offer entitles you to:

  • 10% off Eligible Items or
  • 15% off Plus Items

during the Offer Period, when you spend $30 or more (excluding postage costs) in one transaction up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

If you don't have an active eBay Plus membership, you can sign up for one month for $4.99.

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As always, enjoy!

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  • +13

    Read an article yesterday about not jumping on the OLED model due to game developers being told to continue working on 4k switch games.

    Guessing a Pro Switch will be announced a few months after release of the OLED.

    • +16

      Nintendo came out and said this is definitely not true.
      Not sure if they can be believed though

      • +6

        They can't. Im sure it exists, but its not being announced in a few months. Next Christmas maybe.

      • +7

        Yeah I saw someone tweet the other day about an article where nintendo said they're DEFINITELY not working on a DS refresh, and then a few months later the DSi got announced.

        I doubt it'll be that soon with OLED almost out though.

        • +4

          The difference between then and now is 'SOMEONE' who has no idea what Nintendo has planned ASSUMED Nintendo isn't working on new DS, but Nintendo didn't say so.

          This time Nintendo 100%, no doubt said themselves, NO NEW MODEL for a reasonable future time after OLED. And this will be true. Nintendo has investors and they don't f uck them around.

          No 'pro switch' is coming out within literal months of the OLED model, that's just bad business.

          But close to the end of 2022 with big releases planned then? Sounds about the right time to make that switch pro.

          • @dbmitch: Agree.

            A 4K model is also years away in R&D - think about the technology that it needs to hold for the size.

            if anything, the OLED model is the way to go with the upcoming BOTW 2.

      • +5

        There's just no motivation for Nintendo to put out new hardware when the current models are
        still outselling the competition. A switch pro would also run into the same chip shortage issues plaguing the other consoles

      • +4

        if they said yes, or they didn't say anything. more people will stop buying oled, and wait for newer model. this is not what they want. yes 2021 no new model coming, but 2022 is not that far away. i think they are going to retire current led model, and keep the oled as base, a powerful model as higher end model, next year.

    • +15

      I’d say there is no chance of a next generation Switch until Christmas 2022 at the earliest; more likely it will be 2023.

      • This is definitely a better time for the pro, coincide with big releases for them in late 2022

        • Yeah, historically releasing alongside a big Zelda title has worked for them so I wouldn't be surprised to see something with BOTW 2 at the end of 2022.

    • +7

      Expect a Switch 2, not a Switch Pro.

    • +14

      I think the 'Pro Switch' that has been rumoured for literally years now exists in some stage of development, but I think it's just the next generation Nintendo console; not a 'step' model of the Switch. We're talking about a device that just barely pumps out 720p reliably (some games much less). 4K would be an insane jump for an in-between model. If the rumour was 1440p, maybe I'd tend to believe it a bit more.

      It also makes no sense to launch this OLED SKU and then follow it with an upgraded SoC one a year (or less) later. It would just piss off their customers.

      I mean, I'm not Nintendo, nor even part of the industry, but I Reckon this (the OLED model) is it for the Switch as a generation. I don't think it's worth sitting on your hands if you actually want a Switch now. There's always something better down the ramp, you're just depriving yourself of enjoyment waiting for it in a constant cycle.

      • +3

        I still don't understand why people think its gonna be 4K, don't you guys know how much power it takes to run that rez at 60 fps? And remember, it has to be handheld.

        • +2

          Developers were told by Nintendo to inform them to ensure their stuff is to be 4k ready. That's was sent nearly 6months ago.
          Maybe it's a super powered dock and the new system can output 4k just via the dock, who knows, but be sure, Nintendo are definitely far into development of a newer system.

          • -1

            @Damonator84: So gpu built into the dock, makes sense, but then its handheld mode is just super gimped.

            Nintendo switch 'Super nerfed if handheld'

            • +4

              @dbmitch: With the screen that size, 720p60 is all that's needed. Trying to push for 1080p at the compromise of heat and weight is gonna REALLY tank hand held gaming.

      • +1

        I agree.

        We also need to consider that:

        • Nintendo haven't done a mid-generation spec bump up before
        • Nintendo haven't been competing for specs/performance since the gamecube.
        • Nintendo won't sell more games by releasing a 4k switch. Anyone who is going to buy BOTW2, will still buy it even if it runs at 720p 25-30fps
    • +1

      If you have Switch at the moment, then not worth to upgrade to OLED version, unless you having the oldest one with un-improved battery, or play switch mainly on itself instead of on TV. Otherwise, this is a good deal for a pre-order version.
      PS. From the post of this deal, more than 50 Switch OLED are sold.(it said sold 140 when I placed my order, and it's 190 when I post this comment)

    • Gameboy color was also something I remember Nintendo lied about. They absolutely and categorically said that there will be no Gameboy Colour even though a well-respected UK tech reporter saw one with his own eyes… Not long after it was announced…

      Maybe we have a case with credit card companies for chargebacks or refunds as the manufacturer was deliberately being deceptive and misleading.

    • I read anticipate 4K Pro/2 with BotW2 in 2022.

      Enough to make me wait.

    • We were waiting all 2020 for the pro, and it will be the same for 2021.

      Don't spend your life waiting, buy the now switch if you were keen to play the games or just go on with your life and be presently surprised when news of a switch pro comes in 2023.

  • +1

    Ah, what am I to do if I ordered already from this deal

    • +3

      Message to cancel, submit new order

    • +4

      have just done this… i placed the order and contacted them, waiting for a reply now

      UPDATE: and done :)

      • +1

        Good Idea, have just messaged them asking the same.

  • +4

    Was wondering why the modem I was looking at buying on eBay went up $15 from when I left my tab open last night.

  • +11

    iPad Mini 6th gen 64gb wifi only, cheapest so far, beaten Apple's Edu pricing too especially those with eBay Plus member for $636.64 after coupon.


    • +1

      Good spot!
      Wish they had iPad 9th gen for sale too.

    • What advantage does the mini have over the $499 ipad with the same storage space….?

    • These are all gone now

  • +1

    $296 for Canon RF 50 1.8

    cheapest yet I think

  • +1

    Can anyone suggest a good laptop for around the $1000-1300 mark? For wife for work, but I'd like to steal it occasionally to play games (nothing new). Cheers

  • +2

    Cheap Ubiquiti UniFi gear too, thanks OP. Just got an AC Lite access point for $101, apparently including a POE injector. The newer U6-Lite is $150ish (injector not included)


  • +2

    Blue Snowball iCE $68 delivered with plus: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/293944020399

  • Any search link ?

  • +3

    Switch Pro doesn't sound fun. How about Super Nintendo Switch? or Nintendo Super Switch?

    • +4

      Super Switch Entertainment System Control Deck

  • How in the `^ did Gamemen get around 1700 OLED's lol ?

    • The same way they manage to store thousands of consoles despite their store space being no bigger than cash converters.

      • You do know they have a massive warehouse lol

  • Missed out on a previous G14 K2069t (512gb,16gb,3060, 2k 120hz) which was 2.5k in the last click frenzy.
    Hasn't been below $2899 since (if you can even find stock locally). Just picked up with code for $2589. not as cheap but happy to be a little flexible considering not jumping on it earlier.

  • Seems like a good deal for the 5600x

  • I just tried to use this on the capcom home arcade from the gamesmen and it doesn't seem to work, anyone have any idea why? It's an ebay plus item

    • It seems like it doesn't work because the item is listed under the Toys and Hobbies category rather than a technology category. The only way it would be eligible is if they changed the item category unfortunately (such as Video Games and Consoles). You could have luck asking them to change the category, but they might not do it depending on the fee structure.

      • what a pisser, you'd think that would definitely be under video games. Not sure how worth it it would be since it's actually 199 from them directly, and there seems to be a $18 buy it from ebay tax on it

  • Good deal on Samsung 980Pro 1Tb.

  • Any good deals on the Ryzens with Graphics Capabilities ?

    • UPD: Bought 5600G for AU $352.75

  • Reckon it's possible to cancel my previous order of the OLED Switch at $502.95 with GamesMen and reorder this one?

    • You should be able to contact The Gamesmen via eBay message and request to cancel your existing order I believe.

      • Yeah, I've just done that. Shouldn't be an issue I'd imagine.

  • Keep on showing as 502.95 for me after voucher. Do you must have active eBay plus membership to see the 470?

    • Yes you need an active eBay Plus membership to be able to apply the coupon for $470.

      • WTF ozbargained as soon as I finish applying for eBay Plus

  • +1

    Samsung 980 PRO 1TB SSD MZ-V8P1T0BW PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 Internal Solid State Drive $211.65 Delivered + $40 Steam Card

    PS: Cheaper from BPC Tech eBay - $203.15 + $40 Steam Gift Card

  • -2

    Always ebay Plus discount only and no love for normal ebay users … Don't want to force join as not buying so often like some of you

    • join for 1 month

      • of coz I know to join 1 month, then after that? keep creating new ebay accounts with new emails? Just becoz of not joining Plus I got neg?

        • Get a hotmail account. Create new "alias" email within seconds. Rinse and repeat. Or wait for a good ebay cash back offer (ie ebay credit for signing up, some banks do a refund reward etc)… Seriously by this point you should have come across a few options. Ebay isn't backing down from pushing their Plus sub. Join the party at no cost or continue to miss out. Your protest only affects you and you miss out in the end. But hey, to each their own. You do you bud.

          • +1

            @Warehouse: Thx! Sounds like a good idea, will give it a try!

  • Shame Neon is not available. This is a great deal but I think I will just keep my purchase from them the other day at $505.

    • It not only Gamemen stuck with em . A lot of large retailers are and heading further down than this .
      $350 I might get 1 . $400 definitely going to be hit .

  • Bugger… I got the For Him gift cards 10% off thinking I got a good deal on the OLED at jbhifi.
    These are the times I should have got eBay plus… 15% off is a great deal.

  • Any good deal for monitor?

  • Bought a Duet for $293.10 delivered from Bing Lee to replace my aging Lenovo A10-70F tablet. Great deal, thanks for the tip!

  • Tred to sign up for plus but it won't let me because my ebay account was set up when I lived in a different country. I've changed all of my settings to Australia but can't change the currency to aud, ebay help is useless and time is ticking on this…anyone got a quick fix or link to an online chat or something?

    • +1

      Create a new account

  • bloody hell missed the switch oled now… just as i was about to buy….

  • Disappointed to see XBox elite controller 2 which retails for $249 on Microsoft is being priced at $263.95 for item in sale @Gamesmen.
    After ebay plus discount the price will be : $224.36 making actual discount to be 10% of Retail.

    Same item on ebay under eBay Plus @Microsoft cant have the same coupon applied. I can only use $5 coupon making it for $244.

  • Great. I'm in the market for a budget phone under $400, any suggestion? :)

  • Thanks OP. I am looking for Apple TV deal. If anyone come across pls share :)

  • Thanks OP. Bought an SSD.

    • Er. Also bought some RAM. Damn. Thanks OP…

  • +1

    Lenovo chromebook duet is back to $365 - its price has reverted back to $399 before this coupon (thanks binglee!).

  • LG C1 55" for $2120.75 click and collect. I think this is the best price for this model yet…

  • -2

    The nintendo switch loled pro

  • Managed to get a Eufy Cam 2C Pro - 3 camera kit for $509 delivered.

    It was the last one from that seller - all others have been jacked above RRP unfortunately.

  • Offer cancelled already? That was quick!!!

  • My Switch OLED arrived today, only one day after release date after being posted from Sydney to Melbourne. Considering the state of Australia Post's network at the moment, I'd say that's pretty good!

    • Nice. Mine is still in transit and I'm in Western Sydney haha. No rush though as this is my first Switch and am waiting on sales for games.

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