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Wowstick 1F Pro Upgrade Electric Screwdriver Portable 64 in 1 Bits $57.69 Delivered @ MCorz-Seller via Amazon AU


Wowstick Pro for $57.69 delivered.

Seems like a decent price and have been wanting one for a while.

Here is a YouTube link for a review of the item:
(Sorry he takes ages to start doing the review).

Hopefully helps a few of you out who have been looking for one of these.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Probably wouldn't buy again, just to weak for everything including opening up laptops and similar

    • Appreciate the comment. Was wondering how something so narrow would have the torque required.

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      I thought the idea was u can manually start it then use the electric to motor to screw in/out? Is it still pointless using it this way? Genuinely interested as I thought i always wanted one of these, but u are making me think I should just stick to my wiha set

      • Yeah it’s not that powerful, you’ll have to use it manually, then use the electric function for most stuff, still pretty cool to have around, just wish it had more power. At least it comes with a magnetic mat!

      • +1

        You're meant to start it manually. Not sure how much torque are people expecting in a handheld screwdriver for electronics.
        Comes with so many attachments and never had an issue with mine. Can't go wrong having this and your Wihas.

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    Maybe mention in the title this is an electric screwdriver, I had no idea until I clicked the link.

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      Pretty sure 90% of Ozbargain would know what a Wowstick is by now.

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        I must be in the ignorant 10% then.

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          Lol, was thinking the same thing.

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        It can be two things.

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    If you get it at the right price then its amazing tool. It frequently goes on offer for $35 or $40

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      Seconded. Have one and it’s fantastic but I think I paid around $36 at the time. I’d happily purchase it again but not at $58.

  • I bought one of these 1 or 2 years ago - IIRC it was from Amazon.
    Anyway, I can't tell what is "pro" about this one, but I think I paid more than this price.

    It works well when I opened a couple of laptops.
    But those tubes are a bit annoying to go fish out the correct screw head.

    It's as per the pics and videos, just an electric screwdriver for when you are lazy to undo 10+ screws manually

    • If you're requirement is only to open few laptops a year then a basic screwdriver is best.

      But if you do need to open different types of screws or open few electronics a day this will make your job quicker.

  • It is toooooo weak. It will stop working very soon. Inside mechanism looks so cheap.

    Just looking good rubbish.

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