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AKG N700NC M2 Wireless Noise Cancellation Headphones Black $112.97 Delivered @ Amazon AU


AKG N700 M2 at its lowest price according to the camels

some reviews:

note that some of the things mentioned could have changed with the app / firmware updates

I think a good price for good sounding set of wireless cans that also do ANC

$112.97 now. how low can ya go Jeff

sold and fulfilled by Amazon AU

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  • +3

    Got these for $99 last year. I love them, although the foam / material on the top part of the band has started coming apart slightly. Just aesthetic right now and not affecting the comfort or anything

    • +1

      This is going to be an issue once it peels and you see it on your clothes.

      I used to have AKG (wired) reference headphones, I had the same problem.

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    I have these also from the $99 deal last year, for the price they are well worth it, not as comfy as the QC35s but under half the price

    • yeah, that's probably as close as it gets to the original $99 deal

      backed by Amazon this time, means painless returns if things go sour

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    I've had these for about a year now and they are good - comfortable for long periods. I play a lot of games with them and there isn't any noticeable lag via Bluetooth.

  • Ordered.



    Surprised that Amazon DROPPED the price after this got posted.

    • yup I just updated the listing

      • Lol, price jumped to 140

  • +1

    I was literally going to buy these.but I read they develop micro cracks on The plastic elements… Can anyone confirm whether this is the norm or just happens occasionally?

    • +3

      Mine look perfect after a year, no cracks

      • thanks!

      • well, I got them anyway.. for my use they are more than enough. Happy I did not spend at least 3 times for the Bose or the XM4, probably overkill for me.

    • +1

      2 years plus daily use and still going strong.
      ANC is meh & clampings tight but for $100 they're well worth it

      • yeah exactly my thought. I will use them rarely, so I am pretty sure it would be a waste to spend more cash

      • what do they include in the box, btw? is there a cable for plane use?

        • +1

          They come with a USB-C cable to charge them, and a 2.5mm to 3.5mm TRRS cable so you can connect it to a 3.5mm port such as your phone

          • +1

            @Simovixet: awesome thanks mate

            • @ets27: No worries!

              Another thing to note is that you can use / buy a TRS cable or adapter and the music still works fine in stereo. I believe you'd lose the microphone channel (TRRS) but the music and things still work fine. I bought a 3m curly cable for my pair and use a random TRS 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter and it has been working well for my wired use.

    • +1

      Mine cracked with extremely light and gentle use. YMMV it seems

    • Both me and my friend got this for free when we bought Note 10 Plus, and withing a couple of month both go the hairline crack next to head rest in inner section. But apart from that love the sound and how comfortable it is.

      • is the hairline crack just aesthetic or it affects the functionality?

        • Just aesthetic been around two and a haf years now still going strong

          • @rohilkhadgee: awesome, as long as it is not structural, for $116 I will not complain. How long ago was it? perhaps they fixed the issue with the more recent headphones?

            • @ets27: True mine was free so i didnt care as well, and probably they fixed it too, there are many threads on reddit and other forums about it.

    • Yeah mine have developed small cracks on each side but still working well after 2 years.
      The battery lasts about a day and a half before I need to charge it.

      • thanks! hopefully it is an issue that they solved but even if not, who cares :)
        You mean that the battery lost capacity?


        • The battery still holds up pretty well.

          Just a habit that I have to charge it every day or two so I won't end up with anything to listen to when it goes flat.

          Bang for your buck I'd say!

    • Mine cracked. The headband is also tearing but at this price, I would still have considered it..

  • OK price went up to $140 deal's over folks

    Jeff crapped out on us again

  • The time it took for the sale price to end puts this deal in the similar league/category as PS5

  • Up to $163 now :O

  • Is this still a decent deal at $146?

    • $162.97 now

    • About $126 on ebay with ebay Plus.

  • +2

    These sound significantly better than the XM4's. While the NC isn't as good this is an absolute bargain

    • +1

      yeah I got beaten up the other day in the XM3/4 deal saying they don't have good sound signature

      well OK they do good noise cancelling, credit where credit is due, but seriously, XM3/4 didn't impress me one bit in the sound quality department, otherwise I wouldn't be on the market still

      • +1

        There’s many corrective EQs on Reddit for the Xm4s. Absolutely transformed the sound stage for me. Originally I was also quite disappointed but now very happy.

  • Always goes on sale

  • Do these come with build-in mic?

    • +1

      Yes, but like its competitors, having a microphone on an earcup isn't great for picking up the human voice very clearly.

  • +2

    Best review you can post for these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-hEY-dv7BY

  • +1

    Had mine a year now after grabbing them on the $99 delivered deal and they are one my most prized possessions, they are still just as perfect as the day I got them.

  • I got a pair of these for free with my Galaxy Note 10+ pre-order back in 2019. Did a couple of months of overseas travelling with them (ah those were the days…). If you can get these cheap, the sound quality is great and noise cancelling is ok.

    I found the sound quality excellent, WAY better than my old Bose QC25's, but the noise cancelling on the AKG was not as good as the Bose.

    My only issue was comfort, way less comfortable than my QC25's after a couple of hours of use. Maybe I've just got a big head!?

    I've since moved on to the Sony XM4, which has way better noise cancelling and is a lot more comfortable for me (and a lot more expensive!). For sound quality though, I actually think the AKG's might have been a bit better than the Sony.

  • Any gamers use these?
    My son complains that he cant find decent headphones that will allow him to voice chat on Discord, whilst giving him great gaming audio.
    The Jabra 85t drops the quality of the game, when any voice call is active.

    I suspect this is due to how BT prioritises voice calls. He also says the game audio seems to have a very apparent drop in audio bitrate, rather than a simple volume reduction.

    • Yeah I think any mic over bluetooth uses a different audio encoding and cuts the quality of the entire audio (both listening (receiving) and speaking (sending)). These would be the same if you used them in the same way.

  • The only problem I have is that they dont Autoconnect to my Iphone or Laptop.
    Everytime need to "search for devices"

  • How are these compared to sennheiser hd 450bt?

  • Bruh wtf I just got delivered an empty box wtf?!!?

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