This was posted 7 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Brother Compact Wireless Mono Laser Printer HL-1210W $107 + Shipping / $0 to Select Areas / CC @ Officeworks


The Brother Compact Wireless Mono Laser Printer is perfect for home or office use. It has USB 2.0 and Wireless LAN capabilities, as well as Brother apps you can download on your smartphone for easy control.

This is a laser printer that produces documents in black and white.
This is a single-function machine, offering print functionality.
It can print your documents at a speed of up to 20 pages per minutes
Connect to this printer wirelessly for quick, easy printing.
Use the Brother apps on your device for easy control.
The main paper tray has a capacity of up to 150 sheets of 80 gsm paper.
It has a print resolution of up to 2400 x 600 dpi.
Make sure you have the neccessary supplies, this printer requires Brother TN1070 refills.

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  • What is the cost of this wonderful machine?

    • +12

      I'm fairly sure I paid around $60 for mine a while back…

      • Full retail used to be $99. And I got one for free and now passed it on to my biggest enemy!
        Prefer drawer printers, less mucking around.

  • +4

    fyi - not duplex

    • +5

      Yes it is… Manually

      • Please let us know when the price comes down

        • +19


          I've already got one.

  • +12

    Pretty sure this is the usual price for this machine.

    In saying that - they're cheap to feed, with 1000 page toners at ~$18 each.

    We bought about a half dozen last year for some people to work from home with, most of them have done over 10,000 pages and they haven't missed a beat.

    • +7

      i got 2 toners about a week ago for $19 delivered.

      • +31

        you must be pretty toned then

      • Where did you get them from? We’ve had our printer for almost 2 years so waiting for the message any day now.

        • +9

          Where did you get them from?


          $12.80 for 1, $19 for 2, $32 for 4……

          • @jv: Do you need to change the chip on these generic toners to the chip on the original toner that came with the printer to get it to work?

            • +1

              @whey4000: Nope, they work fine…

              Previous ones I bought years ago from another ebay seller worked fine too.

    • +31

      Also, other thing you will want to do: switch them to Toner Continue mode. This ignores the chip on the cartridge so that they don't stop printing when the chip says its empty, rather you can keep printing until the cartridge is actually empty.

      • +1

        Also when toner begins to streak, remove the cartridge and shake it back and forth horizontally half a dozen times then replace. I have a similar Brother printer and doing that not only restored print quality, but the low toner warning disappeared.

  • So this does not come with toner?

    "Make sure you have the neccessary supplies, this printer requires Brother TN1070 refills"

    • +1

      It comes with a starter toner, about 500-700 pages.

  • +3

    Have this. But this is the usual price I think.

    • +1

      Yes but it was out of stock for a long time

  • +2

    Hmm I spent 20 minutes going to officeworks to print a single page. Cost was 8 cents.

    Not sure if it's better off having a printer at home.

    • +3

      what about the time when u spot a bargain in OW?
      converting the savings to 'gains' n share them with fellow Ozb!

    • +9

      It depends. How much fuel does your car consume and what is your hourly wage post tax?

    • -3

      False u need to buy a print card.

      Minimum cost is 5 dollars

      • +2

        Officeworks Alexandria (NSW) didn't have theis requirement when I printed a few months ago. Just had to email the document to some public email address. Cost me 10 cents for 10 minutes of his time (in questions). I didn't really like the idea of sending personal documents to some random email address though.

        • They have a hub where you can plug in your USB to print from their front desk

    • Found it extremely useful to have a MFD at home. Not this model though

  • +1

    Around a year ago these were going for $50 to $60.

    • +6

      That was before COVID.

      You could hardly find a printer in stock a year ago.

      • Ahah - that makes sense. I was wondering what the deal was… thought this had a duplexer or something.

  • Been using this for around 5 years always used cheap tonner.. did about 4 tonnes change going great

    • +4

      did about 4 tonnes

      WOW, that's a lot of paper…

      • +1

        Yes one box of 500X5 and another 2X500 done so far..
        I wasn't thinking this gonna be good but time has proved it's excellent

        • Well plaid. It is a lot of paper.

  • Wish I could find a laser printer that will print on DL and A6 paper as well, and take 250gsm paper. I want to print on top of flyers.

  • Wow I am surprised they even have stock. Last time I was in OW they had none.

    I cant add to cart or do a local pick up, out of stock?

  • Bought this recently. Has come in handy so many times and does the basics well (single page black and white printing).

    • +2

      This one doesn’t have duplex either, the duplex ones have model numbers ending in DW. D for duplex and W for wireless.

      • oh yeah, my mistake, it looks the same as my 2350DW, i thought it was

    • Are you sure it does duplex printing? It does not appear to be the case on Brother official website.

      • +1

        yeah, it does not, got confused as it looks the same as the printer i have which is duplex

    • No stock at OW. Want one of these though

  • Could someone explain how this is a deal/bargain?

    • +5

      It's not.

      It's a bargain when it's selling for around $60.

  • Not a deal

  • +1

    My brother printer still works after 12 years' service.

    • +1

      Feels like Brother is the last good printer brand after HP, canon and lexmark jumped on the $10 inkjet printer wagon.

  • +4

    Standard price but highly recommend a brother printer. Low cost/maintenance have had mine a year no issues

  • I bought one in my uni days and still going strong after 4 + years, Cheap toner is available on ebay. (replaced toner like 6-7 till now)
    Just have to adjust to manual duplex otherwise giving a booming recommendation to anyone looking for a cheap home printing solution.

    Always used to like $60 bucks with signup on Forum Direct (now no longer in business).

  • +1

    Could anyone tell me if I can print directly from my mobile phone with this printer ?

    • +1

      It is wireless, so if your phone can find it, it should.

  • +1

    Seems like an ordinary price… would expect around the $60 mark to be great deal?

  • sooo I should buy this for regular printing and buy a cheap color multifunction inkjet for scanning and copying and rare times I need a color print?

    • +1

      Go laser for cheap bw bulk printing. Random colour ones just go to officework if you aren't in lockdown

    • My only advice is never use an HP MFC for scanning photos. My older model, at least, made photo scans unusable for viewing on screens, even at max resolution. Apparently Epson does OK scans but I never tried it.

  • FYI for the iOS users out there: no AirPrint support.

    • Yeah using this with a mac sucks, you have to use this really crappy Brother software which only allows you to print PDFs and you can't alter any settings, just print exactly how the PDF is set up. So you need to convert everything to PDF before printing and if you only want say page 10 to print, you have to extract that into its own PDF as you can't use normal print settings. Lucky it's wireless so you can easily swap to a secondary PC to do your printing.

      Like other Brother mono lasers this printer is fairly good for easy jobs and toner is super cheap off those eBay sellers, WiFi connection never seems to disconnect.

      Problems include:
      - Mac support as noted above
      - trying to print more than say about 40 pages, it overheats and will have to slow to a crawl (1 page every few seconds), and starts curling the paper up on the sides pretty bad as the heat rises.
      - Duplex mode is mostly unusable. It's manual which is fine but the problem is if paper is not new/perfectly straight, it just catches/blocks constantly so you have to keep taking the thing apart to get out stuck/ripped paper in paper jams.
      - I think this is typical to all Brother printers, but the printer's opinion on the 'toner' life, is always wildly off, like it throws up the 'won't print, need more toner' flashing lights WAY too early, like 50% ink left early. You then can't print anything until you either replace the toner or override it. There's a way to override this by pressing random button combinations, but you have to do it every time and it's just such a PITA - like I'll decide when to stop using a toner drum thank you..

      • Would you recommend HL-L2305W for AirPrint support ?

  • Bought previous model in 2008 - still working good, just changed generic toner from eBay few times…

  • L-2350 bought from TGG Commercial for $108 plus $10 delivery a couple of months ago if that spins your wheel. Delivery took a while though.

  • Anyone can recommend a good and cheap to operate laser WiFi colour printer. Used for occasional school homework and return labels 🤣

    • Laser colour printers are always expensive. However I recently bought MFC-L3745CDW from good guys commercial for $320 pick up. RRP is around 429-499

  • -2

    No duplex, useless

    • Every printer can print both sides

      • that's like saying every phones can make calls. You know I prefer to have a smartphone not a dumb phone from 1990s

        • You mean no automatic duplex printing, in that case yep.

  • NOTE - its a pain in the butt to print from a chromebook to this printer!!!

  • OOS everywhere near me :(

  • +1

    If you only need to print occasionally, i.e. assignments, reports, job apps - I've found that it's way easier and cheaper to just use a local library (or Officeworks). These just take up too much space and are a waste of materials in this day and age.

    • This model is particularly compact, not much larger than a large loaf of bread.

  • +1

    How did this deal almost get 100 votes when the comment suggests its not really a bargain?

    • OzAvailability

      Anyone in the market for a low-cost Brother printer recently had basically no options.

    • Bargain considering the times, no matter how much we wish for it, the $60 price of this printer 7 years ago ain't coming back.

  • I have the previous model and it's a ripper of a little printer. So cheap to run, ink never dries out. If it went back to $60 I'd think about buying a 2nd one and put in in storage just incase mine dies. I don't think I could go back to the crap the other brands dish out.

  • +1

    The older HL-1110 version without networking used to go on sale for $28

    • was posted 6 years 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

      • 6 years in its still printing fine after a generic drum replacement.

  • Started buying brother printers about 2007 and it was only about $40

    They go 2-3 years before dying in 1 way or another and then buy anot

    • basically pays for itself many times over, the crappy inkjet tanks cost $40 on their own and may last only 3 more months.

  • LOL just through out mine in hard rubbish, bought mine at Hardly Normal a few years back for $49 during their Boxing day sales.
    Good printer, only replaced it for a colour printer when I started working from home and for home schooling

  • I want to print my own mailbox fliers. Is this the cheapest per print (long term) using generic toner? Or another model, brand?

  • Looking for a cheap home printer (colour) mainly to print docs to sign and scan back, and also kids pictures for projects etc and must be able to buy cheap ink/toner.

    Recommendations ?

    • +1

      If you are printing in high volume, go with laser colour. Very expensive though

      Low volume, go to officeworks and have mono laser at home + buy generic toners off ebay.

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