Selling Car Remotely, Possible Risks?

Hi everyone,

Just seeing what people think regarding this process.

Advertised my car on Facebook and was contacted by a person working for a dealership.
Wanting to purchase my car, following steps:

1.)Video inspection of my car.
2.)Sending a copy of my drivers license and Email to them.
3.)Signing documents and sending them back.
4.)Receiving money via bank transfer.
5.)Pick up truck comes to get my car.

Any thoughts regarding possible scams?
I can't think of anything beyond ID scams. I googled the dealership which is legitimate. I suppose I could always contact them, making sure that this person is actually working for them and not just pretending to. Anything else?
Thank you.


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    I suppose I could always contact them

    Probably quicker than posting on OzBargain.

  • Where is the dealership relative to you?

    • around 15kms away

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        OK that's suspicious. I was thinking interstate. 15km why wouldn't they just ask you to come in?

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          Possibly lockdown related. OP location says Melbourne.

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        Drive the car to them and do the deal in person.

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    Just make sure the money is in your actual account before you give the car up. Don't rely on receipts and transfer emails.

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    Due to lack of documentation from them, they'll say you were sending them a free car and claw back the bank transfer. Did you even get a copy of their ID?

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    sounds very fishy. a lot of scams go along the same lines. i certainly wouldn't be sending my license.

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    I suppose I could always contact them, making sure that this person is actually working for them and not just pretending to.

    You haven't done so yet? You probably should, ring up the dealership itself if you aren't sure.

  • How far are you from the dealership? I reckon they will offer you a few thousand less than it's sellable value.
    Then they will overcharge the buyer the same.
    Pardon my cynicism.

    And do not send your ID. Facebook-mining for your identity is something that worries more people than just myself.

    • To be fair, that is how businesses make money.
      They will buy the car for the amount that is agreeable to the seller.
      The will sell the car for the amount that is agreeable to the buyer.

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        The advantage the dealers have is they can fix the small things cheaply, scuff on the rear bumper, minor defects inside and out. The costs to an average person make this job larger and more costly so - there is something to be said for this.
        Also trade-in can net you better value as well but the Covid tax on everything hurts, especially on popular brands and (cough) Toyota.

    • Yep but that's to be expected and standard practice.

    • 15km, see above.

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    Ask for their dealer licence number then look it up and confirm it matches the other details they're giving you. If you go ahead, make sure they agree and include on the contract that the vehicle won't be picked up until you receive payment and they're responsible for transport and condition of the vehicle upon arrival. I've never sold a vehicle to a dealer so I'm not sure they need a copy of your licence. Ask if licence number alone is sufficient or if you can send a copy with the licene and/or card number redacted.

    • I am assuming that my ID would be their insurance. Otherwise I could just take the money and run.

      • They'll have the signed rego transfer papers that have all your details on them.

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    person working for a dealership.

    should be easy to check. verify the business email / call the dealership and ask to speak to the person.
    should be a straight forward and less risk to sell to a actual dealership.

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    It's only legit if the dealer is currently working on an oil rig and doesn't have access to a phone, but does have access to the internet to send emails.

    • Absolutely not. It needs to be the dealers uncle making the deal to be legitimate.

  • Scratch out number 2, 3 and 4. They can post you a bank cheque that you can cash at your bank which will remove the possibility of something fishy with the transfer. Then the pickup truck driver can bring you the forms to sign when he picks up the car.

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    Just call the dealer and make sure it actually was them.

    I've just done something similar selling a car to pickles via diyinspect just last week. Photos of car and video of car running. They picked car up, transferred me the money, done.

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    I would not sign over the car to them until I had received confirmed payment. Otherwise buyer could say they paid you cash and proceed t transfer the title.

    • All bank transfer and I would definitely wait to receive the money first.

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    2.)Sending a copy of my drivers license and Email to them.

    Yeah right.

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    So, I basically did everything at once, posted here and took following steps.

    I asked him for a photo of his ID and he did send me one.
    I rang the dealership and confirmed that he works for them.
    I googled the dealership, they have good ratings ect.

    In that sense, it looks legit.

    And yes of course I would wait for the funds to clear before doing anything else.

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      Good stuff, for whatever reason people always stuff up the last part.

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        I know you called the dealer and confirmed that he works for that dealership.

        BUT did you call the number provided in the email to did you INDEPENDENTLY get the number from the dealer website? I could claim that I am working for a certain large dealership and provide a phone number that is routed to my associate in crime who will confirm that everything is correct.

        This also applies when you pay a big invoice because since if the invoice is fake, they likely would provide their number instead of the real number.

        • Yes, I did call the number I found online, not the mobile phone number he had provided.

  • Nope. Never send randoms from gumtree/facebook anything other than your phone number for them to ring you or a meet up address (usually home adress for me)

    Seems surprising a dealer wants to buy a car from you. Not their usual MO.

  • Do not sign or send registration papers transferring ownership until such time as funds are received.

  • What kind of vehicle is it, 4wd by any chance?

    • Standard 2wd, hatch

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    I've followed exactly this process, was contacted via Gumtree.

    Checked into buyer's details, provided what they asked. Funds cleared into my account and a truck arrived to pick it up. Zero issues, and I got my full asking price.

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      Nice try "Dealership guy"……. lol

  • A signed contract to sell or purchase a vehicle is a legal document and has responsibilities attached.
    Fulfilling legal obligations is a legit reason to travel during lockdown.
    My interpretation, anyway.

  • This aint new, my offsider almost fell for it about 6 yrs ago.

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    All steps were followed, car was picked up today, all done.

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      step 7) money transfer gets reversed
      step 8) post follow up sob story on ozbargain

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        Amazing the misconception of people believing a bank transfer (not card) reverse is that simple. Once funds have cleared it isn't.

        • IT still can apparently, I remember reading a post from someone here who got pegged for a reverse transfer and his balance was in the negative. Or was taken out from whatever balance he had at the time. Can't remember who it was though…

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