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Samsung 8.5kg-6kg Combo Washer Dryer $994 ($974 with "Price Beat" Pop up) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


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Samsung 8.5kg-6kg Combo Washer Dryer

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    I have a washer/dryer from Samsung. It’s a different model/colour but layout of the control panel is similar.

    Do. Not. Buy. This

    • I have one. And been daily driving everyday both washing and drying. Love it.
      What's your problem with it?

      • +6

        It doesn’t properly dry clothes. Th dry capacity for my unit is 7kg but you can only put in about half of that and it takes 8-9 hours for a full cycle.
        There is a ring of lint in the inside seal of the door. I can’t really clean this without a specialised tool. The lint that comes out from drying goes on the outside seal of the door and is a pain in the ass to clean (you can also never get it 100% clean).

        Customer service has also been shockingly bad.

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      What's wrong with it?

      • I replied above

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      tell me y

    • I've read elsewhere that combo washers/dryers generally aren't a good idea due to increased points of failure. By nature it can probably never be reliable as individual units… but serves a purpose if you only have room for one machine. That said hang your clothes out to dry don't be a co2 wally :)

  • +2

    Does it come with a free fire extinguisher?

  • WHat's wrong with their HP, when i click on your link it asks me to log in. Anyone else having issues?

    • same here, press [Esc] during one of those refresh process, that should give you a static page to go on from there

  • +5

    Thought that was an Xbox Series S

    • Glad it wasn't just me 😆

  • Would have grabbed one had there been stock.

  • If you have the space for a separate washer and dryer. The efficiency of sole operating units should be better than a combo.

    This combo will be a damn good unit or an apartment/ Studio.

  • I have an earlier model Samsung washer dryer combo. It's been near flawless for 13 years now. Had to replace the water pump about a year ago, and the drive belt(?) a few years back.

    It's definitely getting a little clunky and loud these days, but 13 years is a pretty decent lifespan for something like this IMO.

    I would happily buy another one.

  • I got a 7.5KG/4KG a month ago. It works fine but won't dry well if you overload it. Like Thranrond said there's a ring of lint around the inside of the door after washing, you can rub it off with your fingers pretty easily though.

  • Samsung washer used to be good when they use Direct Drive motors. Not sure if they are that reliable after reading some reviews on Samsung washers.

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