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$10 off $11 Minimum Spend (Online Only) @ Petbarn


Can't use instore but you can order online for click & collect or delivery. $50 minimum for free (not same day) delivery, before voucher is applied (ie spend $40 after voucher is applied and you still get free delivery). Can also be combined with any loyalty credit you may have in your account.

$10 voucher code is valid for one-time use only on your next online purchase using the provided voucher code. Minimum spend is $11. This voucher is not valid for in-store purchases. Voucher expires 11:59 pm AEDT, Sunday 10th October 2021. Cannot be used online in conjunction with any other voucher. Excludes Charity Donations, Adoptions, or Gift Cards.

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  • Does 8% cash back from Cashrewards still work with this code ?

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      Cashrewards says cashback purchases 'may not be eligible':

      If a coupon code is used that is not listed on Cashrewards.

      I would assume it won't work, but you could try anyway — worse that happens is it doesn't work.

      • +1

        Definitely ineligible via Cashrewards. All commission from use of this code will go to Shopsmart, and not to any cashback partners.

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    Thanks OP, the item I wanted was a tad lower than $10 so I bought two. Only delivery available but the code helped cover the delivery and then some, which is a great deal for me, not to mention it was 20% off already on top of that.

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    Petpost is still cheaper in the products I need. https://www.petpost.com.au/

    Also check here for referral discount (15%) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/petpost.com.au


    Hill's Prescription Diet I/D Digestive Dry Dog Food
    7.98kg $107.89 - discount referral voucher - $16.18 = $91.71 free delivery


    Hill's Prescription Diet I/D Digestive Dry Dog Food
    7.98kg $118.39 discount voucher - $10 = $108.39 free delivery

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      Just jump on chat and get petbarn to price match. Very easy. Then you can collect reward points plus cashrewards.

    • +9

      You're doing it wrong. Buy something that's close to $11 before the voucher.

  • +2

    Says one time….but I mean it is allowing multiple purchases.

    Will they knock it back? I am still paying for things.

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

  • +3

    Thanks OP. just bought Ball Launcher + tennis ball for cricket training.

  • +2

    bugdie food of course. Thanks

  • +1

    nice thanks.

  • I got this code via email. They are promoting Same Day Delivery and this code is supposed to cover the SDD fee ($9.95).

  • Thanks OP code worked on sale items too. However, I got charged for my order but it never went through, which is kind of annoying.

      • +3

        I tried .. just use as a guest and it works

  • +1

    100+ orders in 30 minutes. My first order is ending with 156 and second one is ending with 293. Hope not to get cancellation emails.

    • +10

      This is why we can't have nice things

      • +1

        Just to clarify I have put only two orders 😉

        • +2

          I was guessing by the negs people were thinking you did 100+ orders.

        • +1

          ah I see! I read wrong but didn't neg. The internet points - noooo

  • it's dead. Code no longer accepted

    • Still worked for me. Will say not valid if you try using code on same registered account twice.

      • well I feel sheepish!

    • +1

      I didn’t neg you but if there are other pet owners like me buying ziwipeak and salmon rolls for their animals then I’d say that would be how. I know it hurts my hip pocket.

  • Awesome,
    Got some algae fix for $6

  • I put an order in my name and one in my husbands.Hopefully they don’t get cancelled. Thanks for posting OP.

  • Says it's not valid :(

    • Coupon code "SHOPSMART10" is not valid.

      Yeah got the same :(

  • How do they repeat order discount work?

    Can i use that to check out to get discount and then cancel straight after?

  • I have a message to pickup order already. so it worked

  • Awesome got some turtle food. Thanks for posting..

    • +3

      I like Turtles

      • Do you eat them?

        • +1

          Yes (just like almost everything else).

    • Dominos pizzas (TMNT).

  • Hmm, doesnt work on Mix and Match dog toys..

    Looks like when you buy Mix and Match toys online, it applies a discount code 'MOMXX'
    When I apply this $10 code it removes the MOM one!

  • Got one order through but looks like it's expired now.

    • Yep, i get invalid code now too

  • Looks like it's not working for click/collect (or at all?? from comment above) now? :/ Which was a pain because I was halfway through checkout and had to go back out to change to store pickup because there was no quote for delivery on the checkout page…

    • -1

      yea same… got 2 orders through then went back to work now it doesn't work…

  • +1

    Party is over now we wait

    • My order was confirmed and ready for collection. Puppy size Kong for $1.19

  • not valid

  • not valid for me.. has the code expired?

  • Coupon isn't valid. Bugger.

      • +4

        I usually feel shame.
        But after being unemployed due to a lockdown and companies like this who stand to make massive profits due to the influx of adopted pets and needs for animals during a lockdown, I no longer give a shit collecting my 3 seperate orders.

        • also the government support they received

  • +13

    I missed out on this code, but needed some food and litter for my cat and PetBarn's prices for me were among the best. During checkout, I tried this code and got around 16% off ($13 off $80): PBRCT30121

    • I just got $9 off a $30 product….

      • Did they honour it? I put in an order for a $40 product, processed at one store and haven't heard from another store.

        • said ready to pick up but was lazy to get it today so ill go tomorrow :)

        • Got no pick up notifications. Rang the store and it was ready.

    • +1

      thanks so much @enigma48 for this code PBRCT30121

      got so much % off

      • Thanks I got 10% off an already 20% off item with that code.

    • Many thanks also @enigma48. Used the code and it gave me about 20% off total purchase of dog food dry mix. Even better than using $10 off spend. Cheers!

    • This is great thankyou so much! Was so salty missing out on the original code

  • +1

    Have people managed to get their click and collect orders? (For those who ordered closer to cutoff time) I’m still waiting on mine to be confirmed….

    • No confirmation here either. Doesn't look like they will be cancelled… fingers crossed.

    • +1

      Ordered before 7am and still no confirmation

      • mine was emailed

        • My friend collected their order and mine got email saying ready to pick up, but the manager comes out and said my order got cancelled

  • I ordered at 8:30am and got order confirmation at 8:35am

  • +2

    Went in to collect my order and was advised my order wasn't valid and there are processing refund 🙃

  • Made 2 orders, each at a different store. One I've received confirmation, nothing for the other.

  • Tried to collect was advised order was cancelled - no email, no refund as yet.

  • Order got cancelled. No email sent at all.

  • Was anyone's order cancelled after receiving the pickup confirmation email?

  • +4

    Such bad form. Far enough if the code wasn’t used for the purpose it was intended and they are deciding to cancel order but where is the communication.

  • Mine got cancelled after receiving pick up message

  • +2

    I collected nine today from Melrose park

    • Champ I'll give yah an upvote .

  • +1

    I collected my orders.
    That memo must have got to them midday. Staff at my store did not mind, PETBARN gonna lose future customers being dicks and not honouring this to those who ordered.
    I knew Glen Richards was a dog. Explains why he took over a PET store.

  • Yet to receive any email after the initial confirmation. I guess I will ring up the store and check on the order….

    • +2

      I just called and they said that there was an IT issue with sending out the second email and my order was ready for pick up! :)

  • for those who haven't received a second email - it is worth calling the store to check. I called both my stores and they are both ready for collection. Their IT system (as indicated by above poster) had issues with the 2nd email.

  • +3

    Another day passed and still no communication or refund of funds.

  • For the people who got your orders cancelled, what was the total value of your order?

    Like if it was $12 like erm lol.

    Seems like guys who have $30 plus orders mostly got theirs?

  • -1

    Got a phone call, stating they are waiting for me to collect my order. CBF to go and collect it. Anyone?

    • Why did you order something you don’t want to go collect?

      • Lazy weekend…!! Will go on Monday to collect it.

    • Is this a game of fetch?

  • I didn't get any email after the order confirmation so have to use their online chat, call the store, and talk to their customer service to find out more.

    Basically was accused of abuse the code (I placed 4 orders) and not following the terms and conditions and hence all orders got cancelled.

    I have been their customer for over 8 years and bought over thousands of stocks. I found how this is dealt very disappointed. Could have sent a cancellation email, or inform customer about the error, but instead just no communication at all and when customer contacted them simply name and shame customer and no apology, very good customer service.

    • They care about pets 😂 not customers

      I picked mine up, only one order though - no email

  • +1

    Bought a $13 toy, paid $3. Didn’t received any confirmation email/ text so I called them up (their IT system isnt working properly).

    Picked it up at Peakhurst, no issues.

  • Thanks OP picked my order up yesterday

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