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Klipsch RP-140SA Dolby Atmos Speakers US$440.21 (~A$610) Delivered @ JRsourcing via Amazon US


Good price for a pair of Dolby Atmos speakers

A$605 including delivery for me in Sydney

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Make speaker face ceiling. Slap on Dolby Atmos.

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    Seems expensive for a small pair of bookshelf speakers that project ambience at an angle towards the ceiling.

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      I got some old Bookshelf speakers and simply put a angled stand on them to get it to do the same thing. haha Works pretty well.

      Make sure after you do Auto Calibrate (what ever tech you have e.g. Audyssey etc), go in and add 2-3db to the ceiling fired speakers. The out of the box calibration settings often make it set too low and people complain that they the speakers dont work well.

      • What's the benefit of facing it to the ceiling? I might have to give it a try

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          It bounces the waves from the ceiling, which makes it feel like there are speakers in the ceiling when there aren't.

          It works best if you have 2 tall standing speakers to put them on top of at the front. Since they work best when the Atmos speakers are just above normal listening ear level.

          Note when i say "Add 2-3db", typically your post-calibrated settings will have most speakers at -x.x db, so add 2 would bring it closer to 0 or into the positive range. e.g. if it says your front firing speakers are -2.5db, then change it to 0.5db instead (if you adding 3db).

  • I was looking at buying two sets of RP-500SA (and replace my current R-41SA that actually works damn well already! That is a really good price! 👍🏻

    • I think there were replaced by the RP-500SA which are a bit bigger as well.

      • Yes, bigger driver (5.25" vs 4")… I might buy 1 set of this RP-140SA for the "back Atmos" and still get 1 set of RP-500SA for the "front Atmos"
        Thanks for the post!
        Although…. might be worth waiting for Black Friday?

  • Does anyone own Klipsch here?

  • Anyone know if you get the full 5 yr Klipsch warranty if purchasing from Amazon US and getting it delivered to Australia?

  • Price looks to have dropped further on these, now showing as A$547 delivered (with Prime).

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