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Puma BMW M Motorsport Hooded Men’s Sweat Jacket $37.50 + Delivery (Save $93) @ Puma


Good collection of BMW clothing for BMW fans. Good jackets in there at steep discounts too.

Also, use Promo Code EXTRA30. Thanks to RogerP

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  • +9

    bought one before. gained 30 horsepower in my squats. it's legit.

  • Reckon that is the cheapest BMW product?

  • +16

    Perfect attire whilst driving your M-badged 318i

    • +17

      318i with the M badge bought off AliExpress

    • -1

      Or driving your Toyota Corolla.

    • Goes well with a fake AMG badge too.

  • +1

    this actually looks saucy

    • saucy


  • +5

    You can also use the discount code EXTRA30 to save more. That offset the cost of shipping for me at least.

  • +1

    btw I ordered from puma last week and wanted to return some items, their return page is broken and doesn’t give print labels so I tried contacting support and cant reach them at all
    so just heads up if you were planning on placing big order from their sales

    • +3

      They sound like Cheat-yas, not Pumas.

  • +4

    I wonder if this will breakdown as soon as the warranty has expired.

    That will be $1500 to replace zipper sir.

  • +2

    downvote: indicators dont work

  • BMW owners probably are not here.

    • +2

      M car owner, but I wouldn't be seen dead in this stuff.

      • i think the bmw roundel and puma pouncing logo on the breast isnt too bad… not great but ok

        but the back ///Motorsport on the lower back is truly distasteful

  • I love British Motor Werks

  • +1

    Where are the “high yield investment” comments?

  • Soldout

  • +2

    This is perfect for runners who constantly cut you off while running

  • It seems that size S is available if anyone wants.

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