EB Games Changes Their Nintendo Switch OLED Preorder

So when the Nintendo OLED switch was announced, Nintendo switches were being sold for $380 regularly

EB Games had an offer, $299 trade in for your switch when buying an OLED switch

So I called up my local EB store and asked for more details. Their response was:

  • Put a deposit online of $50
  • Put click and collect
  • When ready, come in with your switch and we'll give you the $299 trade in

So I put my order in and paid $50

Here is an image of proof

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/51564586314

Now ebgames have changed their preorder deal to $299 for a nintendo switch + 2 games

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/51563896906

Obviously not going to go through with it but wanted to know everyone's feedback on this

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    Two seperate offers; not “changed” as such.
    If you ordered when it was just needing the switch itself, you’ll be eligible for that offer.

    • -6

      The pre-order of $50 has no reference to the trade in of $299 for the switch

      I called up the store to confirm and they advised the preorder offer of $299 will remain in the first week of launch

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        It’s based off the date of your initial order, which the store can identify. Hope that helps.

        • -9

          There is no evidence to support what you are stating

          I could easily walk into EB Games with my switch and be advised that I also need to bring 2 games

          If what you are saying is correct, it should clearly state on my online order that I am eligible for the $299 trade in offer (Without the + 2 switch games)

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            @YLD1: In that scenario, it would then be as simple as politely informing the staff that when you preordered it was a different offer, which as mentioned they would then confirm with ease.

            • @Chux: Sorry, but I have to ask how come the store staff is totally unaware of this change?

              I've just spent 15 minutes on the phone with my local EB (I'm in VIC so can't go to the store) and they were convincing me that "switch + 2 games" IS the offer and that "looking through the system" they can't find the offer I'm mentioning (just trade in the switch). Even after consulting with the store manager, they had no clue what I'm talking about. Unfortunately I deleted the newsletter from July that shows "299 when you trade your switch console" but I managed to dig out a snapshot of the website through way back machine that shows the original offer. When I mentioned the website snapshot they said bring the screenshot of it when you come in and IF we can confirm that it's legit we will honour the deal.

              I wonder how will they confirm it "with ease" when even "the system" has no information about the original deal?

              • +1

                @Alx75: Apologies if you’re having difficulty with the staff in your store, but it’s in the same place in “the system” that any deals of this degree would be, and it specifies for the OLED switch what deal applies to preorders made on what date. Very black and white. They may just be looking in the wrong area perhaps? There shouldn’t be any responsibility on you to “prove it”; if they’re having difficulties I would recommend you calmly ask them to verify with head office.

                • @Chux: Thanks for your reply. I'll see what happens once the stores open in VIC and I go in and do the trade-in.

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            @YLD1: The evidence is probably the employee next to their username… you put down the deposit for the offer, the offer is valid.

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            @YLD1: Chux is correct, as we would expect. The same occured for the PS5 pre-orders which gave you 40% off when you traded in a PS4 Pro. As long as you booked it in at the time offer was valid, even months later when waiting for stock and the offer expired, you were still eligible.

            Having said that, $300 on top of your Switch for OLED one with no real upgrades isn't worth it.

            • @Hybroid: If you think of the Nintendo Switch, as basically a PS Vita, then it isn't that slow/under-powered in thinking of a handheld. Just like how the GB Advance was quiet underpowered as a 2000's console, but was acceptable as handheld for retro games.

              If you compare the Switch to a XB1/PS4 then it's pretty slow, and very very slow compared to the Xbox One X, and just stupidly underpowered when looking at their indirect competitors PS5/XSX.

              • +1

                @Kangal: The Switch uses a 2014 spec quad-core Tegra X1 which was underpowered at launch in 2017 with mobile phones in 2016 being more powerful. It's way worse in 2021/2022.

                There's no valid excuse for it. Not even the pitiful battery life (modern chips are far more efficient).

                No one's comparing a Switch to a PS5.

                • -2

                  @Hybroid: Parents are the ones comparing "the nintendo" to "the playstation".
                  Nintendo tried to sell us the Switch on the premise as being a Home Console that can also be mobile, which I rejected from Day 1. Even as purely a handheld device, its kinda underpowered, but much more palatable.

                  Maybe people should compare it to a PS5, which might force Nintendo's hand to design something that is actually powerful, and will stand the test of time (5-10 years).

                  • @Kangal: I would rather play good games on an underpowered console than trash on a powerful console. They're in no danger of losing sales over the power or otherwise of their consoles.
                    Even if it was powerful you still probably wouldn't have bought it, if you just like the latest first person shooter or car racing game which is the exact same as every other one in the past but with a slightly different story and updated graphics, that's your taste and the appeal that is good games isn't for you.
                    Good games don't need power to stand the test of time, they just need good game designers. Otherwise why would people still play old Nintendo games today.

                    • @Quantumcat: Well, yes and no.
                      Good hardware attracts good developers and good developers attract new users and good success leads to new good hardware. So on and so forth, it's a cycle.

                      Nintendo is at a risk.
                      They have to make sure their own first-party game is great. This hasn't always been the case, and they sometimes run out of variety/options there. On top, they need to pray their fanbase doesn't get bored of the same rehashed games. Why? Because they have isolated themselves away from the big third-party developers (starting with the Wii).

                      The Nintendo Switch will age worse and worse as time goes on. I think their strategy is now to discontinue the Switch. They will stop making it. And convert it to a even smaller model and make it as a handheld option, while they introduce a new Home Console.

                      Or! Nintendo will admit defeat. And they will get out of the Home Console market. They will become a Handheld-Only manufacturer. Or if things go weirder, they will quit that too, and transition like Sega to be a Software-Only company. What they are thinking we can only speculate.

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    I don't understand the logic of changing the deal to be worse but as others (including an employee) have noted, you'll get the deal you signed up for.

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      Maybe it was more popular than they were anticipating and they realised they can get a better deal for themselves and still sell out

  • I am glad I am not the only one wondering. Coz I swear it did say at one stage just trade in old switch and you'll get the OLED one (with $299 of course).

    Nowadays I only see that PLUS 2 games.

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    On the Whirlpool switch thread, lots of people have said that EB is honouring the original deal if that's what they signed up for.

  • I'm really hoping heaps of people take up EBs trade in offer so they have plenty of 1st gen switch's, I want a cheap deal 🤣

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      The thing is you know they won't actually sell it to you cheap. Hope is powerful I guess….

      • +1

        If it's first gen as in the hackable model, EB Games won't know the difference and you could get at a relatively cheap price

  • Obviously not going to go through with it but wanted to know everyone's feedback on this

    1) They will need to honour the contract they had with you originally.

    2) In terms of their "deal" changing, well prices go up, prices go down, sales come and go, that's all part of the game. Be happy you got a good deal.

  • Was a terrible deal to begin with and now an even worse deal after

  • I received an email, saying"preorder before 1st Sep, 299 deals". after that date, I suppose it is 299 + 2 games.

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