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[Refurb] Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 40mm $449, 44mm $489 @ Apple


Little bit of a discount on the Series 6 refurb models with the series 7 coming soon. I was checking the 40mm last week and they were $509 looks like they've dropped them to $449, 44mm was $549 now $489.

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    I don’t know what these cost new, but nearly $500 for a refurbished watch seems expensive.

    • especially for gps model

    • Big W got the Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 40mm Blue Aluminium Case with Deep Navy Sport Band - Regular
      $599 the 44mm would be $50 more if it was available.

    • Being an android fan, I like these apple watches (not the phones). But this is still a steep price for refurbished ones.

    • -6

      Boycott apple . So damn overpriced.

    • +1

      But that was rubbish. Only red or blue available mostly in the 40mm.

      Not to mention they kept going out of stock and the delivery address issue they still haven't resolved ….

      Keep away is my opinion.

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      Because it was replaced. They have the SE and the 7 covering that segment. It’ll still get full support.

      iPhone 12 Pro models were also discontinued.

        • +8

          That it is common for Apple to discontinue a model or sku at 12 months when superseded and it has no bearing on support or anything.

          • -6

            @Smigit: Clearly comprehension and logic not your strong point (nor that of your followers).
            I did not mention support, just that S6 had been discontinued. You chose to introduce the irrelevant iP12Pro discussion….

            • +1

              @chrism238: Stating the Apple Watch 6 is discontinued may give people the misconception support will be impacted. I think it’s worth a clarification that discontinuation doesn’t impact device support. In effect it’ll likely be supported as long as the Watch 7 given they appear to be using the same processor and that usually dictates longevity.

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                @Smigit: Correct, he made a poorly worded comment and is now trying to get defensive. Ignore it, your posts were spot on.

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                @Smigit: Considering they're still selling the Series 3, I'd say there's still at least 2 years of OS updates for the Series 3. Extrapolate that out for the newer watches and these are gonna get updated for years to come.

                • @lint: To add to that, only the very original launch year watch is considered vintage and not a single model is listed as obsolete. Obsolete are those products Apple can’t supply parts for in order to do a service.


                  So both OS and hardware supports fine for quite some time.

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    Not a great deal but still pretty good if you’ve got some GCs from the 30x Woolies rewards deal a few weeks back.

    refurb series 6 44mm - $489 ($415 after 15% off)
    New series 7 45mm - $649 ($551)

    I’d consider paying $150 more if the 7 was significantly better, but no new sensors, same cpu/battery.. meh. Worth a try. Hopefully they improve 8.

  • +2

    Normally I’d say spend the extra for the latest model but pretty hard to justify in this instance…

    • +2

      I think the extra screen estate plus the added clarity makes a difference.

      • +1

        Dang it just when I thought I’d unsold myself on the idea of a 7.

      • added clarity?

        • As in a better, clearer always on display. Makes the thing look less techie in my opinion (depending on the watch face you select) and easier to read in daylight.

  • How does Apple obtain refurbs? Do people sell their pre-loved previous model Apple watches to Apple?

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      It's probably faulty item warranty returns. And this items were repaired by Apple and sold off as refurb.

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      Apple has a generous 14 days change of mind return policy. With the volume they are selling, there bounds to be a % of people trying and returning.

      • Thought Apple watches are still somewhat of a novelty?

        • +1

          Biggest selling product in the category, by a mile.

      • -2

        It is due to a chunk of them being faulty.

        • +1

          No, it is not.

  • +3

    Rather than comparing to S7, think of this S6 refurb almost the same price as SE brand new

    I was in the market for SE, will seriously consider s6 refurb for the same price

    • I recently purchased an SE for my wife 19 days ago. If I could, I would return the SE and swap it out for an s6 right now. Its like $30 more.

  • +1

    i got the cellular 40mm version of Series 6 from a cashies a couple months ago, $370. 100% battery health. probably best bargain ive ever gotten.

    • That's a pretty impressive price!! Cellular too :D

    • What’s a cashies?

    • That's a damn good price.

      I got mine for $450 (from cashies) and thought it was the best I could do.

  • Don't forget to stack Cash Rewards Max 7% today.

  • These are “replacement” units and there is a reasonable probability they are completely new. Worst case it is a used mainboard with everything else new.

    • Yep, typically they don't refurb Watches at all due to the cost. Typically they go straight to recycling.

  • Can't find a single 44m Series 6 for $489. Sold out already?

    • +1
      • OOS

        • +1

          Shows as in stock for me, let’s me add it to a cart

          In stock
          Free shipping

          • +1

            @Smigit: Yes they added more stock. Got one now. Thank you.

  • -3

    yes yes, can't let a discount get in the way of our profits.

  • I am am idiot.
    I got an SE but I use an android phone. How can I use the watch to show the time when its in factory reset and needs to be paired? Can I ask a friend to help pair it so it can function then unpair it so I dont get their personal messages/notifications?
    I repeat, I am an idiot.

    • A friend can possibly set it up using the family setup features.

      If you just ordered it you can probably cancel the order from your purchase history. Alternatively there’s a 14 day return period which as far as I know applies to refurbished units as much as it does new ones. I’m not sure the Watch would be great to use alongside an android phone.

      • Thanks, ill look into family set up

    • I wouldn’t say you’re an idiot - sounds like Apple are idiots. I have an iPhone and an android watch (Fitbit versa 2) and it syncs (sets time) and sends notifications fine. I did find this if it’s any consolation. Might be easier to return!

      • Yeah..still should've known better though.

  • Is the warranty with these just as if they were brand new via Apple?

    • Yes - there is also the 14 day return period if you are not happy with it

  • Apple also has decent Series 8 refurbished IPads - I bought one because the Series 9 difference wasn’t significant enough for me to drop an extra 200. Cost me about 539.

    Works perfectly for my needs. Quality is top. Can’t even tell refurbished

  • Anyone know if they will have 44mm gps only version in space grey?

    Not sure how they manage stocks, s6 gps 44 mm sliver was OOS earlier today, but looks like they are back now.

    • +5

      You could use an alert service


      • this is so handy. thanks

      • Thanks for this, managed to grab Series 6 40mm rose gold and 44mm space grey using these alerts.
        Had to be quick because they went OOS again soon after.

        • Using the Ultimate GC at Coles (with bonus Flybuys points) can get you Series 7 41mm at JB Hifi for less than $500.

          • @hawkeye93: I had credit from the Woolworths Apple gift card deal to stack with this, plus 5% Cashrewards which ended last night which works on refurbished items.

            Thanks though. These are gifts to my parents who don’t need the latest and greatest, just would like them to have some heart monitoring and fall detection etc as they are ageing.

      • Thanks so much for the pointer on the refurb tracker. It’s an awesome tool. I just picked up the exact watch I wanted because of it!

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