This was posted 8 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Gigabyte Z590I Vision D LGA 1200 ITX Motherboard $249 + Shipping @ Umart


Seem to be part of their hot deal, ends in 4 days.
Not bad of a price for someone looking for them. Other retailers have it for $300 or more at the moment.

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  • With new parts coming next month, should get even better deals soon.

    • What’s coming next month? 🤔

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        If it's coming via Aust Post, nothing

      • Gen 12

      • Intel 12th gen

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    That is a beautifully clean looking mobo. Hope they keep using this design next gen.

  • Looks pretty sweet! And has USB-C front header! That's always hard to find for some reason? Good deal. So tempted!

    With the USA cancelling shipments to AU and with all of the grief here with AU Post & now courier strike, I'm getting nervous like, "maybe I shouldn't wait much longer".

  • Wish there is a white ITX motherboard for AMD!

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    Paid nearly rrp for this. One of the few itx boards I’m aware of that you can run a genuine ‘1 cable’ setup via thunderbolt 4 with a dock. Even with a gpu. It’s possible because the mobo has a display port in.

    Basically your gpu display port out plugs into the motherboard display port in.

    Was even able to get dual monitor working via singe t4 cable (with gpu). But the second monitor will run off the onboard graphics.

    • Your last line made me think does it support dual 4k monitor with onboard graphics (I am thinking to have this with i5 11400, no discrete graphics)?

      • Can’t speak for 4K but tested on various laptops with discreet graphics on dual 1440p so would think it would be fine

        M1 MacBooks have no dual monitor support via tb (need external usb monitor dock)

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    Bought one a week ago for $289 off the ebay 15% specials..

    deifnitely… NOT the perfect board..

    Audio output options are very very limits. mic in, line out only… nothing else
    only older style 6 usbs on the back and very limited display out (only USB C/ Thunderbolt x2) - yet to try out..

    HSF clearance around the socket is highly limited
    failed to install the Noctua L12S (in low profile) and failed to install the Noctua L12 Ghost..
    only the crappier L9x65 would fit..

    Bios is kind of funky… not my taste.. and can be very slow to boot..

    Only Ax200 intel (wifi 6), some other boards can come with Ax210 (wifi 6e)

    Definitley an interesting.. board.. but very niche.. (prorably why they aren't selling well) and on special realdy..

    Plus gigabyte poor performance on their Z590 atx boards in terms of temperature and VRM issues (Powerplane design issues)..

    Hard to recommend this baord unless you need thunderbolt 3/4…

    Yet to see any decent reviews of this board. to determine, whether this boards as the some problems as the othe Z590 gigabyte boards..

    • Can’t comment on other issues but I have noctua nh u12s fitted no dramas.

    • It's worth buying as an art piece. All those issues are the type that come with the format. Plenty of compromises are made, not just due to the size but due to the style in this case. Speaking of which, I'm a 'fan' of only two audio ports but yeah omitting an optical out was a big mistake. That said, there's no doubt a HD audio header for the case. Gigabyte and Asus are nailing with with their creator boards tho'. If someone needed the Thunderbolt badly enough to put up with ATX format then the Proart B550 is a very sexy choice. Too bad they don't go as far as Gigabyte with matching components and too bad nobody bothers with ultra-slim ATX cases except for SFF Time, who are always sold out and opt for perforated steel over a tempered glass door.

      If this was AM4 tho I'd be very tempted to add it to my collection. So damn pretty.

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