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Fire Extinguisher $14.99, Fire Blanket $6.99, Smart Camera $99.99 (W Panel $129), Floodlight Camera $149, 65" 4K TV $699 @ ALDI


Excerpt from upcoming Aldi catalogue.

All items in title on sale October 23.

Original scan

Full catalogue can be found on Best Aussie Markdowns.

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    Good luck I was in Aldi yesterday and they didn't have all the catalogue items for the current sales ,this is happening week after week why do they bother .

    • +7

      It’s due to shipping delays across the country, I assume related to border closures or people unable to work due to having covid or being a close contact etc https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-product...

      • +38

        …theyve been pulling this caper for a while. this isnt a recent development

        • +5

          100% correct .

        • +20

          I like their capers personally. Obviously I can't have too much of them because of their salt and it's all just a little overwhelming in bulk - but just the odd bite with a caper adds a nice burst of flavour.

          • @JobbaWobba: Yeah quite often happens to the stuff I'm looking for.

      • +1

        Baiting !

      • +11

        @jjaar ALDI has a history of misleading advertising. In 2018 CHOICE-Aldi Special Buys called out as illegal bait advertising.
        ALDI was also featured on "The Checkout" about click bait Special Buys. ALDI maybe effected by COVID related logistics but
        they have a long history of deliberately selling one advertised sale item per store, or better known as click bait advertising!!

        • +5

          Yup they just want you to walk into the store not finding it and buy something else. It's a baiting tactic old school

          Although ACCC should really do something about it

      • I've seen some stuff appear at my local also several weeks after the listed catalogue dates. Multi tier greenhouse and animal puzzles were the recent ones.

      • Well adjust your advertisement to suit the relevant situation. Or maybe you need the traffic in your store, all unnecessarily coming in contact…..

    • +16

      more to the point…why do we bother?
      we should just start boycotting aldi and their special deals that are more often than not unobtainable

      • +1

        I don't think I've bought any of their special deals in this (Vic) lockdown. It's always the busiest part of the store with people on their phones with masks below their noses or worse, no social distancing, can't fit my trolley through…

        • +5

          Exactly. Why do people bother wearing a mask at all if it is below their nose or under their chin? It makes me incredibly angry and nervous. Have some respect or are they just truly ignorant?

          • +6

            @Pixie13: They don't trust the science that links the nose to the lungs

            • +2

              @King Steuart: I guess that is just some humans for you. Imagine if someone in an operating theatre had the same stance. Even the ppe itself says worn over the nose and hence the rigid forming top part. Anyway, I've had my rant.

              • +1

                @Pixie13: …went to my fathers GP appointment with him last week and the GP had no mask on during the whole consultation
                still not sure what to make of that

                • @franco cozzo: Considering the number of people they're dealing with, looking into throats, not distancing from, in small offices with no airflow, I imagine the mask is near being worthless. I mean, covid can jump from one room to another in a hotel just by floating in the hallway, it's pretty infectious.

                  They should still be doing it to protect patients in whatever way they can and because it's better than nothing, but I can see why they'd give up on it.

                • @franco cozzo: Fair call, I have seen similar too. Maybe they realise it is futile in close quarters? The majority of people do the right thing.

            • +1

              @King Steuart: The same that links their brain to their mouth…..

        • +1

          i rolled up last year to buy some not very important crap on a wednesday morning…
          anyway there was a queue of about 50-60 trolleys and their respective owners all waiting to get in for the special buys
          i just turned around and left…

      • +6

        Speak for yourself. The last few times I've seen a special buy in interested in, it was not listed on the delay page and I got one on the day or day after.

        But as someone mentioned in that comment thread, you go do that. The more boycotts the more stock for the rest of us ;)

        • -1

          I got one on the day or day after.

          OK, so you're implying there's plenty of stock.

          The more boycotts the more stock for the rest of us ;)

          Does not compute.

          • @brotherfranciz: Uhh, it's your statement that does not compute. I'm not asserting there's "plenty" of stock either. I'm just not that selfishly minded to think just cos I got it doesn't mean others later in the week miss out.

      • we should just start boycotting aldi and their special deals that are more often than not unobtainable

        Ahahaha… I couldn't stop laughing at this statement.

        Even though half of the Special Buys don't show up on advertised days, folks at my local ALDI stores still line up on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

        So, boycott away!

        • its their loss…everytime ive gone to aldis for something specifically related to a special sale i spend additional money on groceries
          now i dont bother with the special sales they get none of my custom

      • +1

        Yes i rarely bother going there anymore. If there was a chance of actually getting special buy items i would do grocery shopping there too. So their marketing has lost me as a customer entirely.

    • This has been the go for ages. Was only like 5 items delayed yesterday, I still got the paint I wanted and basically all of the other painting stuff was there.

  • +16

    For that $149 no brand floodlight camera, you might better off buying a Reolink or Eufy one instead. Better ecosystem.

    • +3

      don't get these cameras as they are absolute rubbish. Picked one up in the last sale and the wireless network connection was just super unreliable and when it did work, it was slow to connect. Pointless for a security camera.

      Cocoon support had no idea on how to fix the issue, got sent a replacement… same same.

      Ended up getting a refund and wasting a lot of time!

  • Is the tv any good?

    • It's only got a 1yr warranty. I thought Aldi TV's were usually more than that.

    • +1

      I prefer their android tvs, webos doesn’t have all the apps that are in the play store.

    • very good for your eyesight

  • +4

    Might be a stupid question but do fire blankets expire? Do they need replacing (if not used yet) does anyone know?

    • +2

      Don't think they do unless you use them. At least there's no expiry date on my fire blanket. I guess its like there no expiry date on fabrics.

      • Ta! I was just wondering in case there's an expiry on the special coating(?) on the blanket material

        • It says 5 year warranty on the catalogue but idk if they expire

          • @DisabledUser144155: What does a warranty case involve I wonder. I had a fire, put it on the fire and my house still burned down….

    • +1

      Perhaps mine is the stupid q, i assume there is an expiry date for the estinguisher? If so, can we refill by ourselves or require special people to do so

      • +4

        For something as critical as a fire extinguisher, i wouldn't diy refills. Either get it professionally done or dispose of safely as per the manual and replace with new

      • +2

        Extinguishers being a pressurised vessel have 5 years before they need to be hydrostatically tested. Which required emptying of contents to do so. Sadly it's just cheaper to replace them than to go through this process.

        If you have a dry chem powder extinguisher… make sure you turn them upside down every 6 months or sooner and give them a light tap with a fist or a rubber mallet.
        This helps dislodge the compaction cause by settling of the powder which will cause the extinguisher not to discharge properly as the pick-up tube gets blocked.
        Do more frequently, like monthly, if you have one in a car as the vibrations will speed up the compaction.

        Fire blankets have no expiry, however if stored near cooking implements and tools, they can be coated in the fats and oils making them just as dangerous when using. Always make sure the blanket is mounted to the wall firmly and check the stud for corrosion (if it doesnt use velcro) which keeps the blanket in place, as if corroded by the environment… you may not be able to open the cover to remove the blanket.

        Most Importantly…. do some research on how to use these items. Watch YouTube, take a course or ask a firefighter or someone qualified.
        You have no idea how many fires I go to (career firefighter here) that could have been managed with just an extinguisher or blanket used properly if the people had an idea what to do in the 1st place. Understanding how to use a blanket so you don't end up hurting yourself too (very common) is important as by the time you actually need it… you won't have much time to think or even read the instructions! And that's if you are a calm and collected person… which most people aren't

        Stay safe and ask questions if you have any

        • Thanks for the education, appreciate it

        • Thanks mate.

          So dumb question, I need to mount the blanket somewhere? So if I don't want to do that (eg in a residential kitchen), stick with a fire extinguisher? I'm guessing I can't remove the blanket for practice and get it back into the packet?

          • +2

            @Ezuku: No dumb questions.

            You don't HAVE to mount it. It just makes it easier for a quick removal when the time comes and you will pull the straps down and that will allow it to pop the stud or the velcro that holds in safely inside.
            Just a but harder to do that when you have to hold the top of the blanket cover at the top while you pull the straps at the same time.
            Plus if it's a wall mounted… you know where it is at all times… and not moved or placed somewhere where you may forget when you need it most.

            You can remove it and play with it. There will be instructions on how to refold it to get it back into the cover. Just try and keep it clean and free from contimants.

            I highly encourage people to play with their blankets as it helps to know what to do with the straps once you have pulled the blanket out, and how to hold it so it can be used effectively without hurting yourself if the flames lick up from behind the blanket when you place it on the burning item (which they will do).
            You can practice doing this with a cotton sheet or blanket or similar size if you don't want to pull it from its cover… cause it is a pain in the ass to fold back in.

            Just watching a video or two on YouTube will be better than nothing as you'll get little tips like making sure the stove is turned off and once it's on… don't remove it until it has cooled down over a few hours or have the fireys do it for you.

            Hope any of this helps

    • +1

      No expiration on blanket, tho if used, get wet, damp, sit in the sun, excessive heat, my effect performance.

  • I still waiting on these smart downlights
    They put an update saying these would be in store on the 2nd Oct (2 weeks later) but nothing yet around Sydney
    Elsewhere like Byron and Qld these have been in store for weeks


    • These were in Victoria on launch day. I never saw any of the RGB ones though. I suspect if you haven’t seen them yet they’re just not coming to your store or they sold out without you seeing them…

      • Not necessarily, last year when there was a delay on some of the motorcycle gear it turned up at my local 2 or 3 months later. Although I did wonder if perhaps they had sent the dregs from other stores.

    • +1

      Same, I have gone to multiple stores in the last 2 weeks in the hopes of getting hand on these smart downlights, but found none yet. I wasn't sure if they went out of stock or they haven't got them yet, but looks like the latter. And everytime I go there, I end up buying something else. I read in an article that special buys is a tactic of them to lure customers into the store in the hopes of getting them to buy other stuffs.. u got me there Aldi.

      And they must be one of the worst ones I have seen in terms of customer communications. I ordered their cantilever umbrella online last Saturday and have only received one initial email saying my order will be dispatched in 2-4 business days. It's past that timeframe and no emails or anything else since then.

    • I had the same problem. But noticed they were in stock at North Rocks (5 October) I assume that means most Sydney stores got stock.
      All the coloured ones were gone but I got white.

      A bit disappointed as they are susceptible to ripple control signals at low brightness (all lights flicker for about 10 seconds a few times at night).

    • None it WA it seems either. Looks like plenty around SA

  • Anyone have any info or experience with those Smart Cameras?

    How do they compare to the mainstream options from Ring or Nest or Arlo etc etc…?

    • +8

      They are good. Different

      • Fark, have an upvote.

  • Where is that "Dick Smith" telling us that it was all cheap products?

  • My ALDI person told me peeps were queuing up at 7am for the popular items even if it's in stock how can i compete with that

    • +4


      • 2am

        • 2am. but the week before…

    • +1

      Only reason why I don't bank on Aldi specials, not that they are bad, but I don't wanna queup ( at least for non essential items)…

      • +1

        Just be prepared to punch on with some pensioners and you'll get what you want.

  • +1

    Would you really trust the Aldi brand for something important such as a fire extinguisher? I consistently had a bad experiences with items purchased at Aldi, had to return almost all of them in the end.

    • +2

      Yeah, it's a simple and somewhat regulated, I believe, item. It's not like you're going to compare different fire extinguishers.

      Unless I speak to someone who uses home fire extinguishers regularly and they have an opinion, I can just go with the Aldi one.

      • It is one thing if the coffee machine stops working, but if a fire extinguisher…

  • +1

    Select stores only.

  • Waiting for a Bunnings price match here for the fire extinguisher and blanket.
    So be closest Aldi store is 450km away

  • Just a heads up on the padlocks (unless they have changed from last time) that they are a visual deterrent only.
    All the the key locks are easily racked open in a few seconds, the standard padlocks can be shimmed and the combination lock code can be felt out with pressure on the shackle or a probe behind the wheels.

  • Why does the idea of an Aldi fire extinguisher remind me of this scene?

  • Similar looking floodlight available now at Bunnings for $25. https://www.bunnings.com.au/arlec-5w-integrated-solar-powere...

  • Any word on the safe? Its Honeywell so assuming it's good?

  • Not sure if it's appropriate to ask here or start a new thread since the item is not in the heading, but does anyone have any thoughts or experience on the $9.95 Dual USB 20W power adaptor? The price is in the "too good to be true" category for me. Apple's single port is $29 and Anker's 30W single port IQ3.0 is $33 on Amazon.

  • Is the TV LED, LCD, OLED, QLED?
    Is Freeviewplus available? Is it the same as HBBTV?

  • Merged from 65" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV $699 @ ALDI Special Buys

    Just saw this on the Aldi weekly email comms for Special Buys on Saturday 23rd

    65” 4K Ultra HD webOS Smart TV - ATV65UHDW-1021

    Resolution: 3840 x 2160
    • Weight: 23.8kgˇ
    • 4K Ultra HD Smart TV
    • Netflix
    • YouTube
    • Prime video
    • Stan.
    • Audio Return Channel
    • Record Live TV
    • High Dynamic Range
    • Speak and control your TV with Voice Assistant on the Magic Remote
    • Quickly access your favourite streaming apps with quick launch buttons
    • 1 Year Warranty

    Not sure how good this is tbh, maybe a TV guru can comment

    Edit: Deal isnt available in NSW

    • Can't get much better for the money. The addition of webOS is good, it would cost them more to implement than just android tv.

      • Just noticed it has ThinQ AI. Isnt that LG's proprietary tech as well? anyone know if thinq is any good?

        • It's also got the magic remote so I'd say there's a really strong LG connection somewhere.

          • +1

            @eloque: …which is kinda annoying since I recently spent $2k for my LG 65"

        • My SONIQ has all the LG stuff on it

      • +3

        No. Android TV is more expensive to implement

    • Seems expensive compared with Linsar for $499

    • Will this run Plex?

      • Not too sure, but Ples themselves state "Our current app is available on 4K/UHD LG television models running webOS 3.0 or newer system software. No 720p or 1080p (“full HD”) sets are supported for our current app at this time." I personally wouldn't buy it counting on Plex support.

      • +1

        Is it worth ever hoping your TV has enough procesing power to decode 4K content?
        While not usually the ozbargain way, isn't the 4k Firestick just worth the $60 to know "it just works" and has access to a full Android library?

        • Not when you want the TV for someone else, better for it to be built in :)

        • Plex will direct stream what the tv can handle and transcoded on the Plex server if required

          • @asa79: A transcoding plex server is very different to a plex server.
            More often than not, I find clients running plex servers as plugins to things like store bought NAS devices, or sometimes Raspberry Pi's.
            Finding someone who's gone to the effort to build a transcode capable server is less common.

            I agree it's completely plausible, and very far from unheard of, but when you're dealing with 'randoms' on the internet, it's usually safer to assume they didn't look into decode\encode performance, and if they can direct stream the file, so much the better.

      • Better of getting an Android tv for best Plex support

    • This seem like very similar to the LG entry level UP8000 which goes for almost double the price. Hmm…

    • aldi is also selling a a 32 inch TV which from the basic spec is crap, can someone recommend a good TV with a similar price range and size.?


    • +1

      Not available in NSW.

    • +1

      A bit expensive for a 1-year TV for me. If buying cheap, I'd be looking more in the price range of ~$500. If you don't mind it breaking just outside of its 1-year warranty period for $700, then the specs look fine. If you find a similar product with, say, a 2-year warranty, then you will get at least 2 years out of it, so much greater value. This is all hypothetical, though. You can certainly get lucky with a product, but it's all a game of chance when buying these budget brands.

      • I can testify to that fact. Had a Hi-Sense when they came out with that 3-year in-home service warranty and it died pretty much a few days after the 3-year mark. 'Planned' doesn't seem like a strong enough word. That said, this looks like an LG under the skin and we have a couple of LGs that don't look like they're ever going to die. Plus I feel like Aldi is the new Hyundai.

        • Seek your statutory rights from seller. It works.

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