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Selected Alcoholic Beverages $3 Each (Limit 2 Per Day) @ BWS (Everyday Rewards Membership Required)


Grab any of the products below for $3 when you link your Rewards Card online or scan your Rewards Card in-store.
At this great price, no further discounts apply.
Limit of 2 per day. Offer available from 6 October to 2nd November 2021.

Unfortunately no double strength Bombay G&T this time :-(

Edit: I have successfully placed two orders for 2 drinks at $3 each, for C & C at the same store ;-)

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BWS - Beer Wine Spirits
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  • +2

    Goes perfect with this deal:


    Essentially a free drink now!

    • +3

      That deal already is a free drink

  • +1

    Weird, I was able to place two orders back-to-back. Stacked with my 5% staff discount too. Nice

  • not too bad bombay g&t isn't available…otherwise i'd never try jose cuervo margarita and absolut lime & soda

  • +10

    Suntory doubles for $3. That’s almost Lawsons / 7/11 Japan prices!

    • Yes I went for this x 2 :)

      • Unavailable now

        • +1

          Actually, still available for me in NW Brisbane.

          Also I ordered three times and the price got applied a fourth time but I bailed out.

      • I went this x4 (2 orders to get a 4pack for $12)

    • I tried the Suntory and it's nothing like the one I had in Japan. The one that they sell at BWS is made in Australia and it's so sweet like drinking Sprite.

      I couldn't taste any hint of Sochu or Vodka at all. Nice sugaru drink on hot days but there's no way you get tipsy from srinking these piss weak lemonade.

      • They're still 6%

      • ☹️

    • The local has these in 4 packs for $15. I assumed , wrongly it seems, it’s the normal price going by what BWS is charging.

  • +1

    I've been working my way through them.. the jack Daniels were nice…. Still premix are overpriced

    • Which flavour did you try? The reviews seem mixed on these.

  • +1

    Can recommend the Jameson - Soda Ginger & Lime Can 375mL
    The Suntory - 196 - Double Lemon Can 330ml was average, but packed a punch at 1.6std.

  • My rewards card is linked to the acct but I'm not getting them at $3. Am I missing a step?

    Edit: Forgot to verify my rewards acct…

    • How did you verify your rewards account? I've just linked it but I'm still not getting them at $3…

      • I used the desktop site, went into profile and link my rewards acct to bws. Once you do that, you'll get a sms with a code to verify

  • +2

    $3 a bottle? Erh, no. I'm still drinking my Little Creatures Pale Ale I got last time from Woolworths for $27.50 a slab

    • +6

      I don't disagree - my slow rotation of beer is usually fed by good <$40 deals.

      But these are largely nice premix drinks with high RRPs. I don't think the comparison is fair.

      I have a liquor cabinet for making cocktails and mixers, so almost never buy premix. But a couple of cans of some new products to try with a girlfriend is nice to come across. Appreciate the deal and OP, thank-you.

      • +3

        bugger i can't try it as i dont have a girlfriend, i have a wife.

        • +5

          My condolences. But you could either try them one night with the wife, or seek out a girlfriend…

  • +4

    Guy at our BWS was nice enough to do it in 3 orders so got 6 for $18.

    Worth asking

    • they all do it

  • good for picnics

  • +1

    good to build up a variety in the fridge, don't drink much so I really hate having to bulk buy

  • +1

    $3 would be great, but I can't find the Dom Pérignon

  • Limit 2 a day.. Savages

    • -3

      Because we live in a nanny country where cigarettes are taxed, cigars are contraband, and thou shall only have 2 drinks per day.

  • $8 for bubbly water plus a shot of alcohol?
    Geez, I guess the beverage industry have just successfully COVID-proof their sales, bringing $8 drinks straight to your home.

    Or maybe not, you'd have to pick-up yourself.

    • Not sure why you're being downvoted but agree $8 RRP for hard seltzer is quite the joke.

  • $3 should be the standard price for these drinks. Who pays $8 for a can of 4.5% alcopop? outrageous.

  • +1

    Even much better than Woolworth Bricks collection.

    I am going to collect all 30 different drinks for my collection.

  • Suppose one could put in a C&C order every day, then come in on the weekend and collect them all?

    • Why not.

    • You can even do 2, or even 3, possibly 4 click and collect orders on the same day, for collection later….

      • Haha so the 2 per day limit isn’t being enforced?

        • I've got 4 orders of two drinks each sitting waiting.
          $6 each order.

        • I just did 2 online orders at a store okay, tried another 2 online orders at a different store and one of the orders got refunded

          • @Geese: Any reason given as to why? Maybe nil stock?

            • @eyebrows7: It was "randomly selected for a security check", then got refunded. There was enough stock

  • Terms have changed to "Limit of 2 per order." by the looks?

    • Just do more orders….

  • Received offer from cashier - 4 items for $10.00 this morning.

    • That's a good $2 savings.

      What did you ask them for?

  • You can do multiple transactions on the same day in store. Just did 2 transactions (4 cans) as a test today and it worked fine for the same woolies card.

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