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ANZ Rewards Black Credit Card: Earn 180,000 Reward Points ($2,000 Min Spend in 3 Months, $0 Annual Fee 1st Year)


180,000 bonus Reward
When you spend $2,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval.

$0 annual fee in the first year
With your new ANZ Rewards Black card.

Redeem ANZ Reward Points
Redeem ANZ Reward Points for Velocity Frequent Flyer Points, Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles or Asia Miles.

Features and trade-offs
Earn 2 Reward Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to $5,000 per statement period
A higher Reward Points earn rate compared to other ANZ Rewards cards
Uncapped ANZ Reward Points
7 complimentary insurances including International Travel Insurance
Up to 55 days interest free on purchases
A higher interest rate on purchases compared to the ANZ Low Rate card
A higher annual fee compared to the ANZ First card and the highest annual fee of all the ANZ Rewards cards
Overseas transaction fees apply
Plus, you'll enjoy all this
Take advantage of complimentary shopping and travel insurance.
Enjoy peace of mind with ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee.
Pay easily using your digital wallet and contactless tap and pay.
Sign up to get personalised deals on music, sport, fashion, food, film and more with Visa Offers + Perks.

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  • +14

    Went for this last time and the process is absolutely a waste of time, all the proof in the world and a 'computer says no' response.

    Never going to bother with ANZ again.

    • +1

      Same experience here.

      • +2

        Same again. Banked with them for 20 years and was so annoyed at the credit card process I moved all my funds to another bank. Ended up going with AmEx, took 5min for an application and 7 days to get the card, easiest process ever.

  • +1

    Sounds like a lot of OzBargainers experience with applying for this card has been negative.

    Sounds like a potential waste of a credit check, and therefore a hit to the credit score, if it doesn’t go through.

    Anybody here that was successful have any experience exchanging for $800 worth of gift cards? Would go a long way to contributing to a new iPad Mini :)

    • +1

      I've applied for my partner and myself, both went through relatively smoothly, no more difficult than any other credit card.

    • I've got my points after the 2nd statement. Have redeemed several e-gift cards for Uber, Amazon, Rebel Sports. No problems.

    • +1

      I applied for the ANZ Black FF card 2 months ago and my application was approved within a couple of hours (same day).

    • Had the card 3 times, no issues, sure gotta send them some ID but card arrived within 2 weeks of applying, $2000 was spent day 1, was paid off day 2, points arrived on the day of my first statement. E giftcards were instant.

    • I signed up a few months ago. Process was easy as, received my points approximately 1 month after hitting the $2k spend. Hit the spend limit easily from car & motorcycle rego, insurance etc etc.

      Redeemed a bunch of BBQs galore gift vouchers and put that towards a new BBQ. Worked out great.

  • -1

    Got approved, spent money to earn $500 and just as I did they cancelled my card without providing a reason stating they are not obliged to by law.

    • +1

      What happened?

      • +9

        He got approved then spent money to earn $500 and just as he did that they cancelled his card without providing a reason stating they are not obliged to by law.

        • +1

          Yes, but there would be more to it than just that.

          • +2

            @nadan: They were not obliged to provide a reason by law.

            • @Chchnu: Exactly what they told me.

        • And that's honestly all there was to it. Paid the balances plus extra before time too (for which they sent me a refund cheque). Maybe that was the issue? Have an excellent credit rating, no loans, no liabilities, six digit salary and healthy savings.

      • As always OP is not telling us the full story.

        • +1

          You're right he's not, because he himself doesn't know the whole story.

          • @spy: Did you misrepresent your financial situation in any way during the application process? Maybe stretched certain truths etc?

            • @clubhonda: Wondered that too for a sec but absolutely definitely not.

    • +1

      OP Username was the reason.

      • lol maybe

  • +7

    ANZ's application team out of India is terrible in doing a good job, they have no idea what they need or want. Also random people process the application which means repeatedly asking for the same supplied info and asking for your life history, and calling them a million times to get an answer. But despite all that I got the points waiting in my account to be transferred across.

  • +1

    It was a royal pain last time, but come November I'll reapply again!

    • +3

      That's the spirit!

  • +1

    Seems like my experience with my application process is very different from other ozbargainers. Applied on August morning this year for the Frequent Flier Black version filling in the online form. Received an email to send my paycheck in the afternoon. After I sent that in I got a text message the same evening saying my application was approved. Didn't need to speak to anyone on the phone.

    • I had a similar experience. Received approval in less than 3 hours in August this year.

    • Do you have a fairly straightforward portfolio? It seems if you have a mortgage, IP, shares or any other investment, it causes the system to double down on you. It’s still worth the effort (I’ve been churning ANZ cards for 8 years straight) but it’s getting a little tedious.

      • Yep very straightforward. PAYG (ft ongoing), a few small investments, no mortgage.

  • What website/service do people use to check their credit score? Also does checking your credit score itself affect the credit score?

    • +1

      wemoney, getcreditscore, wisr credit check and nup doesn't affect

  • +9

    Worst in class application process, backed up by an incompetent off shore credit card application department that doesn't even know the day of the week.

    • Where is the offsore department?

    • +3

      wait until you apply for HSBC… it gets worse

    • +1

      Dont you love providing the same information 2 and even 3 times over the phone

      and then documents 2 or 3 times via the online portal, email, etc

      then still get declined

      • Haha yes, happens so regularly.

        • its a given for citibank.

          usually anz are decent

  • How do banks make money on this kind of card, given you can get rewards to more than cover the fees? Are there enough people earning big enough money to get such a card that don't pay the balance every month?

    • +2

      Have you seen the profits that Australian banks make? Your concern for their liquidity should be the least of your worries. The real question is how to gouge them even more.

      • Not concern, just curiosity. I have no problem gouging.

        • One 30yr old loan lets them earn over 300k in interest and fees. Throwing a few hundred at you to make a credit card is nothing to them.

    • +3

      Yes. My first job was call centre for a credit card. You would be shocked how many people run their credit cards at max limit and pay off minimum each month.

    • interchange fees and interest fees. They'll know their numbers on amounts of spend people will push thru the card and also on % of customers who'll keep a balance they can charge interest on. If those two figures were less than the rewards and sign-ons paid (not to mention the staff costs to process applications and maintain the cards), they wouldn't offer it.

    • Banks make money off each and every credit transaction. Visa gets their %, then the bank gets their % and then the merchant gets their % too.
      Just becuae someone isn't paying interest, doesn't mean the bank isn't making money off it.

    • They get your personal information that they can try and sell you other products on. If you like their credit card you might like something else they do. It is just a way to maybe get a new customer which could be lucrative.

    • Credit card "super users" are pretty rare

      super users being people who pay the entire statement value each month

      Then there's credit card "hackers" or churners as we call them who open, spend, pay off, close just to get the rewards. they are even rarer

  • +3

    Aha all the butthurts that got rejected negging the deal

    • I didn't get rejected but the application process was a huge mess for both me and my partner.

  • Just another comment on experience applying.

    My partner has applied for ANZ cards a few times and every single time its the same as before and stated by other OzB users.

    Slow, pointless emails and ridiculous request of information.

    She provided all docs, and proof to be hit with the same email asking for it again or to upload. She got sick of it and let the application lapsed, once she got through but sent her the wrong card, totally different system to what we applied for.

    BUT if you're lucky enough to get through the horrid application process and be able to deal with their CSR, then you will get a card quick.

    This time around she got approved in 1 week after submitting docs twice. Recieved card 4 days later and now on the way to earn that 180k RP.

    So good luck all

  • can ANZ Reward Points be redeem as cash? if so, how much is 180,000 Points worth?

    • +1

      it's $720 which will apply as a credit to your statement. If you redeem for gift cards it's a bit more than that ~$820-840

      • No, you can also redeem for cash. I did, but it will only pay out to an ANZ bank account.

        • or you credit the card, close the account in credit and they give you a cheque the amount of the credit

          • @Drakesy: Has this really happened, need more statistics from people that tried it

  • +2

    Am i the only one that didn't get asked any questions? I applied and got approved the next day no questions asked. Probably because my salary etc goes into ANZ bank account

    • You're only hearing about the vocal few that didn't. You don't hear about the five thousand where it worked flawlessly like yourself or me

  • If you are a long term ANZ customer these cards are approved very quickly.

    A quick tip: shoot ANZ a message via internet banking after it is approved, to ensure you are eligible for the bonus points.

    I've had then tell me before I'm eligible, I go and meet the spend requirement, and they later refuse to pay out promotion points. They of course have to backtrack, when I have written proof from ANZ that I am eligible.

    Remember kids: just because you've approved for a card, doesn't mean you're eligible for bonus points!

    • Is the bonus point once life time?
      I found this on their web pager.
      "This offer applies only once per eligible customer. "

      I had this card few years back, got the bonus points already.
      If I applied again, will I be eligible for bonus point?

      • you are safe to reapply 12mths after the previous closure

  • is there a way to get QFF points from this one?

    • Yes, get the Qantas FF one.

    • no, get the QFF one

  • Any reason to get this deal over https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/642399 besides the no annual fee and lower spend req?

    • You can convert into gift card, cash, velocity or KF points.

      If you only use Qantas then the FF Black is better.

      Though why not both?

      • Thanks, true didn't know you can get both

  • Don't forget, there's possibly rewards points for referrals so if you and your partner are wanting the card, never do it at the same time.

    For example with Amex I've always got the card first, then referred the wife for extra points.

    (just got a westpac rewards, no referral there, pfft).

  • I really need to put in my calendars when my black out periods are up haha. I think it's Jan for ANZ Rewards, otherwise I'd grab this.

    • yeah, next May for me ;<

  • got rejected but got my HSBC credit card at the same time with 3-month payslips.

  • What's their eligibility criteria?

  • Anyone know what the minimum credit limit for this card is?

    • +1

      When I got mine a few months ago I believe the minimum limit was $15k.

    • Typically $15,000 for any Black card.

  • Would the best way to meet the spending limit is to buy things like amazon gift cards and so on?

    • I was planning on paying for restaurant and group dinners, but lockdown happened so that plan got scrapped. Bought furniture, lego, a roborock, prepaid 6 months ahead of home internet. Been paying my rent with Beem It via BPay, it's great. Also signed up to an amex recently and I had nothing left to spend on, so I bought more lego, more lego, random amazon stuff (barely got any gift cards though, since Suncorp doesn't take the card), and then I got desperate and overpaid my electricity bill by $600 and now there's all that credit sitting in there for next time. And then I got more lego, haha! But yes, usually amazon or supermarket gift cards would have been my go-to.

    • Prepay private health insurance, water bill (Sydney waters have no surcharge via PayPal), strata. Can also time it when things like home and car insurance are due. Discounted wish gift cards etc

  • +1

    Never had a good experience or positive one with ANZ. Tried 3 times in the past few years and rejected every time. I earn well over 100K. Other banks I gotten platinum, diamond cards easily. I also made sure to only apply to ANZ when I had one other card to increase my chances. No luck.

    • +1

      Yeah they are a bit of a joke

    • Removing my neg. Finally successful.

  • Can I transfer third reward points to QFF? What’s the currency?

    • Not too sure about third reward points but generally it is only the fourth reward point. And the currency is Australian Dollar right now.

  • Anyone know how long many weeks do you need to have a job to apply?

    • 6 Months for part time.

      3 Months for full time.

  • I actually went into the bank, and the bank manager scanned my payslips and they still claimed the quality wasn't good enough 😂😂😂

    Issue I have is, my payslips have my name on the outside and details are inside. They do this to protect your information, because you need to tear it open.

    It's a pain! But you do what you gotta do!

    Only option is ANZ, and Citibank Velocity.

    I've already completed my AMEX in 6 weeks, so now I have to decide weather to transfer pts to Krisflyer or GC.

    Take into account, even if you earn 100k. They look at your expenses!
    Do you have a home loan? Do you pay rent? Car loan?

    Someone earning 60k living at home is much better off than someone living on 100k with a home loan, car loan and/or children.

  • Have applied this morning - let the shitshow begin as per all the comments above :D

    • Might be alright, I had no problem months ago. Missus applied tonight, wonder how long approval will take. Only took a day when I applied in the past.

  • Can one move to different anz card within a year to avoid next years annual fee?

    • I'm guessing you'd have to apply for a diff card then cancel? Not 100% sure though

    • You can recycle between Rewards and Frequent flyer line of cards as they don’t count towards each other’s cool-off time.

  • How long should I wait to apply for same card after getting rejected without any reason ?

    • 4 months for me. Got approved second time with no questions asked.

  • Do you pay fees for secondary card holder for the first year or is it free along with the primary card holder for the first year?

    • They charge you but don't tell you that during the application.

  • +1

    Signed up for it last night 10pm got approved around midday next day.

  • +1

    Signed up for it yesterday morning, was asked for payslips in the afternoon, uploaded payslips next morning, approved for the card at lunchtime.
    I used to have an ANZ credit card, perhaps that helped move things quicker

    • I have an ANZ credit card and homeloan - applied 7am yesterday. Nada yet! Luck of the draw it seems :)

  • Seems like their process may have changed. I was rejected previously and had numerous different people calling me, asking for different docs each time. This time around, got a call from a non-Indian credit officer, and got the approval very shortly after.

  • Do you have to pay the rewards fee for this card?

    1. For ANZ Rewards, a total Annual Fee of $80 applies which includes a $25 Annual Account Fee and a $55 Rewards Program Services Fee. For ANZ Rewards Platinum, a total Annual Fee of $95 applies, which includes a $40 Annual Account Fee and a $55 Rewards Program Service Fee. For ANZ Rewards Black, a total Annual Fee of $375 applies, which includes a $320 Annual Account Fee and a $55 Rewards Program Service Fee. For ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures, a total Annual Fee of $120 applies, which includes a $65 Annual Account Fee and a $55 Rewards Program Service Fee. For additional cardholders on ANZ Rewards, ANZ Rewards Platinum, ANZ Rewards Black and ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures, an annual Additional Cardholder Fee of $10 and an annual Rewards Program Services Fee of $55 will apply per additional cardholder on the account. These fees are current as at Friday, 16 August 2019 and are subject to change. The fee information displayed on this page applies to new customers only.
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