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Acer Aspire 5 15.6-inch i7-1165G7/16GB RAM/512GB SSD $998 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Probably the only laptop with i7 11th gen processor plus 16gb ram selling under 1k.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Wow good find

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    Two issues, acer, harvey

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      Acer is still acceptable though

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      what's wrong with Harvey Norman?

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        People have issue with the company for a number of reasons, the most prominent is likely their essentially lobbying to introduce gst on foreign purchases under $1000.

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          Why would you oppose that though?

          Who in their right mind would support a 10% tax only on Australian goods?

          • @Wolfenstein98k: It meant cheaper small goods for individuals. Its not as if theres literally any australian made competition in the realms that people were importing for, and its not as if this tax stimulated production in those realms. The tax was proposed as a way to keep "local" business competitive against online retailers but it hasnt resulted in any competition whatsoever. Its still cheaper to import most electronic components for example.

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              @Jenny Death: I've found with the Aussie dollar dropping back down to it's "normal range", retailers realising online shopping is a real threat and the 10% GST on imports playing a small role, importing things from America etc is no where near as attractive as it used to be.

              Yes occasionally there will be a big sale somewhere and you'll be able to pick stuff up a bit cheaper, but same goes here when there is a big sale, it will end up cheaper than the equivalent product in USD over there.

              The "golden age" of online import shopping was like 2011 to 2014… Exchange rate at or better than parity, no GST on imported goods… It was great. I think that period is actually what prompted the big shit fight over GST on imports because it was so good back then.

              • @brad1601: For components, there is literally no alternative. Well unless someone knows where i can get custom pcbs made in Australia that arent made by an ancient process. All it does is increase the cost overhead for small businesses which increases final product cost.
                Im not really talking about name brand stuff, that's another argument entirely.

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          Yep. Also, people have issue with the moral ethics of Uncle Jerry. Harvey Norman initially refused to give back JobKeeper subsidies but only repaid $6 million of the $22 million under public pressure.

        • I wish I knew this or I wouldn't have bought a vacuum cleaner from them last week.

      • 2 words
        Job keeper

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      What's wrong with Acer?

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        Poor build quality and repairability

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        Pretty much everything and i am a former Acer technician. Wouldn't buy one for $300. Way too high return numbers combined with the very, very poor build quality. And the Aspire series is the bottom of their range.

      • Horrible customer service. They had no interest in looking at a brand new laptop for us.

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        Ex-technician. The Acer aspire series is one of, if not the series with the worst build quality in the game. Will they work as intended? Most likely. Will they work reliably, on par with specifications and last long? Most likely not. One positive though, is due to how cheap the parts are for it, repairing/upgrading them is quite easy comparatively speaking.

        • I have an Acer Nitro that is currently not workable as the hinge to the right side of the screen connecting it to the base has loosened and over time cracked and broke off.

          It's meant that the metal interior hinge that supports the housing of the laptop to keep it standing now tries to pry open the front and back screen panel and puts excessive force on the screen when trying to open/close it.

          There were also some overheating issues leading to automatic shutdowns when trying to play games.

          Do you have any suggestions on to what I can do? Acer wanted me to send it in but I think they might not honour that support ticket at this point

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        Whilst I would defer to the techs on this, I can only speak to my experience with an Acer Swift 5, which I love. The build quality is great for a ~1kg laptop, was able to upgrade the SSD no trouble and it's been rock solid since the day I bought it.

        The only trouble I had was an overheating CPU when running it hard, but re-pasting the die with better TIM and adding a cooling pad for the iGPU (that was a massive oversight on the part of Acer) has solved that and this thing is now my third favourite laptop of all time.

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          Agree with the fact Acer quality is poor - have had colleagues / family members have these devices in the past, and they haven't lasted. I bought a Swift 5 about a year ago when they were on sale for <$1000, and although impressed with the specs for the price, the lid has cracked where the hinge is (poor design), and the speakers are absolute crap.

          That being said though, you'll find most consumer-models - especially those under $1500-ish - are made of cheap plastic and aren't made to last. I'd rate Acer down towards the bottom of the vendors list - Dell, Asus, Lenovo up the top … HP and Acer down the bottom.

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      Have 2 Acer Nitros. Very happy with them.

  • Does anyone know what the price was ?

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      • Thanks,

        It also says

        " 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors offer more powerful performance, longer battery life and the introduction of Thunderbolt™ 4 and Intel® Wi-Fi 6.”
        – Laptop Mag

        Is this true ?

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          This entire statement is true, however with regards to Thunderbolt at least, it is not listed on the spec sheet of this particular laptop. While the processor is capable, it's probably a cost saving measure that Acer took to hit this pricepoint.

  • Acer. Harvey. move right along people

    let's make Harvey drop it $200 more then could recommend.

    he sure can afford it

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      I don't think we can or should. they are in line with the forum rules

      we can post and always downvote them

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      We do need it to price match somewhere else 😬😂

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    Don't support Gerry!

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      Well yeah, you know Jobkeeper did that.

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        He was working within the rules. It was the gov's fault for making the programs so open ended.

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          Agreed the gov made it open ended to make a quick response, but if they can ask Australians to pay back jopkeeper, then they should be able to pursue companies too.


          • @MFD16: Yes it's great they got the money out quickly when needed. Agreed, definitely feel there's some double standards going on with repayments.

    • I thought we were calling him Larry now

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    If you don't mind Dell refurbished stock, they tend to have good saving with their range. Have bought 2 over the years and they are still going without issues. Have a look at these similar specs to the Acer:


  • Good laptop for school - primary, junior secondary? Or do I just get mac book air? In need of 2.

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    FYI only…

    Bought this one few days ago from Harvey Norman online.

    Very happy with the laptop but faced couple of minor issues:
    1. The 1 year laptop warranty started when Harvey Norman purchased the laptop (in August 2021) and not when I purchased it (in October 2021). So it is currently showing that I have 10 months warranty remaining however Harvey Norman advised that they will go according to the tax invoice in case I require to claim the warranty.
    2. I received the tax invoice but it is an email invoice (just an email with details). This will surely work but when I asked Harvey Norman for a proper tax invoice (like a separate pdf attachment), they said they can't provide it since I purchased the laptop online.

    Again, I am happy in the end, but I would have preferred if they have fixed my warranty status in my laptop and if they sent me a proper invoice.

    I hope this will help someone!!!

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      Nothing unusual. I purchased a Lenovo laptop a few months ago from TGG and the warranty was already 4 months in. BUt that's easily fixed with the invoice if you end up having a claim.

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      Your point is not specific to Harvey Norman, it applies to anything you buy without an invoice unless there is specific store policy.

  • Jesus, stay WELL clear of both Harvey Norman and Acer. I've heard lots of horror stories about buying laptops from HN and them abjectly refusing to honour even the most serious of legitimate warranty claims. I myself have an Acer from HN that I got years ago, not only is it a POS but so is HN. Avoid like COVID.

    • what happened with the acer?

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        They're a bottom-tier manufacturer, first of all. Thing had plenty of issues over the course of a year, including a hinge that got very loose. HN just stated it was my wear and tear, not poor manufacturing that would be covered by warranty. Won't step foot in a HN ever again. My partner's HP x360 has repeatedly failed and HN have to be dragged kicking and screaming to do anything when referencing ACCC. Not worth the hassle, and certainly not for an Acer.

        • My Acer Nitro had similar problems with the hinge, glad I'm not the only one that seems to think it might be down to poor manufacturing

  • My experience with Acer - my laptop died suddenly after 1.5 years. I use it only on the weekends (personal laptop) and I don't know what happened, just turned off and won't turn on. Out of warranty cause it's only for a year. With Melbourne locked down, can't really get the repair sorted or have it checked.

    Removed battery and put it back, disconnected RAM, hard drive, etc. and reconnected them, still nothing. A lemon for $1099 when I bought it, feeling really deflated as it's still in a new condition as it's weekend use only.

    Side note: Anyone can give advice what to do with it? Not sure if it will be worth repairing. Sell a dead laptop?

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      my partner and I bought matching Acer V5-571PG Touch Win8 15.6" laptops in 2013 for $640 each - my screen stopped working after a couple years (I think poor quality hinge wiring from opening/closing) - I tried DIY repair - the hinge broke, followed by the screen - not worth fixing so that was a sunk cost

      then in 2016 I was given a 2011 HP ProBook 17" which I upgraded with some RAM and an SSD - boots in 20 seconds and works mighty fine - I've travelled overseas many times with it - strong robust - it just works fine everytime

      partner's Acer still seems fine - but she never moves it off the coffee table - so no stress environment there.

      would I get another Acer ? based on my experience - only if I kept it open and never moved it.

  • Out of the many laptops that I’ve owned, only the ACER gave me issues…first, some keys on the keyboard failed, then the battery. Obviously, the laptop was out of warranty - so ended up selling it for cheap. This was a few years ago.

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    I've only had one Acer and it was reliable but Acer gets a D in the RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report, based on number of repair calls. Microsoft Surface gets top rated with an A+. Lenovo gets an A. Apple gets a B.


  • I just noticed this is OOS at City Cross, Marion, Gepps Cross and Woodville.

    AcerOnline have https://online.acer.com.au/laptops/acer-aspire-5-intel-core-... for more cash and less specs. I'd Pass.

  • Had an Accer laptop many years ago. Died on me within the first week of usage. I wouldn't get another Accer laptop after that.

  • I'm probably the luckiest Acer laptop owner here. I still have a first gen i5 from 2012. Swapped HDD to ssd and added 4gb ram for a total of 8gb about 3 years ago and is still going. It also survived rainwater after the house had hail damage.

    • There's two types of reviewers.

      1. 5 star confirmation bias review
      2. 1 star bad experience review

      You sit in the middle somewhere just like the majority of Acer PC customers.

  • Even Acer's diabolical 23% three year malfunction rate means 77% have no problems.

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