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[Seconds] Sony WF1000XM3 $158, WH1000XM3 $219, WH1000XM4 $264 Delivered @ Sony eBay


These popular Sony (seconds) headphones are back in stock at the Sony store yesterday. They sold fast last time even without discount code.
Most eBay Plus members would have the monthly $5 voucher to use, stack with discount eBay Gift cards to pay less.
Or use the CR/SB 1% cash back.

Sony WF-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Earphones (Seconds) - $158

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Seconds) - $219

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Seconds) - $264

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  • +5

    Damn, if the WH-1000XM3s were the ones going for $158, I would have been beyond happy. $219 is still a great price for a great pair of headphones.

  • +2

    Always believe Sony seconds are real bargain.

    • Hows that?

      • +5

        Just one example here — I got the WH XM3s seconds for $186 on a previous deal (before gift cards). I received the headphones within 3 days, and they were pretty much new in box. The only blemish was a small tear on one corner of the box, and "sony seconds" labels placed all over the packaging. The headphones themselves looked brand new and untouched / unused. Amazing experience if you ask me, nearly as good as unboxing a new one.

        I used them for about 3 months and then decided to upgrade to the XM4s today after seeing this deal. Bought the XM4s, put up the XM3s on sale on FB marketplace, and I have a bunch of messages already and a buyer potentially picking them up for $190 (could've probably got more, but hey, share the love!)

    • You sure? I bought ZX-770BN from them and battery was absolutely shockingly bad

  • +6

    Warning. The 2nds WH1000XM4 I purchased were not up to par with the quality of another store-purchased WH1000XM4 at the same time.

    The headphones were noticeably inferior in terms of sound quality and I started a return the same day I received them. The quality wasn't awful mind you, but if I hadn't the 2nd pair to compare them with I would be wondering why everyone raves about the sound.

    Sony completely ignored my return request until I had to go through a credit card dispute. I returned the product and received a refund that way.

    I can't imagine risking it on any Sony 2nds merchandise. I also can't imagine why Sony would tarnish their reputation by selling this type of lucky dip product.

    • +1

      Did you pair the headphones properly cause you can get very poor quality audio through the Hands Free AG mode on PC when compared to the Stereo mode that you should be using.

      Can be finicky setting it up when used with PC bluetooth / or other bluetooth devices besides mobile ( Android / Iphone )

      • +2

        I know specifically what option you mention. However, it was not the Hands Free AG audio mode I was using.

  • +9

    +1 purely for the fact you've differentiated earphones and headphones

    • +1

      Sony's naming scheme is the worst, as we all know -

      The Sony Xperia 1… then the 1 ii… then the 1 iii. The Z… The XZ… The XZ Premium… Like bruh. Why they got to make it so confusing?

      And it doesn't help with their earphones and headphones that the only thing differentiating them is one letter. Lol.

      • +4

        Ironically, Playstation naming is fine but M$ has the silly naming. I believe it was so the numbering wouldn't be less than the Playstation and seen as inferior by the lay person.

      • It’s what you get when you get an engineering committee to come up with model numbers.

        • +2

          Most engineers I know can count.

          I believe you meant to blame the issue on the marketing department.

      • Pretty clear to me.

        What would you prefer? like how Apple does iPads, that is literally the worst.

        • +1

          How Apple do their iPhones or Samsung with their Galaxy/Notes is clear enough. Start from 1, go up from there; why 1 ii and 1 iii? Kinda weird.

      • +3

        It cannot be as bad as Apple's naming of the iPad.

        That's a true disaster and no one actually knows exactly which version and what to call it..

        "The new new ipad air pro 4"

      • The Sony Xperia 1… then the 1 ii… then the 1 iii. The Z… The XZ… The XZ Premium… Like bruh. Why they got to make it so confusing

        Well, you forgot the Z, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5 then XZ, XZ2, XZ3.

        Not the best but not as bad as Apple or Samsung

    • +4

      Credit to RichardL for doing that for me in my last Sony post ;-)

  • +2

    Heard too many bad things about these seconds..

    • +2

      free returns anyway

      • +2

        Didn't seem super easy though.. Look at dude's comment above, he had to go through his credit card.

        • alright.. didn't see that coming, if we bought from ebay shouldn't check with ebay first?

          • +2

            @HD9990: Yeah you should, that guy didn't need to go through his credit card lol. Just put in an elevated dispute through eBay. They respond like instantly once there's repercussions.

            I had a slightly faulty pair but the headphones are indeed very good.

      • So does that mean Sony then sell them as Thirds, I wonder how many hands go through.

    • Like what? If you have time, please share so people know what to look out for once they receive it

      • +3

        There's quite a few complaints in the comments of other Sony seconds deals. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/sony%20seconds

        Personally, I got a seconds xm4's and they've been flawless.

      • Biggest thing to look out for is whether or not ANC starts playing up and sounding like wind on a mic after a long session. Basically when your head sweats and moisture builds up in the ear cups, faulty headphones are impacted and it's very noticeable but only the ANC.

        Other thing that I had was beeping in the right ear cup that correlated with Bluetooth data transmission. Very weird.

  • +9

    We should get sushi Carol

  • Anyone tried their WH1000XM4s for Samsung TVs or any other TVs? Mine is a Samsung TV (Q65T) with audio delay issues. When connected first, it would be fine for sometime and starts audio delay. Some of the my cheapest ear buds are working without any delays but an expensive, best in market are lagging behind this. The technical support from Sony immediately mentioned it only works with TVs that has A2DP Bluetooth profile. But the return team is lagging my return request and keep on asking me to go through many tests.

    • Bluetooth latency on the XM4 out performed my Galaxy Buds Live, that's all I can say haha. Never had any out of sync issues when I had the XM4s.

    • +1

      welcome to the club

    • +1

      The XM4's have a known issue with Samsung TV's. They dropped a codec on the XM4 which causes audio lag and stutter for many Samsung TV users. I'm not sure if it affects all Samsung TV's.

      I don't believe the same issue happens with the XM3 but I can't say for sure.

      That said, the Q65T only has Bluetooth 4.2 so it will likely lag on any Bluetooth device that doesn't compensate for lag. There may be an audio delay setting in the TV menu to compensate.

      • Audio Delay setting in Samsung TV only works for non-Bluetooth devices.

  • damn WH-1000XM3 oos already

  • +1

    Got the WH-XM4s because I'm not happy with my WF-XM3s they keep falling off. So, going to try the headphones this time.

  • +1

    Recently bought a pair of WH-1000XM4 in Sony seconds sale for ~$265…and they were in perfect condition!

    Very happy with the level of comfort and performance.


  • Ordered the XM4 in black a while back on a previous deal,

    Came pretty much brand new including that new smell, very happy with mine, I'd say pull the trigger for those thinking about it (best purchase in 2021).

  • +2

    returning to sony eBay was a horrible experience for me.

    • What happened?

      • They organized pick up on my behalf and later on, they said they never received it even tracking shows delivered. after 2 weeks of chasing them, they found it in their warehouse ( what a load of bullshit).

  • no seconds of the XM4 in blue. Guess they are faultless.

    • faultless they're not. and if you need to return them good luck with that. FYI mine lasted a couple of months in use. took 10 months to get a refund (initially refused) and I only got that because of VCAT action. Sony should be dragged behind a horse for the way they treat customers in the returns process. BTW, the XM3 were great, still ended up failing me but way outlasted the XM4. Why did I buy XM4? on strength of experience with XM3. Both great headphones when they work, a real problem when they don't.

  • +1

    these or pre-order Bose QuietComfort 45??? Price difference $399 - $264 = $135

    • +1

      QC45. You only live once.

  • I sat on my WH1000XM3 and broke one side of the sliding mechanism lol. For anyone who's had experience with both the M3 and M4, is it worth going for the M4's over the M3's? Given these seconds are insanely well priced for both.

    • I've had both - no, if you must buy these Sony headphones the XM3 are all you need.

      • 100% depends on your use case. If you want to connect to your computer and phone at the same time and flip between them (or any 2 devices), then you would want the XM4. If you only use one device, the XM3 is good.

        • i found this difficult to make happen seamlessly. just as easy to drop the last known or existing connection and connect to desired device on XM3

          • @sim36: Not really easy to quickly do that when a call is incoming, however yeah you can certainly work around the single connection

      • yeah I actually like to have it connected to my Mac and my iPhone at the same time - in case I need to take Teams/WebEx calls on my Mac then phone calls on my iPhone - to easily switch over.

    • easily repairable,,,,check speedyspares for the part. Otherwis Central Sound does aftermarket parts.

  • +3

    So close to Black Friday though…must….resist….

  • These are refurbished products. You should put that in the title.

    • +2

      Not necessarily, they're seconds, which could mean box damaged. Bit of a pot luck though.

  • I would recommend tuning this to harman target using auto eq presets for WHXM3s. They sound awfully muddy with the original bass boosted tuning.

    Haven't owned other models so can't tell but worth a try. instruction here

  • +1

    Waiting for black friday

  • +1

    I got the wh4, seconds deal before.

    Honestly one of my best purchases ever, they are so much better headphones than I ever had before (which includes bowers and wilkins).

  • So tempted to replace my MRD-100ABN (the model prior to first 1000XM), 5 years running, one cheap battery replacement and one cheap foam replacement and they're still running strong, but I'd love something better.

  • How's the AMC on the XM3?

  • Are the WF1000XM3 worth the discounted price?

    • Ive had these for awhile and although the sound quality is fantastic for buds, they keep falling out of my ears. They will sit in there for about 10mins and then randomly slide out. I wish I had bought something else.

    • No better to buy new (retail for 180 in most places)

  • +1

    XM4's out of stock both colours.

  • Can some users comment about the Mic on XM4? Thanks

    • +1

      I got these with the last sale. When on calls people told me the AirPods Pro sound better. Only got these because they AirPods are a PITA with Microsoft Teams on the PC. Also keep in mind there’s no returning these unless they’re faulty. So no change of mind option.

      • Do you feel comfortable to wear? I tried my friend's and feel a bit of pain in the over head area. Not sure if I didn't get used to. Thanks

  • damn how often are those seconds on sale.
    i got a xm4 second in perfect condition being lucky, but with this kinda of frequence those headphones on sale, i dont know man.

    • Demand seems greater than supply. There were over 60 XM4s sold out within half a day after this post and around 100 last post…


  • Can anyone confirm, their mic is crap right?

    • WF-1000XM3 is pretty alright. On par with my phone.
      WH-1000XM4 is pretty crap.

  • crap I missed out on the WH1000XM4s!

  • WH1000XM4 black is currently in stock

    • Probably back in stock due to a few stragglers that failed to come through with payments…

  • Just want to share my experience.
    I got a pair of Sony Second WH-XM4's in May. Flawless experience so in the beginning. Brand new in box etc. UNTIL Suddenly the battery died a few days ago. No charging light.
    Sony return experience is not too bad. Website was a pain but they have a phone number. Just waiting on a email back from their service centre so I can send them away.

  • +1

    Update to help those curious. I got a pair of the MX4's more recently when they went back in stock, mine came in a brand new sealed box and appeared to be completely new. Absolutely fantastic so far the quality is great and the noise cancelling really good and easy as to set up.

    • +1

      'Glad you got a good deal.

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