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Razer Blade 15 Base FHD 120hz - i7-10750H / 16GB / 256GB / GTX 1660 Ti $1328 Shipped @ Microsoft via eBay


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Tech specs
15.6-inch Full HD display (1920 × 1080)
RefreshRate 120 Hz
Processor Intel Core i7-10750H
Memory 16 GB DDR4 2933 MHz
HardDriveSizeInGB 256 GB M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 SSD
OperatingSystem Windows 10 Home, 64-bit
PCType Gaming Laptop
OpticalDrive None
MediaDrive None
Audio THX Spatial Audio
Video NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with 6 GB dedicated graphics memory
• 2 USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type A
• 2 USB 3.2 Gen 1
• 1 HDMI 2.0B
• 1 mic/headphone combo
60.80 WHr lithium-ion polymer*


Wireless IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 5.0

Dimensions 13.98 × 9.25 × 0.81 in (355.09 × 234.95 × 20.57 mm)
Weight 4.50 lbs (2.04 kg)
Colour Black
Other • Model number: #RZ09-03519E11-R3B1
• Razer Synapse 3
• Razer Chroma RGB lighting
• Programmable backlit keyboard
• Kensington security lock
• Fan control

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  • +1

    thats a bloody good deal!!

    • For a razor sure, not for the specs though. There have been laptops with 3060's for the same price

      • really? what cpu did they have? ssd nvme? and did it come with 16gb of ram? if it did then I willbe surpriced for that price.

        • +1

          SSD on this is a bit small too. Luckily you don't need to remove the mobo to upgrade storage.

    • +1

      As long as you don't need to rely on them for repairs or support. Their repair service stripped all the screws on my motherboard during a warranty repair, then denied they'd done it and charged me to repair the damage they'd done. They asked whether any other repairs had been done on it, and when I told them they were the only ones who had worked on it (admission of guilt there) the support contact changed and they never acknowledged that again. The back and forth went on with them for months. Went through Fair Trade and ACCC who suggested I take it to tribunal, but as they don't have an AUS office, I just put it in the too-hard basket and chalked it up to a loss. Beware buying Razer, because if something goes wrong they won't hold up their end.

      • +2

        My goodness, never heard a single good thing about Razer's support, always been bad no matter what situations, so missed these deals to own one maybe a lucky thing instead? I hate to have pain dealing with shtty support like this, not worth to pay such a premium price product then …

  • +2

    HP Omen with a 2070 for $1519 looks like a good deal too https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174723035725?hash=item28ae4df24d:g:mysAAOSwQQpgbaOZ:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!4017!AU!-1

    • Does anyone know if you can install an additional storage drive in this laptop?

      • Yes. There's extra storage slot for another pcie

  • 349 nits and 89.2% sRGB

  • +1

    I have this laptop, I bought around $1400 and think it's great for money. Solid bit of kit.

    Note that the USB C ports don't do display port or charging

    • how good is the screen?

      • Screen is good, although I mostly use an external monitor

    • Did you buy it from Costco? I returned mine and got a Lenovo

  • Really good deal but 15" is a bit large for me. Something around 13/14 would be perfect

    • +1

      They have a Ryzen variant of the laptop in 14 inches. Don't know if it's on sale though.

      • +1

        Both the Razer Blade 14 and Razer Book 13 are much more expensive than this one, 2-3k even on sale.

        Like the Dell G15, bulkier gaming laptops seem to be more budget offerings. Plenty of cheap 15" gaming laptops, but if you wanted a 13/14" cheap gaming laptop best you can get is a pimped up ultrabook with a kneecapped TDP and not enough cooling to cope.

        • +1

          There's still a 1660 ti version of the zephyrus g14, which is sometimes around the 1500-1600 mark.

        • Yeah of course. The new hot-ness is slim gaming capable laptop's. It goes without saying that the smaller you get, the more expensive it will be.
          Depends if you really think that 1 inch is really just worth holding out for.

          • @Velathial: For me it is. I love the form factor of my XPS13 because it's so usable and portable. Even my work XPS15 is just big enough that I find myself avoiding using it even though it's way more powerful

            • @chartparker: hmm that's interesting how 1-2 inches can mean so much to some, even if it maintains the relative thinness and form factor.

              each to their own.

              • @Velathial: https://imgur.com/85HoEgY

                1-2" inch diagonally = a fairly large footprint increase. Not to mention the weight, since the 15 weighs at least 50% more

                • @chartparker: Hmmm interesting. All the 15 to 17 inch comparisons - for atleast the blades - seemed very negligible from the media I saw. That being said, seeing it in person is always different, but also each laptop type/brand is not always gonna feel/look the same.

                  I'll try comparing my Dell 7000 15 to the blade 17 when I get that in the next day or 2.

                  • @Velathial: The larger the screens the less proportional difference between them if you're looking at the same numerical difference once you consider that it's an increase in two dimensions (ie not just diagonal difference).

                    ie a 2" increase on a 15" screen (15" -> 17") is ~13% increase diagonally, but ~28% increase in area/footprint
                    whereas a 2" increase on a 13" screen (13" -> 15") is ~15% increase diagonally, but ~33% increase in area/footprint

                    Plus bezel sizes differ between models/manufacturers. The shape/thickness/weight all contribute to the feeling in hand, and IMO the XPS13 is a great size for my use case (which is having to move around the house constantly to avoid distractions from wife/child while trying to get stuff done).

                    • @chartparker: All fair points, then again it all comes down relativism and subjectivity.

                      Been playing with the 17 inch razer blade after getting it a couple of days ago. As much as I can see that for someone it might have less appeal for moving around the house with ease. Compared to a 13, or even a 14 inch laptop.

                      For me atleast, It is as portable as a smaller size, despite the mighty heft the laptop has. I have dealt with laptops since back when they were VCR sized, so this is probably why I can't relate to, but can understand.

                      Now if we were to complain about some of the franken-laptops that have full sized curved lcds with desktop parts, requiring a massive case on wheels to comfortably make it "portable", then you won't hear me defend it 😅

    • +1

      You'll be paying a premium for laptops in that form factor.
      The Razer Blade Stealth13.3" is $2000 after applying the 20% off code
      It has a less powerful CPU and GPU to that listed in the OP but is powerful for laptop in that size range.
      There's also this MSI E14 14" for $1840 after the coupon but again less powerful with similar specs to the Razer 13.3

      Alternatives are Asus G14, Asus ROG X13 and Razer 14 Ryzen variants which are more pricey but more powerful.
      Probably the best value in this range would be the Asus G14 since it has Ryzen CPUs and more powerful graphics up to the RTX 3060 (albeit quite low wattage variant)

      • Also gotta consider the inclusion of optimus or a MUX switch with gaming laptops as a consideration point. Especially if you're on the go without connecting to a monitor to game alot.

  • +4

    Keep in mind the USB-C port doesn't have PD charging, while the advanced version does.

  • +2

    OOS. Looks like they only had 10 or so units in stock

    • +2

      I was mid purchase when I realised :( Been looking for something similar in this price range for a while now so feeling pretty disappointed to have missed out.

  • 256gb storage not very good for gaming. Would have to buy another SSD to swap it with.

    • +5

      True but I think it comes with a second M.2 NVMe slot so you can add another drive rather than replace it

  • +1

    OOS ?

  • +2

    Good if thin and light is what you're after. Better gaming performance found elsewhere.

  • +1

    Was on the fence because I don't need one until next year (after covid lockdown).
    Hopefully a better deal can come out next year.

  • +1

    This item is out of stock.

  • Need 14inch

  • So quick, most eligible 20% off Razers all gone !

  • +1

    Hp omen oos also

  • there seem to be a lot of conflicting info about the screen quality.

    I think the screen is actually shit on this, based on the fact that color space coverage isn't mentioned anywhere.
    some places list it as 100% sRGB, and other places even say it's TN. I don't know what the screen in this model is

    • Correct, post here again from last Costco deal, so the screen is absolutely hopeless:


      Major differences are 120hz 45%NTSC vs 144hz ~72%NTSC, as well as their brightness.

      Also, no charging through USB-C ports.

      This model is like ~pH 14 basic.

      • plain terrible

      • hmmm also looks like microsoft really shat the pants on this one:
        - the images on the listing show an Ethernet port, while base model with 120Hz screen doesn't have one
        - the model number in item specifics points to a model with RTX 2080

        I think it's time we took them to the cleaners, as their sBay listing is confusing as hell.

      • confirming: yes indeed this is a 45% NTSC panel, with medium slow response times on top of that

        also no Ethernet port, while listing images show Ethernet port on the left side

        come on Microsoft

        • So paying this much for this laptop purely just buying the brand 'Razer' that worth it?

          • @kaikor: not worth it in my books

            yeah nice design, unibody yada yada

            but lousy screen and rather outdated graphics.

            if ot had a good panel I might consider keeping it, but nah

            return to sender

            • @shabaka: Oh, so you bought this actually and return it already?

              • @kaikor: yup. I wanted something that has a good screen for photo editing, but can also double duty as gaming, and has good design

                impulse buy pretty much. I checked reviews but of course most reviews are of the other Base 15 model that does have a good 144hz panel

                serves them right, they are the ones who got the listing wrong (the images are of the Base 15 model with Ethernet port - that has a good screen).

  • Costco sells for $2,149.99 lol

    • Once they doing $1399 again, all stocks will get ozbargained!

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