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30-40% off The North Face Base Camp Duffel Bags e.g. XS (Black) $96 Delivered @ The Iconic



Taking advantage of The Iconic birthday discounts of up to 40% off and 25% cashback from Cashrewards or Shopback:

The following are older models (grab handle on the side):

L - Black - $270 and 30% off and 25% cashback (capped at $30) = $159 delivered
M - Yellow - $220 and 40% off and 25% cashback (capped at $30) = $102 delivered
M - Black - $220 and 30% off and 25% cashback (capped at $30) = $124 delivered
M - Black & White - $240 and 40% off and 25% cashback (capped at $30) = $112 delivered
M - Red - $250 and 40% off and 25% cashback (capped at $30) = $120 delivered
S - Black - $230 and 30% off and 25% cashback (capped at $30) = $131 delivered
S - Black & White - $220 and 40% off and 25% cashback (capped at $30) = $102 delivered
XS - Black - $160 and 40% off and 25% cashback = $72 delivered
XS - Black & Red - $190 and 40% off and 25% cashback = $85.50 delivered

Newer models:

M - Agave Green & Black - $250 and 40% off and 25% cashback (capped at $30) = $120 delivered
M - Tin Grey - $250 and 40% off and 25% cashback (capped at $30) = $120 delivered

Original 30-40% off deal

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  • how good are those bags, quite expensive compare to other brand

    • +2

      i got the medium one and its quite bulky. its got the heavy plastic rigidness and idk how others liked it but it wasnt for me. Just seemed uncomfortable

      • +14

        People should realise these are bags designed for carrying hiking/climbing/mountaineering gear from the airport to your base camp.

        Not really useful for sitting in a cupboard or from car to hotel.

        They are designed for abuse and waterproofing.

    • +2

      Got a small recently from the Rushfaster outlet for about $80

      Was surprised by the high quality, thick material.

      • i just found the thick material just to combersome since you would be using it for travel

        • +1

          I think the small is OK as a backpack / carry-on, I've mainly been using it as a sports and weekender bag / work bag when I need to carry more things, so has been versatile in those aspects. It is a bit awkward shape / floppy if it's not completely filled up.

          Definitely agree that the medium size and larger would not be comfortable to carry around for extended periods of time.

    • +1

      I have a large Tatonka duffle with straps that tuck away, its been going strong for 15 years (i travel a lot), hopefully NF would also last a long time

  • +2

    Great post, great bags- thanks for the effort OP!

  • +17

    Hate to be that guy but 25% cashback ≠ 25% off, factoring in GST will give you an actual discount of 22.7%.

    • +2

      Give this man an OZBARGAIN badge.

  • +1

    Dan approved for when Victoria gets released

    • +1

      Depends if they branch stack well together.

  • +8

    Just got to say, these aren't great for travelling - brought a XL one to Japan and lugging this without wheels from train to hotel etc. is not great.

    You can wear it as a backpack, but there is 0 support and it cuts into your shoulders.

    For trips where you don't have to walk from location to location it can be ok - but all up a suitcase is much much much more versatile.

    • Looking at those straps you can see they aren't intended for hours of walking!

      • Yeah, even for anything more than 10minutes it's not great.

        All in all, i'd take my suitcase over this any day of the week.

        I only use this sometimes now for trips where i travel car to hotel etc.

        • Did you find a good duffle for travelling by any chance?

          • +2

            @barryallen: I would think the medium/small ones are better for travelling in combination with a suitcase - the XL one when loaded was just way too much to carry around (from train/transport to hotel by foot).

            I only use a suitcase (Samsonites) for travelling now, with a backpack.

    • +2

      Yeah these aren't targeted at people going between airport and hotel.

      • From the car to the campground?

        • +1

          Well I take mine on rock climbing trips and it’s good to be able to just throw it on the ground, pack in a bunch of pointy metal gear, let it get rained on a little, etc, etc, without having to worry. If I’m just going to be travelling and staying in hotels I take my suitcase on wheels.

    • Depends on the person, the large tatonka one is similar and i took it all over india and SE asia and the backpack straps are great for walking airport to hotels, backpackers to backpackers etc. Or you can put your arm through the handles and swing it over one shoulder, but its not designed to go 'hiking' with per se. These are also good when you luggage gets stuck out on the tarmac in pouring rain in tropics as water resistant.

      Some places you travel to you'll look like a tool with a suitcase on wheels. Crossing the cambodia border was one place i had to carry a female friend suitcase on wheels and i told her to throw it out and get a backpack.

  • +19

    Just want to say, I create a new account, and I used the code: beiconic50, which worked, got $50 off !!!!

    So just got one M size bag for $100, please try that code if u r a new customer, thought that's a bug…

    • thanks it worked for me too
      bought the M size bag for $82
      $63.64 after cash back

      should be good for gym

      • Has the cashback tracked? If so, which cashback provider?

    • Thank you for the code!! Got it down to $100 minus cashback!

    • Legend, got a small for under $65 with this.

      • How did you manage that? Best I could do was $79 for the small.

    • You the real MVP here! Thanks, worked :)

    • Not working for me. :(

      • +1

        If the price is between $99-$199, just try: beiconic ($20 off)
        Between $199-$299: beiconic50 ($50 off)
        Over $299, please try: beiconic75 ($75 off)

    • that worked, thanks!

    • Thanks for that. Managed to combine some items with the beiconic75 and got a small for $79 and the travel canister for $25.

  • +2

    Have got 3x XLs going strong since 2012, with frequent travelling. Quality is top notch, but yeah not intended for carrying on your back. Great for squeezing into small rental cars when hardcase luggage doesn't flex.

  • Has anyone got the Patagonia Black Hole and can offer a comparison to these TNF ones?

    • Search on YouTube there's some comparison videos

      • Roger, wilco.

    • Have had the black hole for years, it's been through a lot and holding up great. Biggest criticism is the base, exposure to rain will eventually mean wet contents (seems like the material gets waterlogged and wicks water in).

  • How do these compare to Tatonka bags?

  • Dam it cheaper than the rushfaster outlet sales and still havnt used them anyway lol

  • I've always thought they look like they are made by Tatonka. I have about 10 tatonkas - Great for loading multiple bags into cars or trailers.
    As mentioned also by others, they are tough - great quality and being soft are often better than suitcases. Light they are not.

  • I've never had a single cashrewards or shopback deal actually go through but the medium for $150 is an alright deal

  • I've got a real one that I bought years ago. It's good for when I need it i.e. traveling in countries a wheelie suitcase won't work.
    I have also bought several fakes over the years when I've needed a cheap bag for excess luggage. I always pay around $10-15USD (L size) for the fakes and they are very close to my real one. I've only had one fakes zip break.

    • +1

      Where did you get the fakes from?

      • +1

        Everywhere in Vietnam you get these. Great if you shopped more that you planned - you can get a nice sturdy bag to bring it all home!

        • +2

          From what I've read, Vietnam is well regarded for softgoods manufacturing. I wouldn't be surprised if the ones at the local stalls/shops were made at the same factory; factory seconds, superseded models, excess stock etc.

      • Vietnam, Cambodia and China. I think the Chinese one broke from memory…

  • Anyone know the different between TNF BLACK/TNF WHITE and TNF Black?

    • I think it's the white logos at the end

  • Can't place an order with the additional $50 off code… says there's a technical error?

    Could have cracked down on it?

    • still works for me with a new account.
      shopback/cashrewards has ended, but i don't think it'd have stacked anyway because beiconic wasnt listed on their website.

  • +1

    Would these be good as a gym bag?

    • +1

      Yes, I would probably get an XS for the gym

  • Any good to carry crowbar and loot while wearing a stocking on your head?

    Asking for a friend who intends to buy in 6 to 12 months time.

  • Are the below offers stackable? Did it successfully track for someone?

    coupon(beiconic50) + CR + Zip single use card

    • Unlikely. The code is to be used on 'full price items' but works at discounted price. So be very lucky if they do cashback as well as code not listed on those sites

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