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Telstra Mobile Plan $69/Month for 12 Months, 80GB + $400 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store Only)


JB Hi-Fi are doing the $400 JB Hi-Fi voucher with mobile plans at the moment

Plan 1 - $69 / month for 12 months, 80GB, $400 JB Hi-Fi giftcard
Plan 2 - $99 / month for 24 months, 150GB, $1,200 JB Hi-Fi giftcard

Ends 17/10, in store only


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  • I too am waiting for the next $59 for 80GB for 12 months and $500 gift card. Sometime in December would be ideal.

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    I need to port out of this from last time, in order to get back in.

    I've got like a month or two to go. Helped pay for my PS5 basically.

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      And you helped JB and Telstra earn more money

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        Don't forget Sony.

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          Sony got full retail, but Telstra sold a plan worth a hundred bucks to the person for over $800, and they were happy to get a $400 voucher they had to buy use to buy a full rrp product from jbhifi.

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      same here… $250 PS5 was the shiz!
      I remember having to fight with them for not allowing gift cards to be used for pre-orders!

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        Basically a plan and a ps5 for $1178. Only good if you use all the data.

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          work pays for my plan, so no… I was only ~$250 out of pocket for my PS5… you must be fun at parties though!

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            @philldo: You kinda need to say that for it to make sense just FYI. If you don't get your phone plan paid for through work, you can see it's not a great deal. You must also be fun at parties though?

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              @onlinepred: not really, everyone's circumstances are different… you just clearly have a beef with this deal + JB/Telstra - that's cool though, good luck with that! :)

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                @philldo: Don't make assumptions. I rolled off the $49 + P2XL 24 month deal onto the $54 for 12 months + $500 voucher deal. How are these deals compared to past deals?

  • deal getting worse, now $99 for 24 months, was 12 months

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      It was $500, 12 months, $69 (with $10 off for some weird reason, so $59) when I signed up.

  • Do the Good Guys offer something like this?

  • Got the $69/month deal (+ a further $10 off via online chat) with $299 Samsung S21 256GB last month.

    Sold the phone for $1000 so essentially got a $701 "gift card".

    Point is, if you can wait, wait for a deal with a phone thrown in. Slight extra hassle to sell the phone but well worth it for the extra $$$

  • Have been so tempted to pull the trigger on these JB deals, but definitely want to hold out for the $500, especially as Telstra has their 180gb plan for $65 for 12 months.. so torn!

  • You're much better to go with the 12 Month $69 - 80GB + Unlimited Talk & Text + $199 Up-front for the 128GB Samsung S21 worth about $750-$800 new on Gumtree which is essentially double the gift card value.

    Minus that off the total cost of the plan over 12-months, and you are only paying $35.50 per month if you sold it for $800.

    • +1

      Double the gift card value perhaps but what about that $199 up front?

    • 69*12+199=1027
      if sold for 800? 1027-800=227 which is 227/12=18.9 per month…

      • You're missing the $199 upfront, so it's 1027+199-800=427/12=35.50

        Compared to 1027-400=627/12=52.25

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          your math is taught by your sports teacher…

          • @yl001: Ahhhh you're right, I assumed they would be tricky like everyone else and exclude the $199 up-front. Well at $18.90 a month, it's an absolute bargain.

            • @BraggingRights: yes…but not everyone like to spend time trading with stranger people…so…if you could sell it, it would be great

        • Upfront already included in that $1027.

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            @hawkeye93: hahahhaha yes…thats what I lol

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              @yl001: Hmm pay with 10% off gift as well for more savings. Sell on gummy nah

              Facebook market place better

              Less stranger danger lol

    • i need an iPhone though :(

  • My current plan will expire in few weeks.but i need to switch to non telstra network first. And after a month i will be eligible for this deal i guess

    • Ends 17/10

    • +1

      No need to port out. This worked for me last year https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9365734/redir

      • I thought they closed that loophole

        • Where did you hear that?

          • @His_Holiness: can anyone confirm if this still works?

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              @lolmao: Can confirm it works. Did it the other day

            • @lolmao: Also worked for me yesterday

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            @His_Holiness: In one of the JB deal posts, I can't remember which one to find the discussion about it.

      • +3

        Will give this a go.
        Nice find!

        Telstra chat and combine new and old services.
        Basically transfer your old number off the old plan onto the new plan and close new number.


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    Also JB doing good deals on the Samsung S21 range and Z Fold and flip with $500 off

    • +1

      is there a deal on the fold 3 atm?

      • Same, the third generation fold so much better than the first same goes for the flip vs flip3. I was going to do the Plan 2 on this thread but apparently theres been much better i've been told by ozbargainers. sad I missed it.

  • +1

    Today I went to JBHI parramatta.
    They have GALAXY Z FOLD 3 256GB $999 upfront +$9924month 150GB, Min cost $3375 or $1599+ $6912month 80GB, Min cost $2427 deal.
    All port in, not for new user…
    And they do not have Flip3 deal…..

    • Flip deal already ended last Sunday. $599 upfront on $69 12-month plan.

  • Waiting too patiently for $500 gift card and $10 credit on the $69 plan

  • i got $59 and $400 last year.
    It will expire soon looks like i cant get the same/better deal (yes, new number).

  • yea waiting for the $500 or more with $69 + $10 credit ($59).

    telstra can afford to do so cause people are still working from home and there wont be much strain on the bandwidth.

    • Definitely did this in Feb for my wife’s phone. Good deal at that price, $69 and $400 no deal.

  • I'm on $69 JB hifi plan with $10 monthly credit, and 12 months contract ends next week. Does anyone know if I stay on this plan, Telstra will still give me $10 credit?

    • +1

      Nah, the $10 credit is only good for 12 months

  • Is there any way to get the "30 minutes of standard calls to overseas numbers from Australia" with these plans? They seem to only be available with the Telstra direct month to month plans

    • No international calls with JB Telstra plans IIRC

    • Use an app instead like WhatsApp, skype, discord… Ect

  • Can you get this deal with new telstra number/contract and then move the old telstra number over onto the new account? (say in a few weeks once the old contract expires)

    • +1

      People have done this before in the past. But you can always ask chat support and double check.

      Maybe ask as if you need the number as a temp and a couple of months later you want to know when your existing service expires/is on month to month basis.. if you can merge the service and retain your old service number but on the new contract.

      Good luck.

      • Yep this method works still. I haven't done it myself but keen to try it.

        Only risk is you will be paying 2 services.

  • Gee I miss the days where they give you a free/cheap phone on a 24 month contract for a good rate.

    I am still dining on the Galaxy S10, $199 upfront, 12 month, $49 p/m after Telstra rebate. And that is the only time I paid anything upfront for a phone.

    I could really do with a new one, but not keen to pay big money for something that will be outdated within a year or two. Always checking OzBargain hoping to see something that ticks those boxes. I have a feeling it will never happen. Or get ozbained by the time I get to it.

    • S10 series will be getting Android 12 early next year, so i will be keeping the phone for until they stop security updates. unless ur really into getting better camera i see no point in upgrading.

  • Damn I literally just signed up to Telstra upfront plan $115 / month with $50 credit and 180 gb data per month sim only plan.

    There’s no contract but I guess I am SOL with regards to obtaining this offer?

    Literally joined last week on this new plan.

    • If its BYO plan then you should be alright.

      You can try and use the new service method as mentioned in this thread.

      BYO plans are not really considered like standard contracts.

      • Awesome. Cheers

        • You’ll need to leave Telstra for a month

  • Does the 30 day rule apply if you are currently with Boost then say port to Vodafone and then port to Telstra on this deal?

    • +1

      Boost and Telstra and two seperate divisions.

      When i used to work for Telstra we couldn't access boost customer details and a special boost team would be involved in migration from boost to telstra. The process was considered a port-in on Telstra end when creating the sales order.

      Edit: Boost and belong dont qualify for this deal.

  • I am assuming JB Deals will not have any issues with getting an eSIM on these plans?

  • does this support 5G or?

  • Does anyone know if going from Telstra -> Belong -> Belong will qualify as new sign up? Since belong operates on Telstra network.. or i guess similarly, going to boost, then back to telstra?

    • Boost and Belong are excluded

      • Damg

        • Port out to non-telstra, and port in immediately.
          It worked for my last year, I was with Boost before porting in Telstra. JB staff actually helped me with everything in their store.

  • Still on my Note 8 which I got for free and 12 months at $49 per month shoukd I upgrade to an S21?

  • Still on my Note 8 which I got for free and 12 months at $49 per month shoukd I upgrade to an S21?

  • +1

    Anyone seen the new terms and conditions regarding early termination and vouchers! Rather sad they've introduced this:

    "You may be eligible to receive a voucher purchase of goods from JB Hi-Fi or The Good Guys stores. It's not transferable or redeemable for cash (including any unused part). If you cancel, recontract or move to an ineligible plan then you'll need to pay a Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee pro-rated against
    the remaining months on your Plan in addition to any Early Termination Charges set out in the above table and accessory payments."

  • I am waiting for a deal like that Vodafone 12 months one - where device was available for extra $1 per month.

  • or just join catch phone plan & use the savings on whatever you want

  • Waiting for the Pixel 6 Pro to come out and hopefully use one of these deals.

  • Speaking about Telstra I just received a message that my S21 is ready to collect after placing the order 5 weeks ago.

  • $1200?! Is this the most it’s ever been?

    • 24 month plan

  • I got the s21 deal recently and I'm very happy with the switch from Optus. The Telstra coverage is much better. Only thing I miss is Optus Sport

  • Went in yesterday to sign up for the $69 a month plan.

    I took the deal of $900 off the z flip 3. At the counter, the sales woman asked me if I wanted to use the gift card on the phone, was thinking if I could just say no and I’ll think about the phone, then just walk out with a $900 gift card.

    Then called up Telstra and said
    “Just left the store and the person who signed me up said I can call up and ask for a $10 monthly credit”

    She applied it for me without any issues. I then tried to apply it to my wife’s plan, same but with 80gb.
    She wouldn’t apply the $10 discount because my wife had a “bonus 20gb” on her plan.

    TLDR: paying $59 a month with $900 off a Samsung z flip3.

    • Think you can still get the $10 off. They said that to me too but I just kept trying daily for a few days.

    • Yeah keep trying with another chat operator.

  • have been waiting for the $500 GC $59 plan.

  • Wait for 59*12/$500 GC deal.

  • credit check

  • I wish they had a similar deal for Note 20 Ultra. Anyone know?

  • +1

    For those new to this deal, I highly recommend reading my detailed post here on how to keep your existing number and get on this plan: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/574151?page=1#comment-9468...

    • Heads up ive found it more difficult on their in-app chat because you don't stick to the same agent

    • Like this method much better as you can also net the $10 port in credit (well when you get the right agent).

  • People really spend $824 per year to keep a mobile number?

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