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Linsar 65" UHD HDR Smart TV $495 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


If looking for budget TV. Seems very good deal for UHD TV. Specs not bad at all

You can watch the big screen from farther away with this Linsar TV's 65-inch screen. Its smart TV capabilities help you increase your entertainment options. Also, the Linsar LS65UHDSM21 has Ultra HD video. It has a 3840 x 2160 pixel screen resolution, allowing you to focus on clear images. Watch fluid action in sports and films with the Linsar television's 60 Hz refresh rate. Plus, its three HDMI inputs help you plug into your high-definition video gear. The television has two USB inputs. It features Wi-Fi capability, allowing you to connect to the Internet. This Linsar television has a 6 star energy rating. Connect with compatible media players with help from this Linsar TV. .

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • +4

    Wow. My first HD TV was a Toshiba 32 inches 720p for $1000.

    • +1

      Did you choose to pair it with HD-DVD or Blu-Ray?

      • +4

        Team Blu-ray. First Blu-ray was Casino Royale. Came free with my launch Sony PS3.

  • +5

    Surprised by the positive reviews

    • +2

      i got the 55" around this price last year, granted i dont watch much TV i dont have any reason to fault it, it seems to perform better in 4k than a friends branded 65" (cant remember what brand - his can get a little slide showy).

      it is a dumb TV but i prefer that to throw a chromecast on it rather than updating or putting up with buggy software

      bonus point the remote was compatible with some other no-name TV i had in the house (save on the cost of charging a pair of batteries )

  • +3

    They also running latitudepay deal with $50 off when you spend $150 or more

    • +1

      I am at the check out page at latitude pay but no $50 off for me.

      • +2

        Looks like promo is starting at midnight tonight. Hopefully it will be in the stock by then..lol

  • +4

    Have been very happy with my 50" "dumb" UHD for $288 some time back.

    • +2

      which ones that? DId they make Dumb 4k TVs?

      Im after another dumb tv to replace my 10 yo LCD!
      I just used google TV for everything so cheap dumb TV but with good picture quality

      • +1

        the 55" of this is dumb (unless i am putting a chromecast on my chromecast unknowingly…i was a fan of pimp my ride)

    • wow, what is the model? from where did you get it?

      • +1

        this one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/514907

        i also grabbed one too, haven't run into any issues at all, looks great head-on and match it with a chromecast and its a perfect setup

        • There was an extra $10 off going through their Ebay store. Kicking myself I didn't get two then! And the remote! Best I've seen in a long while— very easy to get around.

  • What OS is this TV installed?

    • Says 4K Ultra HD Resolution Chromecast Built-in so must be Android/Google tv

      • +1

        Hmm nah it's not Android TV. According to the manual:

        Smart TV Applications
        • Netflix
        • YouTube
        • Amazon Prime Video
        • NetRange Smart TV Apps
        • Facebook
        • Twitter
        • Yahoo! Weather
        • Screencast
        • Toon Goggles
        • YouTube Kids
        • Homeshare
        • Web Browser
        You cannot download any extra apps on this TV.

        As for the "4K Ultra HD Resolution Chromecast Built-in"

        The Screencast feature enables you to echo the display from a compatible Android device like a smartphone or tablet on the TV screen by connecting your mobile device directly to the TV wirelessly. In order to use this feature, your device must support Wi-Fi Display technology.
        Apple iOS operating system is not supported.

    • +1

      just get a Google Chromecast with Google TV if the system is crap

  • +1

    good price

  • +3

    Our 50" Linsar from TGG has seen heavy use for two years and is still rock solid

  • Any info on the HDMI version & HDR standards?

  • +7

    I thought OzBargain members are too rich for these cheap Yum Cha brand TVs, they only want LG OLED C1…

    • +16

      Yeah well some of our high yield car investements didn't quite pay off….

      • +2

        This joke never fails to pop up

  • +4

    Right price for a bedroom tv right now, but too big lol

    And yes, it's possible to be too big in the bedroom (sorry children)

    • +3


    • Unless you have a big bedroom…

      Oh… hang on.

    • -5

      If you knew you were too big, you shouldn't have done it and then you wouldn't need to apologise to them but what's done is done.

      • always someone who ruins it

        • -2

          welcome to the real world

    • Don't worry there will be a bedroom deal posted at some point. You know it is a vicious cycle.

  • Eh I went for it. Let’s see what happens. Thanks for the heads up OP.

  • +1

    Big plus for me, British owned company

    • +1

      They said the same thing about kogan TV in UK.

    • Rather buy an Aussie owned than a British owned if given a choice

    • +1

      Its aussie owned now

  • Bought two, can anyone comment on blacklight bleed?

    • +12

      wait for you to comment, as you are the one who bought two.

  • +1

    Probably better off with a CCWGTV than using the inbuilt apps.
    Also don't know how well the panel quality actually is.

    • That’s my plan!

  • Thanks, just what I needed for my new apartment. Hope its decent!

  • has this got Ethernet and Disney+? thinking of using it as a tv in my man cave just for watching movies (blurays) and netflix and disney. not an everyday tv so wouldn't get a huge amount of use daily or weekly. any thoughts whether it would be suitable for that? if it doesn't have ethernet and netflix and disney it's a dealbreaker so if not recommend a 65" plus tv that has all that that's not super expensive! i would be open to buying a nvidia shield to go with it thought if that would allow me averything I want if it's a suitable tv.

    • Worst case just run a chromecast with Google TV and ignore the built in app support

      • +4

        How are we still having to answer this question at the end of 2021?

    • Soniq webos

  • I cant seem to make a purchase, cba netcode not received.

  • -2

    How does this compare to Samsung au8000 series?

  • Ok i have been searching for a way to pair any remote to this TV with no luck

    Has anyone managed to use Chromecast remote/ fetchtv remote/ vodafoneTV remote to control this TV (so u only use one remote to turn on/off and adjust volumes)? Chromecast has all tv brands in the world to pair its remote but Lindsar

    • +1

      Just looked up the manual… Hdmi 1 is ARC. Plugging your chromecast in here should mean that when you turn off the cc, the TV shuts off, and vice versa

    • +2

      Try choosing Chiq, works for 75" Linsar

      • Thank you

  • -3

    This have Kayo app?

    • no, this is not a very smart tv.. chuck a $90 chromecast with google tv and it becomes one

  • -3

    "Watch fluid action in sports and films with the Linsar television's 60 Hz refresh rate."

    I'm in tears. This refresh-rate literally predates 99% of the technology in this TV.

    • +1

      I don't know why 60Hz is so bad, pretty sure one of my TV's is 120 and another is 60 and while the 120 is nicer to look at its not because of the refresh rate, after all its a 500 dollar tv

      • I agree. All of my monitors and TVs are 60 Hz. I have yet to waste money on an uneccesary upgrade like this.

        I'm just pointing out that you literally cannot buy a TV with a refresh rate lower than 60 Hz, so it's such a ridiculus claim to make by the seller. It would be like saying "Enjoy relaxing from your couch and not having to stand up to change the channel, with our wireless remote".

        • There are new 50Hz TVs that are for sale right now. Like: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/ffalcon-65uf2-65-4k-ultra...

          • @Skylex: Oof, I stand corrected. The 50 Hz is strange on a modern TV, though. This was standard for CRT's as it matched the AC frequency, but with modern TV's normally using mostly DC electronics, this is a bit weird. Sounds like a red flag for FFalcon products to me. What corners are they cutting to get that cost down…

    • +2

      Er no most TVs are 60 despite marketing claiming otherwise.

      If they aren't 60 they're 120.

      • Yeah we've only been getting true 120hz panels in the mainstream segment for a few years now. All the other claims are motion rate marketing speak.

        And if you can't tell the difference between 60-120hz go trade in your eyes.

  • +1

    Why did I just order one?

  • Got myself a WebOs soniq 65 inch for $595 delivered pretty good for the price. 4k looks great yet anything less than 1080 like free to air is pretty average. The main thing is usb plays all kinds of formats. Smart TV wifi 5G etc fast just like an LG TV with webos

    • Does it play h.265?

      • Yes everything

  • Anyone know if this is dual-band? I looked but can't find anything but "wifi supported" at TGG and nothing in their manual (am I blind again!?).

  • Did anyone manage to get the $50 off latitudepay.. not coming up for me.. thanks.

    • +1

      Make sure you go all the way to the last step in latitude checkout, only shows at very end

      • Thank you, purchased.
        $50 off via latitude, $18 via shop back. Good start 😃

  • Does this have optical input

  • How does this compare to Big W EKO?

  • I’ve got the non-smart one in the kids playroom:
    - Sound is a bit tinny, not deep. (Worth looking at a cheap sound bar)
    - blacks aren’t crazy rich, but clear

    Very easy to use, still working 1 year on, don’t expect a Samsung, because it’s not.

    Happy with it, would buy another one (if needed)

    • I think the sound on most modern tvs isn’t great as they are pretty thin, hence they can’t accomodate very big speakers.

  • +1

    4% cashback with shopback

  • Anyone knows what's the warranty on this?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Just pounced! Great price for size

  • Got one, couldn't resist at this price. Don't forget shopback 4% cashback for an extra approx $20 back.

  • Combine with Latitude pay for extra $10 off?

  • +1

    Looks like it's now delivery only for Metro Melbourne.. pull the trigger if you want a big TV for a spare room or the shed etc; chuck a Chromecast or Firestick on it and you can't go too wrong.

    • I’m in Melbourne and the only pickup option offered was Shepparton. The $35 delivery was enough to make me reconsider the purchase. :)

      • +1

        Same, but I forked out the cost for delivery. Ordered at 1500hrs yesterday, arrived 9am today

        • that's very fast, I ordered this deal same night it was posted, i.e. Wednesday night and now that you say yours is delivered I went to check my order it says backordered. Its a bit disappointing when they don't use the first in first serve model.

  • +3

    I bought one. Picture is not terrible. Sound could be better, but that's to be expected. Noticeable backlight bleed. Cloudy and inconsistent at full black. No banding, which is nice. The best part is that it turns on VERY fast, about 3 seconds. I don't use any of the smart features, and I don't get FTA reception. Worth the money.

    • Can you turn the backlight down to stop bleed and provide better blacks? Plus do the settings remain the next time you turn it on?
      Our cheapy defaults back to full backlight every time you turn it on. Adjusted properly it uses half the power and looks magnificent. Default setting is terrible.

      • Yes, but then all the other colors look dull. It's only an issue for all black. Near black grays look fine.

  • @Skylex are you comparing the picture quality to other brands normally in the $600-$800 price range, or to Sony/LG/Samsung level brands?

    I'm looking to replace a Hisesnse that's about 5 years old and probably cost ~$800.

    It seems like new (to me) entry level brands like Linsar and FFalcon have emerged in the last five years. I can't work out whther brands like Hisense and TCL have moved slightly upmarket, or the quality of the entry level TVs has decreased as well as the price.

    • +1

      The only TVs I own currently are this, a very old Samsung LCD, and a Panasonic plasma. Before that I bought multiple other TVs, most of which had some kind of issue. All LCDs seem to have cloudy all blacks. I also had electrical interference issues, which meant I preferred to use VGA analogue input. This lacks VGA, but it's impossible to find anything new that supports VGA.

      Compared to my old Samsung, I would say this is better. I don't think it's quite as good as the plasma, but it's also bigger than both, and so it's not a direct side by side comparison at the same size.

      I had a Sony 65" before but the blacks were very cloudy. There was also some noticeable banding in grays. This TV has the same issue with blacks looking cloudy, but grays, and other solid colors look fine. There's also no banding, and the color is consistent while watching animation.

      The main reason I returned the Sony was the electrical interference, which meant I'd constantly get a brief black screen, and the display input screen would flash up. Sometimes the interference was not enough to lose picture, and no black screen, but I would still get the display input shown. This interference happened every time someone opened the fridge, or turned on a light.

      TLDR: I'm comparing it to everything from Soniq, Kogan, and various Chinese brands no one has ever heard of, Dick Smith, Sony, Samsung LCD and Panasonic plasma.

      • Thanks @Skylex!

        I’m sold, just working on my partner now.

  • +1

    I already own 5 TVs, stop tempting me guys.

  • +1

    Pretty disappointing. Went to pick up but they only had display one! Apparently system allocates display tvs for online orders. They could knock off another $30 but no box, hence I just asked to get it delivered (for free, as worried transporting tv without box) They said it could take a week or more, wth that’s not great customer service.

  • So how do you determine which TVs have the best upscaling.

    We watch free to air TV and the upscaling will be crucial in 65+ " TVs.

  • I impulsively bought this not really questioning how big a 65inch tv is, (haven’t had a tv in my house since I moved here 5 years ago) it is so HUGE that it doesn’t fit on any of my furniture apart from dining table and so now I have to buy…a unit thing to put it on I guess 🙄 I probably should have researched. It seems really good though, i never would have thought you could get a tv this huge for this price. I paid $445 + delivery. (Latitude pay $50 off)

    • Got a TV unit for free off gumtree

    • Wall mount it. Kogan do a bracket for $20

    • My 65" EKO just fits on an Ikea Kallax unit with 4 cubes lengthwise. I have it sitting on a 4x3.

  • +1

    I just realised, that besides $50 off with latitude, and $18 cashback on shopback, if your an AGL customer, you could purchase gift cards at 3% off for TGG, so could of "saved" another ~$14.. spewin!

    • Cant use giftcards via shopback. One or the other.

      But should get an $80 credit from TGG if you order via click n collect

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