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Fossil Garret HR Stainless Steel Gen 5 $100 Delivered (Normally $499) @ Fossil


Was browsing around and noticed this has dropped in price, lower than the previous lowest price of [email protected] on this highly rated deal.

Do your research as this can be glitchy / buggy / annoying.

Some annoyances/dealbreakers:
- Battery life is only 1 day of real use if not using battery saver modes, and less if you use tracking.
- Google Assistant - you may need to set your phone language to English (USA) for it to work, which has other effects on your phone
- May not be able to obtain GPS lock on its own - it much prefers to use your phone's GPS location (edit: workaround to get this working in comments below)
- the heart rate may or may not sync with Google Fit after a recent update

Don't forget Cashrewards (10%) or Shopback (5.6%)

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    Will this play Minecraft?

    • +4

      Only Doom

      • +1

        No buy

      • what about Crysis ?

        • Yes, at 60+ fps

        • +1

          Call Helpline if you are in Crysis

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    Great watch for the price! I'll second the niggles the OP mentioned and add one more: the watch takes a while to boot up from a cold start. Expect to power it on and give it five minutes before it's at 100% ready/responsive.

    Having said that the performance (once its booted up) is leagues ahead of the previous gen Fossil. It's a nice stylish bit of geekiness to have if you don't mind charging it daily.

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  • google assistant sounds cool. Im always yelling at my google from across the room.
    Will it work with my iphone 12?

    • +2

      I use it with my IP12 and it's fine. I have noticed any issues with what I use it for and would jump on it for $100 (I paid $150 last year for it)

    • Save yourself the agony and don’t consider android wear for Google assistant.
      Assistant never even worked right when I had it connected to android 10 device, and works less now when connected to iPhone 12, unless you like to be disappointed.

      • +1

        oh no. I already bought it on hindo's reccomendation

        • It’s still a good watch at this price, scratches an itch so to speak. Maybe you can get assistant to work and share a wiki, since Google aren’t any help 😀

          • @HunterBargainHunter: My hint is to check and double check all the places you can set "language" on the watch, the app, Google, the phone itself, and then do some power-cycling of the devices. It took me quite some time to somehow get it right. Otherwise you just get a useless "Something went wrong…" message. But it has been working flawlessly for me since getting it right.

            • @eddomak: Huh interesting, I don't use google assistant much but I activate it all the time by accident and wondered what as up with the vague error message.

        • ok inital response

          received and because of your warnings I changed my language before even switching on the watch - to English UK (English Aus is not as widespread)
          3 places = Google main account + Iphone settings + Siri languange

          Tried telling Google assisant to turn my lights on - no good.
          Gives my google search results about turning lights on :(
          Watch is beautiful though. Much more premium that my fitbit versa 2

          Will keep troubleshooting …

          • @havok44: I have had the language set to UK English for a while now, and was able to turn my lights on and off with the assistant until recently - I'm not sure why, now the Assistant is busted again. :(

          • @havok44: I know this isn't much help for actual progress, but I found that even when the settings were not right Google searches would be OK, but not Google Assistant (such as "turn lights on" or "navigate to…").

            Here are my settings, which might help you:
            On the watch - Settings - Personalisation - Input Methods - Gboard - Languages = "English (United States)"
            On the phone - Settings - Google - Settings for Google Apps - Search,Assistant & Voice - Language & Region - Search Language = "English (US)"
            On the phone - Settings - Google - Settings for Google Apps - Search,Assistant & Voice - Google Assistant - Languages (for speaking to your Assistant) = "English (Australia)"

  • Steel watchband itself is worth it?

    • -1

      Buy it from AE, much cheaper.

      • AliExpress? Not fossil is it?

        • The band, not the watch.

    • There's a variant steel casio 'moonraker' watch for $61~ with a steel bracelet.

      The kicker is its a great watch with a battery that lasts years!

    • I got it, it's expensive but I like it. Get the gen one, the end is curved to match the watch and the first link matches the end part of the watch. Mine had to come from overseas so took a few weeks.

  • At 160 gms this is 4 times as heavy as other smart watches.

    • That is mostly the steel band. Watch is 60g.

    • I have one and got used to the heavier metal band within a couple of days. Didn't even notice it after that

  • +1

    Not bad for $100, might make a good Xmas gift

    • Maybe a good xmas gift for someone you don't like going by the reviews.

  • Bought it for $150 and replace the band with steel. Looks good. Yes, u need to charge it daily, which I don't mind as I do same with my phone. The weakness is that the phone will not be able to turned off during charging as it will turn on again by itself during charging. Able to answer phone call with your phone in ur pocket.

  • +7

    brutal brutal reviews on that site

    • Yep - was about to pull the trigger, but then…

      • but the reviews has 78% recommendation… :)

    • +4

      probs paid $499. At $100, it's one of the best you can find at this price.

  • +1

    When out for a run or ride the battery life is limited to 1 - 1.5 hours

    Damn what a shame, I was looking for a smartwatch for tracking bike rides.

    • Yeah I tried tracking when out on a hike and the battery life makes it basically unusable for that. Had to turn off GPS/HR/NFC to get through a full day using the watch minimally

      • Agree — mine ran out of battery in 20 minutes while tracking a run (and the GPS was pretty inaccurate). Sold it not long after.

    • +1

      Why would anyone design a watch where the battery life doesn't last more than a few hours. Not fit for purpose i guess.

  • Complete noob question but does it alert to or even take phone calls or messages. Does it play media such as spotify?

    • +1

      yes to both

    • NVM it does.

  • Great Christmas gift for my dad, I have a Apple watch but he never liked the square design. This is perfect

  • +2

    Hahahaha. Thanks for this, the comments section made my day. “What a piece of garbage”

  • +2

    Nice price. Really not a fan of the red and blue border tho

    • +1

      Very much a personal taste thing, but that colour combo is highly sought after on high end watches eg Rolex GMT pepsi

    • +1


  • One thing to keep in mind is that the next WearOS update is still unconfirmed for this watch

  • Thanks….bought one …has been using a gen4 but the additonal RAM on this would helps a lot.

  • Access Denied
    You don't have permission to access "http://www.fossil.com/en-au/products/gen-5-smartwatch-garrett-hr-stainless-steel/FTW4040.html" on this server.

    Is the link working for others?

    • +1

      i think ozbargain is breaking the site. i cant get on it either

  • +4

    Pro tip: Use it for a few months, wait for charging rings to come off. Then go to a fossil store for an on the spot Gen 6 replacement.

    Its how I went from Gen 4 to 5 and now my Gen 5 rings are starting to come off.

    • whats the charging rings?

      • +1

        The metal contacts on the rear of the watch that connect to the charging dock. The magnetic pull of the dock slowly separates the rings from the watch when taking it on and off. Gen 6 now includes physical bands to keep the rings in place rather than just rely on glue.

    • They replace your watch on the spot at the Fossil store? I would've thought they'd have to send it back to a service agent and go through the whole process before they repair or replace your watch.

      • Yeah I would've thought the same also. Interesting regarding the metal charging rings on the back of the watch, I've had mine for over four months now and they seem to be fine so far. Let's see if they fail soon for a in-store warranty claim/swap lol!

      • +1

        I had read online multiple instances of fossil providing good support and replacing the watch instore. Thought it may have just been the experience in US but I received the same treatment at the parramatta nsw store. Would even let me choose the more expensive steel strap when I had the leather which I could also keep along with the dock

        • That is awesome news given the Parra NSW store is also my local store! :D

  • +1

    This might help with obtaining a GPS lock independently of the phone (ie track exercise and leave phone at home)


    [edit: just tried it, and it works]

  • Ahh Fossil. Gorgeous watches but not well built. I had one with diamantes set round the face and two fell off within a year (I didn't wear the watch daily and didn't bang it about). They grudgingly agreed to repair under warranty and within 2 weeks of receiving the watch back, on the 2nd time I wore it, one fell out again. So sad, it was the prettiest watch I've owned.

  • cashrewards isn't working for me dunno why
    adblock is off

    • I just bought through Cashrewards, $10 tracked straightaway.

    • Mine didn't look like it was going to track either, but showed up in click history and then received the tracked email.

  • -1

    lol those who bought this thinking to get a amazing deal/steal ? yeah wait till you get them, setup and use for a week.
    im lucky to resell for $20 profit

    • I find that as a watch tethered to the phone it is still quite OK. Useful for GooglePayments, useful for taking calls on the watch when exercising without needing to get the phone out of a bag, tracking is OK when on the phone, can be useful for Google Assistant.

      But if you're wanting all singing, all dancing solution to solve your life problems, then "this is not the droid you are looking for".

      P.S. $20 profit is still 20% ;)

    • I bought one from last deal (with rubber band) for $149, and sold it for $149 after 9 months of usage.

  • Thanks OP, was looking for a cheap android watch to pair with my android phone.

  • Well worth it at this price.

  • Thank you OP, pulled the trigger and bought one. Even though the reviews and ratings are a bit mixed, $100 $90 (after successful Cashreward tracking) is not too bad for my very first smart watch.

    • I forgot Cashreward can I claim it back

  • Awesome! Been looking for a cheaper WearOS watch for podcast listening while running. Hella good deal even with the drawbacks since this won't be a daily driver for me.

    • What app do you use for podcasts
      Never got anything to work, Google music shut down, typical Google

  • $100 is a great price for this. I have the Gen 4 and it's actually not too bad once you optimise the settings. It can be randomly slow though.

    Basically, the out-of-the-box experience is probably not great but with a bit of exploring and tweaking, they are OK. My Gen 4 battery lasts just under 2 days despite horror reviews.

  • +4

    I got this in the Iconic deal and to put my opinion in the mix I feel this is a great watch for the price. It is not a fitness watch so the GPS issue is kind of irrelevant, the battery requires charge every night (can get around 1.5 days out of mine) but so do all other smartwatches and phones so why this is brought up I don't know.

    The main selling points for this are the aesthetics. This is my "fancy" smartwatch. I wear it when I want to have the smart features such as notifications, answering/rejecting calls an messages (which is 99% of what I do with the watch anyhow) and I want it to look like a watch (especially as personally while admittedly I'm anti Apple in all ways, the Apple Watch is ugly as sin being square and looking kind of toy like, so for those like me that hate square watches this is a winner).

    Operationally, using the watch features and those mentioned above, I have zero complaints with this watch. The Fossil is on high rotation due to the smartwatch features and looks.

    Maybe this opinion is also formed since I'm someone that is into watches, owning primarily G-Shocks but also other regular and smartwatches, and likes to change what I'm wearing regularly/daily. Thus the watch features are my main priorities with the smart features being an added bonus. And at $100 this fits that bill fantastically so don't let the reviews turn you off.

    • Couldn't agree more.
      I've a Skagen Falster 3 with a leather band and a black face (which is effectively the same watch as the Gen5) and it definitely can pass as a semi respectable looking watch, which is something smart watches generally don't do.

      It's not a fitness watch or a smart band, as you've mentioned, so the whole hullabaloo about GPS and battery life is a moot point.

      You're not going to go for a run around the oval with a big steel watch strapped to your wrist…

  • +2

    bought Suunto 5 for $149 at recent JB hi-fi deal

    • shows notifications
    • controls music
    • tracks sleep, steps, exercise
    • reliable GPS
    • lives 4 days with all tracking turned on and one exercise per day
    • lives week+ with 24/7 HR off

    I will never buy any smart watch that requires daily charging

    • +1

      irrelevant though as some people prefer Google WearOS but yeah I'm with you about battery life hence why i got a Garmin…

      • yeah, I've been through a number of android wear devices an an apple watch

        I am not going back any time soon

    • Do you mean 249

  • Don’t expect great battery life.

    • I get a day and a half out of mine - what were you expecting?
      I got home from work today with 75% and my phone was buzzing and notifying me of crap all day.

      Lasts nearly as long as my automatic watch!

  • no more

  • sold out

    We're sorry that your order could not be placed.


    • consider yourself lucky

      • +1

        just saved me $90. otherwise it would be another ozbargain impulsive buy

    • I just ordered one a minute ago. Doesn't seem to be sold out

  • For those wondering why these are so cheap:

    I bought one last year at $150. Really tried to use it, but the connection to iOS was too flaky, the battery life was sh!te and the dial was too big (constantly triggered the screen and emptied the battery).

    The need to constantly refresh the iOS connection made it pretty useless, because by that point I've got my phone out and might as well use it instead of the watch screen/app. I gave up after a couple of weeks.

    Best points were being able to use google maps on your wrist (wow some friends), heart rate monitoring (actually got some useful info) and notifications while I was driving/busy.

    • Sooo…. you're issue is actually with WearOS and iOS then, really?

  • I think just for the Stainless Steel band and the brand is worth it :)

    • I have one of these. It's definitely not worth it. Me suffer heaps big buyer's remorse

  • Bah, sold out! If anyone bought one and they don’t want it anymore please let me know. :)

  • I have one (46mm) and really like it.

    I set the Google Assistant voice to UK, which blended better with how I spoke than US, I suppose.

    Battery Life Tip - turn ON Always on Display, turn OFF the tilt to wake.

    I have Pixel Minimal watch face downloaded, and it doesn't really use power at all - I love it.

    Can easily get to the middle of the next work day, whilst receiving the billions of notifications from Gmail and whatnot.

    Have heart rate scanning in the background as often as is regular, sometimes leave it on for sleeping (sleep tracking seemed fine to me!)

    It's nice to use Cinema Mode and DND when you go to bed so you don't have a big, bright thing flashing in your face whilst you're trying to sleep

    Won't get WearOS 3, but I think I'm ok with that (I bought mine for $150ish?)

    3100 with 1GB RAM is where the wearOS watches become useable.

    Never used the on-watch GPS so I can't comment.

    • +1

      I agree, I've had one of these (actually the Carlyle stainless steel model) for the last couple of years and it is easily the best smartwatch I've owned.

      I'm also using the Pixel watchface. Battery life is absolutely fine, I get to the end of the day with 30% or so remaining.

      I don't really get all the hate.

  • If anyone bought and don't want it. Message me please

    • You don't have your PM's turned on. Selling mine if you want it shoot me a PM.

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