Which Fast Food Restaurant Offers Free Drink Refills?

I know Carl's Jr. offers free drink refills, any others?


  • some subway franchises offer them

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    Taco bell

  • I don't know if it's every site, but Rashays at Rhodes is offering free refills. Might be limited time though.

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    a couple of Hungry Jack's near me have refill machines. I've heard that you can just go to the counter and ask them to refill if they don't have one, but I've never tried it

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    Hungry jacks is free refill

  • Fat Jak's

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    All of them in America

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      Ahhh yes the land of the endless soft drink cup……

      • Yep, over there no need to say "no ice" in order to maximise the yield.

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      Reminds me a time we dined at a restaurant in the USA.

      It was a late lunch so restaurant was pretty quiet. We sat outside for the views.

      Rather than ask me if I would like a refill of Coke, they just brought out a whole jug without asking lol. It was only me who was drinking Coke.

      Good times.

      When you go over, you realise why they have an obesity issue.

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        I had a somewhat similar experience in the US. I was at a restaurant and the waiter kept coming to top up my drink. The first time I let it go but second time I said "no thanks, I'm all good" because what I had in my glass I probably wouldn't be able to finish anyway.

        The waiter seemed to get grumpy from that point. I believe he thought that it was an indication we were going to give a small/poor tip.

        I understand that their income is based on the tips, but I think it's getting lost on them that sometimes less is more.

  • Five Guys usually do with the Coca-Cola Freestyle multi-flavour machines. They're opening up in Australia soon.

    • Already here.

      • Yes indeed. Now open in Penrith.


        We proudly service Coca-Cola products with unlimited re-fills

        • Just make sure not to get the vanilla coke from their if you're a vanilla coke fan like me. Tasted awful.

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          At $17 a burger I'm sure they can afford to give away free refills.

  • Taco Bell. Also hungry jacks will still give you a refill if you ask

  • carls jr @ airport (or at least they did last time i caught a domestic flight out of brisbane…circa 4 years ago D: )

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    Yarra river

  • TGI Fridays, but you'll wait like 15mins for the refill to occur.

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    Costco sells for $1.5 a cup.

    • Unlimited refiils

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      Novice, get your $2 hotdog AND unlimited refill

  • One Hungry Jacks I went to had free refills, all the other Hungry Jacks I've been to haven't had it. I haven't seen free refills in any other fast food chain, but then again, I don't eat fast food too often.

  • God Bless America, Endless Root Beer.

  • My local HJ had free refills but since their renos they've taken the self-serve drink machine away and they just give you a cup of drink.

    I haven't been game to take the empty cup back and ask for a refill - yet.

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    Do watch sugar levels… more than 2 large soft drinks really is an enormous amount of sugar. Hard to comprehend really, but us humans have really over done it with sugars and with soft drinks and juice you should really be a little careful. I used to drink a liter of juice with lunch or a 1.25 liter bottle of lemon squash… but I now have diabetes and need to keep track of what I eat and take insulin. Unlimited soft drinks are not such a good idea. Just saying. I know it seems overly cautious… but… that's how it is.

    • That makes total sense, thank you for sharing your experience.

    • You know those sugar sticks in a packet that you add to your latte are about 3grams each.

      A can of 375ml cola you are looking at about 40 grams…

      Now, imagine adding 13 packs of sugar to a big cup of drink….

  • Costco

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