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Free - KeepSolid VPN Unlimited 6 Month Pass @ Sharewareonsale


I used a throw-away email address that differs to the one I use for KeepSolid. Redeemed with no issues. "Your subscription period has prepaid until 2022-04-15".


  • Click 'Go to Deal'
  • >>Download VPN Unlimited Now
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  • Fill out form
  • >> Give it to me now
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Terms & Conditions

  • This is a 1-account 6-month license, for noncommercial use
  • You get free updates for six months
  • You get free tech support
  • You must redeem the voucher code before this offer has ended

Deal found at HotUKDeals

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  • +3

    Can confirm it works even if you had the previous freebie!
    Thanks OP

  • Anyone used this VPN before? Thoughts?

    • worked with Netflix only.

    • +2

      The VPN itself has been posted on OzBargain quite a few times.

      Some think it's alright, some don't have much success with it. It's not a top 3 VPN but it can do a decent job depending on what you're using it for. I used it to watch Aussie TV on Kodi. Never paid for it. I've since moved on to NordVPN, taking advantage of the CashRewards 95% cashback offer.

    • Works pretty good, in Sydney transfers are great, and WireGuard protocol allows you to encrypt the whole traffic on some routers (like Gl-inet) with great performance.

    • I got it for free with a Rosetta Stone deal.
      Perfectly functional but not as fast/snappy as Private Internet Access.
      One thing I use if for is accessing BBC stuff, because PIA gets blocked.

    • +1

      Used for Disney+ Hotstar India and works seamlessly. Option options used are PIA and Nord VPN.

  • Can I use this for the crunchy roll deal in Argentina?

    • +1

      No, I tried

    • Tried using free 500mb from tunnelbear?

  • +2

    Use it for US netflix amazon prime and disney hotstar. Has worked flawlessly for me..

    • Can I use Disney+ credentials for Disney hot star

      • Unfortunately no as Dinsey+ in India is managed by Hotstar. Fortunately, they recently increased the screen limit to 4 on their premium plan so have been sharing this with my friend. New accounts are very cumbersome to create but you can try Fiverr but not sure how they will get around the OTP requirement as you need an Indian mobile number.

        • ok thanx

        • So if I can get access to an Indian mobile# to get OTP to signup for it, do I just need VPN to signup only and then watch Hotstar without needing VPN or do I always need to have VPN in order to watch a well?

          • +1

            @Yankyviking: You will always need the VPN to watch Disney+ Hotstar India. This is probably the best VPN for it, works seamlessly.

    • How are the speeds for you? I tried connecting to India Karnataka server and then tried voot.com it was so slow, it drops my connection speed from 100mpbs down to 2mbps

  • +2

    This is a very Good VPN. Works for Disney Hotstar, SunNXT, Zee5, US Netflix, Amazon Prime. Their Tech Support is very good and they respond well.

    Their Brazil servers are also good, have used it for Xbox and other stuff

    I have been using this for the past 1 year.

    • I've been using them for Hotstar mostly and its working well.

      • Can I use Disney+ credentials for Disney hot star

    • How are the speeds for you? I tried connecting to India Karnataka server and then tried voot.com it was so slow, it drops my connection speed from 100mpbs down to 2mbps

    • Does it work for YouTube. Sick of ads

    • +1

      I’ve tested for past six months and yesterday got the lifetime subscription with sticky password manager for $28usd. Pretty good vpn for the money.

    • How did you get US Netflix to work ? I connected to the VPN using US point and then logged in my Netflix account using netflix.com but none of the shows are coming up as US :/

  • -1

    great spot!!! good deal!

  • +1

    Works great with Peacock. I had it for over a year free and went ahead with a lifetime license.

  • +2

    Is it worth bothering to create a burner email for this?

  • Thanks mate. Working perfectly. 😃

  • Thanks for the share. Proceed as detailed and tested against StrongVPN.
    In my environment, tested wireguard protocal, KeepSolid Unlimited about 1-2Mbps against StrongVPN 120Mbps download.

    • I found that I had to close down the application and reopen it to get a decent speed. Had similar experience of 1-2Mbps initially. Once rebooted 70Mbps compared to PIA of 98Mbps.

  • I got two codes to see if you could redeem more than one code for > 6 months. Turns out you can't.

    Here's the code I didn't use: 2ZTNSGHKMTAE

    • Thanks misterpotatomato. Redeemed successfully.

  • its a nice vpn
    thanks op

  • Noticed that if you want a lifetime of this VPN, you can get it for $39.99.

    • I bought fastestVPN lifetime sub for 29$ and it's so crap. I'll try this one, if it's good I'll buy lifetime.

    • +1

      The DN40 coupon (via Stacksocial) still works which drops it down to $24.00, it won't work on the site you linked, even though it's essentially just a whitelabelled stacksocial

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks op. Worked well for other things on browser but not on Netflix app

    • Netflix App definitely didn't work for me - Will try out using browser tonight hopefully all good !

  • +3

    Legit or too good to be true?

  • Thanks a lot OP. Great stuff

  • I tried for US prime content, but when starting a video it failed twice via prime server (tried both a US server and the "prime" server; US server failed with amazon detecting it was through vpn).
    Will check later if it works on my fire tv stick.

  • can't see breaking bad on netflix, is anyone can tell me how to solve this. thanks

  • +1

    Never got netflix or prime working.

  • "Your device is connected to the Internet using a VPN or proxy service. Please disable it and try again. For more help, go to primevideo.com/vpn." Doesnt work for prime

  • Is this VPN any good for torrenting?

    • Very hit and miss I've found. I've gotten anything from near my max 90mbps no vpn speeds to less than 1mbps.

      Resetting and server hoping (only three choices for torrent) usually keeps it around 50-60mbps on healthy torrents.

  • Thank you very much. Finally I got YouTube premium from India

  • Has anyone been able to use this VPN to watch netflix US on a Sony smart TV? I tried using it but it was just not loading the US contents.

    • I have been using it for about a year on Sony TV. Load app from google play. Works great. Very fast.

  • Cheers!

  • Not sure if I am doing something wrong and this is on my pc.
    I have the VPN running and selected US server then try to log into Netflix, but it rejects my password.
    I then log off from the VP and can log into Netflix fine.

  • It says: Available slots: 5 out of 5? Or am I wrong? You can add up to 5 devices.

    • Yeah only up to 5

  • +1

    If anyone's looking for a free, reputable alternative, the makers of ProtonMail, who are renowned for their privacy-consciousness, offer a VPN now too - ProtonVPN. There's paid membership options too, naturally, but I thought it was nice they also had a free tier, as that's about the limit of my budget ATM… it's a fairly basic option, but it's certainly better than nothing, & unlike some of the other free options out there, it's made by a reputable & trustworthy company, so that's awesome.

  • No VPN for Hong Kong : ( can't watch local Hong Kong TV apps

  • anyone uses it for some a bay?

  • I signed up about a week ago and my trial has expired apparently!

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