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Macpac Men's Sherpa Waffle Hoodie $39 (Was $149) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BCF


Charcoal & Green colours also $39

Selling for $74.99 + Delivery at Macpac

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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    Prior sell was $85.00 for my location. Still a good deal.

    • Same for me! thanks for sharing OP. will pass but solid deal

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        Looks great for Summer ;)
        None in WA, doh !!!

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    Wish we could try this on in store - bloody lockdowns

    • +2

      no stock anyway

    • +1

      I purchased yesterday using my $10 loyalty voucher and they are true to size. Very good quality and a great buy for $39, a steal at $29 :)

    • I'm 6ft 105kg 2XL perfect.

      Very warm.

  • Solid deal - thanks OP

  • +5

    Decent hoodie. Downside is the pockets are very thin so they get floppy after awhile it's not going to keep your hands warm. The rest is warm and is still soft after a few washes.

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    Is this like other macpac item sizes? I'm normally a large, but I am a medium in macpac puffer jackets.

    • yeah i think so, remember trying one on in S and thinking I'd need an XS. tempted to get one at this price anyway, but looks like C&C only and none nearby

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    ordered it with 10$ bcf voucher for 29 😊

  • Weird, when I searched on the site I came across this with 3 colours and the Black Iris colour is $75 and available in most stores but the other colours which are $39 are not available in my area, just like the one in this link


    Also, I see a few people saying above should they size down as usual, all the online reviews are saying size up, partly because of the layer inside

    • +1

      Oh that link is already in the deal, didn’t notice!

  • "Unavailable for Delivery
    This product can only be collected in a store."

    Not available at any store around 50km near me.

    • Over 4000 clicks, it's been OzBargained :) Delivery and C&C at several stores was available when I posted.

      Edit: Green & Charcoal colours still available for delivery.

  • not available at any store anywhere!!

  • I reckon there will be a few people who will be unable to return these to BCF due to sizing issues.
    I don't think that BCF has a very good returns policy.

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    Safe to assume no stock anywhere, tried more than 10 locations in vic.

  • +1

    Bugger no stock near 4116…

  • Cheers OP! Managed to find it in the grey for local pick up to go with the $10 credit

    • Which store mate?

      • +1

        In Adelaide the Richmond store on South Rd.


        It looks like they're out in the 2xl size grey ones now in Richmond but there's still some in Modbury.

        • Thanks mate, I'm in vic, I guess there's not much stock.

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            @Zapwap: Not sure why you got negged for telling it like it is.

          • @Zapwap: Looks like there's still stock all around Melbourne for the Kombu Green and there's at least one out at Taylor's lake in the charcoal colour.

  • Waterproof/resistant?

    • Yes, when it's not pouring.

  • +1

    no stock near me in vic either :(

  • +1

    No stock in Vic

  • Great for working from home in winter

  • Ozbargained, no stock in Vic.

    • +1

      We have to wear the North face anyway in Victoria.

      • +1

        Dan Andrews knows what's up

  • no stock anywhere at all lmao

  • This just proves how much of a ridiculous markup/profit margin they usually have.

    • +6

      Why neg because you missed out on clearance stock? It's like negging a closing down sale because you rocked up after the retailer closed shop.

      • -1

        yeah people just neg

      • Here is a scenario. A family member tells you there is a store having sales but they know there is no stock. You go to store, there is no stock. How would you feel then?

        What is the point of letting people know when there is nothing to sell.

  • +1

    Why would people neg this over 7 hours later? There was stock, now there's not. Normal for a deal…

  • -2

    No stock anywhere in Melbourne Metro areas.
    It sucks they won't do postal delivery since it is a clearance item.

  • so negative

  • +1

    Thanks op, bought 1 and selected delivery option for $7.99, given its $100 cheaper than Macpac

  • +2

    Imagine negging cause you were too slow

  • I bought one of these last year when it was closer to full price and it was still a great buy, absolutely the warmest hoody in the tracksuit market.

  • Merged from Macpac Men's Sherpa Waffle Hoodie $39 (Was $149) + Delivery @ BCF

    Looks like the Macpac Men's Sherpa Waffle Hoodie is in stock for delivery (to my location at least - Sydney's Inner West) at BCF for those who missed out on the previous deal. Retailing for $85 (ex delivery) on the Macpac website.

    Charcoal and Green are also available.

    Even cheaper for those who got the recent BCF voucher.

    Credit to moltenaus and adr8.

    • +2

      FYI Macpac run LARGE! I size down twice

      • Agree

      • +2

        Worried now about my XXL choice.
        I do have a good 6+ months to wait before its cold again to wear this LOL.

      • Can confirm. Runs RIDICULOUSLY large

      • +1

        I got the puffer jacket from previous deal in large and fits well with a bit of room to move. Tried the large of the waffle in store and too tight, have ordered an XL

        • Yeah seems like there sizing changes pretty drastically in jacket types

      • Bought one last week
        A large size
        Maybe a little larger than normal but I wouldn’t say two sizes larger

    • That green colour… Even though it's completely the wrong shade of green, I still can't get squid game out of my head…

    • Original link now only has the item in stock in-stores.
      Lucky I jumped on this and got my XXL for delivery.

    • Even cheaper for those who got the recent BCF voucher.

      Voucher is $100 minimum spend- so need to buy three of these hoodies for the $20 discount to kick-in.

      • Is the voucher targeted? or to new customers?

    • +1

      No stock sadly

    • Thanks, set for winter 2022.

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