Smelly Living Room Rug

I have a living room rug that has started to smell. We have had to for 3 years and have had it steam cleaned at least twice. It is starting to smell now and we are debating whether we should take it to a dry cleaner or just throw it out and buy a new one. Was wondering what yall do to keep your rugs smelling ok? Are there tips and tricks i can use to get the smell to go away? For context i have 2 kids under 5, they have spilled things on it over time and i wouldnt be surprise if some wee has been done on there too.


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      great contribution. thank you.

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    they have spilled things on it over time and i wouldnt be surprise if some wee has been done on there too.

    Could also be humidity in the room or moisture coming through the floor.

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    Take it to a professional rug cleaner. They clean them much more thoroughly than a steam cleaner.

    Much cheaper than buying a new rug.

  • Dog ate catshit then barfed on our rug.

    Cleaned / wiped rug with disinfectant, hosed the crap out of the rug outside and left it outside in outside direct sunlight for a few days.

    Seems ok now, newish rug though - I quite like using glen 20 carpet spray which seems to give it a good smell for a bit.

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    Try from Bunnings, Carpet Spotter and Deodoriser, Peerless brand. Sprayed it on a rug and carpet that our dog had urinated on. Got rid of the smell.

  • how much this the rug
    do u love the rug
    go to Ikea, buy 10 rugs and replace monthly
    buy a kids playmat instead. u can get ones with two sides, one with kids pattern one with a design pattern

  • Just chuck it unless it is like $10k

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      why chuck it, the kids will just wee on the replacement one too?

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        Pro tip; don't replace it

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          Just replace the kids

    • God damn 10k rug?? Is that common or am I just a peasant

      • Yeah rugs used to be a status symbol. Nice ones are very exxy.

  • Hire a carpet shampooer( not steamer) and shampoo it twice, hang to dry in sun reverse side up.

    If that doesn't fix it then get rid of it :p

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    Take it outside and pressure wash it.
    Bit of detergent.

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      baking soda…. around a kilo sprinkled over the rug, left for half a day and brushed in, then vacummed and pressure washed, leave outside to dry out

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    Yuck…..rugs and carpets such 20th century dust/dirt/smell/mold/allergy collectors

    straight into the bin

    • I have hard wood floors but we have a rug in our lounge area because it provides insulation from the cold floor boards in Winter.

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    yall … ???

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    Chuck it out, buy a new rug and then place a plastic cover over it to protect it.

  • Place it in a plastic cover. Buy a cheap eBay Ozone generator for around $35 and run it to remove the odour smell then hang dry. I ordered one for myself for my car to remove smells as I’ve got allergies, there is dangers of overusing it and degrading the plastics and rubber inside a car so you know.

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    ok. my mum had a rug she spent $300 on with a pro rug-cleaner washer… came back ok but after a while she asking for my help…

    I went to the backyard and on a clean piece of sloping concrete I placed the rug.

    I then made a solution of 1 scoop Omo and 8 litres of warm to hot water and poured it into the carpet. I let it soak for about an hour and then I went over the rug with a Karcher pressure washer (T5 racer attachment if you have one) a few times and kept on squeeging out the rinsed water and kept repeating this wash and squeegy process for about 30 minutes.

    I then placed the rug into the clean concrete in the garage to slowly dry by itself over 2 days with a fan pointing at it…

    I then used a vacuum with a powerbrush (like a Dyson V6 onwards) and it came up absolutely amazing.

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    If you really want to keep the rug follow one of the cleaning processes listed above, I’d probably do the pressure washer method. You could also consider scotch guarding it after it’s dry to protect it from future spills to an extent.

    Personally I wouldn’t keep it. Like others have said, use a play mat or just nothing. Kmart has cheap play mats if you’re not too fussed about decor. If you are fussed about decor sew washable covers for it that blend with your decor then they can just be chucked in the wash. I have this and sewed beige linen covers for it. There’s also fancy ones like munchkin and bear and Freddie and co but they are a little expensive.

  • There lies your cause… spilt drinks. Milk, etc, dropped food. What do you expect.

    Take it out into the yard and power hose it down. You don't need dry cleaners.

    Hang over the clothesline…. then when "FULLY DRY" bring back in side…. and sprinkle carpet deodoriser, then vacuum this powder out.

    Maybe have your children play on a sheet of plastic!

  • by a large pack of biCarb Soda.
    Pour into a colander and sprinkle evenly over the rug.
    brush the bicarb into the base of the rug with a broom
    Allow to sit overnight then vacuum.

    For the sake of a few $$ it's worth a shot

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