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Gigabyte Z590I Vision D LGA 1200 ITX Motherboard $199 Delivered @ Shopping Express


Lowest price I have seen on this motherboard.
A few things to consider on this board: it does not have front audio connectors and its I/O shroud is tall. This limits the compatibility list for low profile air coolers.

Others have commented on this in a previous post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656116

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      The Amazon link is to a different board, which is ATX.

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    as they can make this itx board for intel, why not a similar one for amd

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    Tempting for a 10th gen unraid build. thinking

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    Uuughghgh I already wanted to transplant my mATX 10th gen build and this is gorgeous

    • +1

      Go for it!
      No regrets here downsizing to ITX.
      What case are you looking at?

      • Odds are I'll just go NR200P - I've never done the ITX thing before so I don't think I should go for anything too hardcore

        • +1

          Yeah that's what I went with too.
          Found it easier to build in than a normal mid tower because you can pull off the top and bottom panels as well.
          If you want to catch the ITX bug check out Optimum tech.
          It's already got me eyeing a smaller case lol

        • NR200 Max looks aight, comes with PSU and AIO Cooler

  • Isn't the 12th gen or something coming out soon? Would it make sense to wait?

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      Not if you're not needing bleeding edge and want a good price.

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    I don't think I've ever seen a board that didn't have 5.1 (analog) audio

    • Wow, well spotted. Same here.

  • Anyone else unable to checkout (due to inadequate quantities of stock) and does it ATC at $299 rather than $199?

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    Bought one of these at around $280..

    watch the negatives
    - only two channel audio out.. (very limited)
    - only USB-c display output
    - poor clearance around the socket, many HSF, won't fit..
    - Gigabtye Z590 boards, have massive power plan / vrm issues.. particularly on thier ATX boards.. unclear, if the ITX baords are affected.
    - Bios is slowish and kinda funky.
    - all the fans, require fan adaptors (sort sort of micro fan header, adapted to full size.. if you loose the apdtors, you are pretty much done for..
    - Awful postion of the 8 CPU power.. (common to many ITX baords).
    - Older Intel wifi 6 (Ax200) not Intel wifi 6e (Intel Ax210) on some of the boards
    - Intel 2.5g nic onbaord - these have been problematic hardware issues in many previoius boards.. (hopefully the newer revisions have sorted out issues … but still a few reports around)

    - Price
    - thunderbolt 3/4

    • does the board run hot and suck a lot of juice?

      I was going to get a vision G as they are $200 on ebay now but rumours and this https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gigabyte-z590-vision-g/... state the board runs up to 50 degrees hotter in some tests. Even stock idle is quite hot.

      I wanted the board for nas storage as it's got 4 nvme all 110mm + 6 sata.

      Ended up settling for a aorus pro the only differences is it has 1 80mm nvme slot + 3 110mm and no thunderbolt. But it runs WAY cooler (and has wifi). You gotta wonder how much life the vision will get running that hot stock.

      Yes the boards i mention are ATX but I think the same components are in the D model

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