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10% off Coles $100 & $250 Mastercard Gift Cards (Including Additional Applicable $5 or $7 Purchase Fee) @ Coles


Deal is on again beginning week of 20 Oct and looks like only $100 and $250 eligible. $5 and $7 fee applies per respective amount and limit of 5 per customer

Coles Mastercard Gift cards cannot be used to purchase any other gift card sold at Coles.

Warning! Coles Prepaid MasterCard Compromised (Multiple) CHECK Your Cards NOW!

How to check if your card has been swapped out - The card ID MUST match the last 11 digits of the barcode.

Mod: Third-Party Gift Card Deals at Retailers - FAQ - Thanks to WookieMonster.

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          • @BerIin: what's the idea of using 1 to buy another?

            • @edman: The idea is that you are buying additional Coles Gift Mastercards without needing to fork out additional money from your credit card or bank account.

              Let’s assume you buy a $250 Coles Gift Mastercard using money from your bank account for $231.30. After the Coles Gift Mastercard has been activated, you can use it to spend up to $250 at business/merchants that accept Coles Gift Mastercards.

              If you use it at Coles to purchase another Coles Gift Mastercard (which is against store policy, and staff may police that new policy), you will only spend $231.30 on that Coles Gift Mastercard to get a new $250 Coles Gift Mastercard. Therefore, you’ll have 1x Coles Gift Mastercard with a balance of $250, and another Coles Gift Mastercard with a balance of $18.70.

              If you repeat that, you’ll have 1x $250 Coles Gift Mastercard and 2x Coles Gift Mastercards with $18.70 each.

              Do you see where I’m going?

  • Has anyone tried loading the fund from the card to the Wise (former Transfer-Wise) App? Given the overseas border may open in the next few months, it might be a good idea to load the fund there and wait to convert the fund to foreign currency to spend later during the trip.

    • +3

      Very quick way to flag your account.

      • Not aware it can cause the risk. Thanks.

    • i did this a couple times on the last deal about 5 months ago

      • Did you run into any problems with your account?

        • nah money talks bullshit walks

      • just to clarify I sent money overseas

    • you will be charged appx $1.3 for $250 deposit .. and maybe half dollar left on the card - as you won't be able to get debited the whole $250 .. so $2 profit less for every $250 …lol..

      • +1


        0.90 in
        0.53 out

        Nett result $994.12 per $1000GC <1%

        Too much activity in a short period will flag your wise account though.

        • +1

          The 1st transfer is free so that you should try to accumulate to $1,000.

          If you get the debit card ($10 cost), just use it to pay off Zip or Afterpay with no extra fee.

          • @Neoika: Was never able to fund the debit card via bank transfer initially so gave up on it.
            Card was free back then too.

        • did you use the debit card funding to get $0.9 in? or other channel?

          • @mountaineer: Debit in
            Out via osko is instant

            • @randomusername2017: sorry, I must be missing something here…are you referring to funding the Wise account by the debit card but using Osko/payID?

              • @mountaineer: Sorry..meant transfer out to account was instant via osko platform

                In regard to below …I've been putting them through in batches of 4 X 250 single transfer $994.12 out.
                Usually instant, but have had a couple slow to clear, or sit on preauth for 24/48hrs.

                • @randomusername2017: Have you ever received an error message like "your bank reserves the money …" when using prepaid master card to transfer to Wise. The transfer is failed, but the money on prepaid master card is still hold as Preauth. Will Wise release the Preauth back or take the money?

                  • @eu: Actually just had one do the same thing

                    Shows preauth with no merchant details when you check balance, still shows $250 balance $0 available.

                    Email reply from coles support suggests 2 weeks to drop off, you can expedite with written authority from wise.
                    Need to call for specific card info… Will update after I call.

                    It's also possible wise will stop taking indue cards soon..get in while you can.

                    • @randomusername2017: I can see the merchant details (Auth-Crd …. Mcht Transfe) after clicking the details button at the prepaid card portal, so I know the money was hold by Wise, though Wise refused the transfer.

                      It is so risky that I don't want to try anymore with Wise and be hold again.

                      I also noticed someone mentioned earlier in this thread that his money 3x$100 was lost between Indue and Wise. So just a little worried.

                      • @eu: I know it shows up as preauth, but it's listed differently, previously it had wise on the detailed list ..this one doesn't

                        On hold @ colesprepaid. …

                        • @randomusername2017: More and more to learn …

                          • @eu: Is your Wise account blocked? Otherwise, it may be a good way to block Coles PMC by yourself.

                            • @Neoika: Not blocked yet. You mean do not use Coles PMC anymore, right?

                        • @randomusername2017:

                          • advice from colesprepaid was to wait out the preauth or contact wise
                            ~ can't seem to find card specific transaction details on wise… wait and see what response they provide.
                      • @eu: It happened to me y'day as well, exactly the same as your experience. I have then cancelled the transfer in Wise app, not sure if I did the right thing or not… Hopefully the pre-auth $100 will be returning to my coles prepaid mc in a week or two.

                        Could you keep me posted on outcome your end? thanks

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                          @Supermari78: i had a pending authorisation from google on one of my cards and it took a little over 2 weeks to disappear

                        • +1

                          @Supermari78: Good to know it was not just me. It appears Wise is going to block this sort of transfer. I clicked some button like "I already sent the money" (cannot remember exactly), but maybe there was no difference at all. I will keep you updated.

                          • @eu: Hey, just checking for update - has the $100 been back to your Coles prepaid MC acc? I just checked mine,,,, not appearing yet.

                            • @Supermari78: Not yet

                              • @eu: I just found my $100 pending was now showing as Available Fund in my coles prepaid master card. :) Took totally 13 biz days through.

    • +1

      I did it few weeks ago loading $100s, after 4th card Wise refused processing any additional cards. Still does not want to almost two months later.

      • I have loaded multiple $100s to Wise via app. But today the process was refused and the money in the prepaid master card is hold as Preauth. Does that happen to you? Will Wise release the Preauth back or take the money?

        • It won't take money

          • @DainB: Have you encountered this before? Was the Preauth released after 2 weeks?

            • @eu: about a week for me

              • @DainB: Got it. Thank you.

                • +2

                  @eu: Might be worthwhile mentioning if anyone uses this thread for future reference.. Wise MCC is now being flagged as a cash advance/money transfer and is now a prohibited transcation @ Indue.

  • Does coles staff restock the cards everyday?

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      Gift cards are not delivered to Coles stores in the supply trucks you may see in a store’s loading dock, and the store staff are generally not responsible for restocking the gift card shelves.

      Gift cards are actually delivered by a third-party gift card distributor who visits a Coles store during trading hours, and Coles staff generally leave it up to the gift card distributor to restock the shelves. The distributor generally turns up whenever they turn up, so Coles staff usually don’t have knowledge of when the distributor will visit next.

      Some stores (particularly the smaller ones) do not have storage cabinets for gift cards, so the gift cards you see in the gift card section or the checkouts at those stores are the only gift cards they actually have in stock.

      In larger stores, there is a hidden cabinet behind the gift card display where there is extra stock for gift cards. I actually noticed yesterday the gift card cabinet at my local Coles supermarket was accidentally left unlocked and I saw boxes of gift cards (including Apple gift cards, TCN gift cards and Bunnings gift cards), so it always worth (politely) asking staff if there is stock hidden away somewhere and whether they can access it.

      • A report came to me yesterday that some Coles insiders wiped out XXX cards buying them with each other .
        Sure enough late in the day I did my one for confirmation and no problem it works hehe .

      • +1

        Coles are having extra deliveries of these cards via TOLL

      • +1

        The cards are delivered from Coles Financial to the stores via Toll. They have an embargo/do not display date on the packaging (usually the date of the start of the sale), after which the store manager is meant to put the card stock on display or have staff do it. Depending on the store, staff do restock the display (but usually after an inquiry from a customer if there is more stock).

        • That’s good to know. Either my local store has gift cards restocked differently, or the staff told me lies!

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: And based other people's comments plus my own experience last time, there's a reasonable chance that the cards will be restocked on the final Tue night when the promo ends.

            Last time I had no difficulty getting 5 $250 on that final night.

            Well, I had some difficulty 🤦‍♂️

            • @the splingee:

              there's a reasonable chance that the cards will be restocked on the final Tue night when the promo ends.


              For me, I visited four Coles supermarkets on the last night of that promotion, and only one had gift cards in stock ($100), but that was mostly because someone decided to hang the gift cards up on a shelf under the dummy mobile phone display (and that shelf is normally empty).

              Well, I had some difficulty

              Haha I picked up 5x $100 gift cards on that last night, and the checkout assistant was very insistent on making sure I wasn’t being scammed! I got a one minute talk on gift card scams, got the pamphlet warning about scams, etc. I understand why some staff are so insistent on this though, because they probably don’t want to be the employee who allows something like this to happen.

              When I picked up 2x $250 gift cards in August, the checkout assistant asked whether I was aware of gift card scams, so I replied by saying I actually love watching the scam baiting and ethical hacking videos on YouTube that explore how these kinds of scams work, and the ways in which the gift cards are converted into Bitcoin, etc. The checkout assistant stopped asking questions and asked for payment haha. I then picked up 3x $250 gift cards at a different store an hour later and the checkout attendant didn’t mention anything about gift card scams!

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: Yes possible. Some staff really seem to resent people buying these and getting a deal.

            • +1

              @Yola: Coles really need to educate their staff better.

              They promote a deal on catalogues. Customers show up and try to shop these deals. If there is ever any attitude, they shall be appreciative, as their deals along with other grocery shopping from the exact same butch might just pay their salary.

  • Can I use them to buy discounted gift card at RedeemYourGiftCard?


    • +1


      Redeem Your Gift Card only accepts bank transfer. (That is not a typo.)

  • How are people using these cards to pay for rates ?
    I’ve got Brisbane city council rates and also Urban utilities. Tried to pay using Aus post. And only options available is eftpos.

    Paid NRMA insurance however via Aus post and that had credit card as a payment option.

    • For BCC Rates and Urban Utilities bills, you have to use their online payment engine to pay. There is a fee by paying by these cards. 0.54% or 0.52%. And before you ask there is no way to avoid these fees.

      • And can you do part payments for BCC and urban utilities bills?
        Eg $600 bill use 3 gift cards

        Thanks for the advice

        • Yes, you can do part payment with min $10.

          • @apple0604: Awesome thanks

          • @apple0604: thanks for tip on BCC. Put thru 4 cards plus balance in 5 transactions no problem at all.

            Received confirmation email receipt for all.

            • @IanC: No worries. You must be using $100 cards.

              • @apple0604: Using $250…. Premium is $569.55 per c month. 4 times 250 plus the balance. ie 5 transactions.

                • @IanC: sorry above refers to 2 month Bupa payment

                  BBC rates are $1035.10. used 4 by 250 plus the balance so 5 transactions in total

      • where do we need to pay the surcharge? the online payment page process the whole amount (100 or 250), there is no deduction for the surcharge

        • i found the answer from apple0604 comment: Just want to say that fees for BCC rates paid by credit card or debit card will be shown on next bill,

    • My local council takes part payments. Paid in multiple lots of $250. Also energy companies such as Lumo are happy with part payments.

      You can link these cards to PayPal too.

      • The PayPal could be interesting .

      • This Brisbane ?

        • My guess is not BCC.

    • I used Auspost billpay no issues

      • Was this done online or instore? Could you use multiple cards?

        • I paid my rates online via auspost 250 each time

    • For BCC and Urban Utilities you can also use the Sniip app to pay and it didn't have any processing charges when I used it this week.

      • +1

        but it lists 0.5% processing fee for prepaid cards at the bottom of the home page

      • Some merchants may accept it with lower fee. Energy Au charges 0.36% card fee but Sniip does 0.50%. Use it directly if you can.

      • For BCC Rates and Urban Utilities bills, when I tried there was a fee although I can't remember how much. Are you sure there wasn't any fee using Sniip?

      • +2

        Just want to say that fees for BCC rates paid by credit card or debit card will be shown on next bill, not during the payment process. For Urban Utilities bills, fees will be added on when paying by credit and debit card using BPoint payment system. Never tried to use Sniip to pay Urban Utilities bills, but there was a fee for BCC rates payment when using Sniip app to pay.

        • if we pay more does it appear as a credit on the next bill?

  • Do they still need the manager to allow transactions over $1000?

    • Yes, at self-checkout. Happened to me

      • and normal checkouts, providing the cashier isnt a supervisor

        • No issue at manned checkouts

  • Can anyone confirm if I can use these at Jbhi-fi ? Want to pixel 6 pro

    • +1

      You can but it doesn’t make sense to buy these Coles Mastercards just to buy JB gift cards. You can get discounted JB gift cards through TCN and him/her gift cards that goes on sale pretty frequently at Coles and Woolworths. Or if you have a free Suncorp account, you can get them at 5% discount via their rewards site.

    • +3

      JB can be easily purchased at 10%,they have promo every couple weeks, sometimes 15%, don't waste your master card.

      • I just want to buy pixel 6, i tried calling Google. They said they will not accept if it's not a bank card.

        • +1

          I don't think you can do split payment on Google anyway. I am not sure whether you can buy some google play gift card, redeem to you account and order the phone. Maybe some others here can tell.
          It works for Microsoft, buy Xbox gift card, redeem and order Xbox from them. Not sure if this works for google.

  • +1

    You get 1 FlyBuys point per $ spent on buying these cards. That's another 0.5% saving.

  • not working when i try to use and buy a woolies egift card. Anyone else having issue?

    • +1

      You can't do it on the Woolies portal. Buy it from a third party reseller or go to a Woolies store and buy a physical gift card.

      • +1

        oh. Used to work in the past. I always used coles MC (I bought during the discount or bonus FB point) to buy 5% discount Wishcard. The good old days…

    • +1

      Yep. A lot of other people are also unable to do that.

      I called the Woolworths Group gift card team yesterday, and the rep said that if you managed to pay for a (discounted) gift card on their portal using a prepaid card, it would be the exception rather than the rule.

      Someone else emailed the Woolworths Group gift card team yesterday, and they were told that any orders paid for using a prepaid card would be automatically cancelled and refunded.

    • I bought too many Woolworths $500 egiftcard last time. I can swap with your Coles MC.

      • Be careful with that.

        I thought that I had thrown out the wrong cards when I spent some in full. The spent ones, I still had, the ones with a balance were "missing", but I found them; in the mean time, I panicked a little, but as I had recorded all the details, I was able to load up Amazon GC credit with the saved details before I found the missing cards.

        If you are swapping, you may want to make sure that the package is fully in tact and not tampered with in any way; then do an immediate balance check without the other person getting the details of the card itself whilst you do it.

        Of course, all that would be moot …. if everyone was honest.

  • Do these still take a long time to activate compared to the first day rush?

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