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Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Global Version 6GB/64GB - US$240.14 (~A$329.38) Delivered (HK) @ Banggood


just upgraded my phone from xiaomi mi a2 to this phone
the lowest at ozbargain was $317 at march this year really close price im buying this phone for mainly the camera quality and the overall performance of it if you are into gaming check poco x3 pro models around similar prices

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    If you have "no international fee" card it hits this price pretty often in USD. So don't stress about the deal ending in 10 hours.

    Currently showing as 235.41 + 1.14 delivery = 236.55 USD for me in the app so ~ 318.90 AUD

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    Does anyone know a good app that will make your skin look good in whatsapp calls?

    The cameras on this phone are a bit too good, I don't want to put off any potential dates lol

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    Fantastic phone, as soon as the 8/128 model goes sub $400 i'll be buying.

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      its around $ 415 at the moment

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      Be aware that the version of 8G/128G doesn't have NFC feature.

      • Thanks for the info

      • :0

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        Oh wow really? That's strange.

      • That's just weird. I have the 6GB/128 version which does have NFC.

      • Just make sure you confirm that with the seller that the phone does support NFC, as some versions of the 8GB/128GB don't support, this is how they manage the affordable price.

        • Yep, it appears some 8/128 do come with NFC, confirmed with people on whirlpool that own the phone.

    • Out of interest, considering you can chuck a memory card in one of these, but does the extra 2GB RAM provide a noticeable improvement to performance?

      • +3

        I think if you plan to keep it a while the 2gb will be noticeable. If you see the most recent pixel 2 XL post, people complaining about 4gb from a 5yr old phone.

        Most Xiaomi bootloaders are pretty easily unlockable so the extra ram will be great when official updates stop, you can use custom ROMs to stay upto date a bit longer.

        Stupid about the NFC though.

    • @ anzacpaul
      8/128 for $369 here apparently

      But says comes with Media Tek instead of Snapdragon?

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    Bought this OPPO A91 for ~$280 during the last Ebay Plus promo. Am yet to see a better valued phone in this price range (and yes it has NFC).

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    Word of warning about this phone, since I got it on the last special from Banggood:

    1) It does not do video out via USB C. So if that's an issue for you, don't buy it.
    2) Bluetooth controllers will not connect to this phone. I tried a million different things, but it doesn't work. This is likely due to Android 11, as it's a know issue with it, but it looks like this phone will be upgrading to Android 12 very soon - so hopefully that solves the issue.

    Otherwise, great phone. Screen is fantastic. It's not blazingly fast, but it's fast enough.

    • 3) No VoLTE or VoWiFi on Telstra, so it uses 3G (which is being phased out in 2024?) for voice calls.

      • Do you know if that's a purely Xiaomi issue? Or a Telstra issue. Wondering as found this on the listing:

        VoLTE: Whether you can use VoLTE depends on the local carriers.

        • People with boost have confirmed no VoLTE on whirlpool I believe.

          • @anzacpaul: But what I'm wondering is if it depends on carrier, is this something that can be resolved from Telstra's side prior to the phase out of 3G, or if it's all on Xiaomi.

            • +1

              @tomsco: Don't have this phone but will be on the look out for a phone next year. These guys got VoLTE/VoWiFi working by doing this: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/32kkjqj9?p=3#r6910336...
              Apparently it works on some carriers and not on others?

              • @bullettime: For what it's worth I've tried all of these on my Poco X3 and haven't gotten VoLTE/VoWIFI to work with Boost.

                Optus works like a charm, but no dice with boost (even with custom roms).

          • +1

            @anzacpaul: I am with boost and can confirm no VOLTE with boost. was on the live chat for 3 hrs trying to get it activated but no go. I tried all the steps that bullettime linked below but doesnt work.

            sad. otherwise its a good phone.

      • Both my mi mix 3 5G and Poco X3 NFC work with VoWiFI and VoLTE but you need to activate it by unlocking the developer function and entering a number.

        • +2

          I just tried this on my Xiomi k30 5g - no need developer function. Just enter - ##86583## - enable Voice over LTE
          ##869434## - enable Voice over WIFI

    • +3

      You should just not expect video out from any phone. Only a few company give a damn, and they're limited to their top ends.

    • How have you found them OS wise for updates and also bloatware? They reasonably good?

      • +1

        OS is fine. Not a lot of bloatware (at least on a Samsung level)

  • +2

    I've had this phone for about 6 months, very happy with it. Superb value.

  • Cheers… had 3 phones with batteries expanded and popped off the screens in the last week! Ordered one of these as a replacement of my main phone.. Any recommendations on a rugged/drop proof style case for this?

    • Just curious, how did that happen? Did you leave them in the car and they overheated or something?

      • I left them on charge for a few days / power is off on the circuit half the day so expected it would be ok - gets to around 30 degrees in my place… I just didn't notice until too late!

        • Just curious, What brand/brands are those 3 phones.

          • +1

            @salin: An older AGM X2, Xiaomi Mi Max 3, and a Ulefone 6E

          • +1

            @salin: People love to tout how advanced the power controllers in these batteries. Have heard similar stories of people having expanded batteries when left on extended charge. This is why people recommend either disconnecting the battery when using an old phone as say a security cam or (my suggestion) putting the phone on a charging timer.

    • ZOMG That's dangerous!!!

    • Maybe you have a faulty charger?

      • nothing faulty…. I think all these unvented battery phones do the same - my fault for leaving them plugged in over several days I guess… although I leave the power off on that circuit at least 8 hours each day…. disappointing though..

  • +2

    Does it have an sd card slot?

    • +1


    • Right on the link:

      Card Extend: Supports an external TF card up to 128GB (VFAT)

  • +1

    This or poco x3?

    • +3

      Poco if you game, this for camera and screen, iirc.

  • +5

    I ordered the 6gig 128 storage for AU$404 all included about 2 weeks ago. It just landed in Sydney over night and I am super excited to have it here tomorrow!

    The reasons I chose this over the Poco F3 or X3 (for example), this has OLED screen, 104Mpixel camera and SD card. In case anyone is on the fence…

    • +2

      And 3.5 jack

      • Good point! Not a deal-sealer for me but yes…

  • -2

    Is fine for hungry jacks coupons

  • Does this phone has Dual sim ? My wife really need a mid to higher end tier decent dual sim phone, her A20 is too sluggish now.
    Any other suggestion as well would be much appreciated, budget 350-650

    • Yes, dual sim + dedicated sd slot

  • Anyone who knows mobiles well can tell me if this would be a good replacement for my Samsung Galaxy note 9 ? (starting to get the LCD Green screen issue) looking to replace with something similar or better and non 5g any recomendations would be greatly appreciated

    • +1

      If u used to samsung one ui, it's hard to switch to miui, the user interface is different, miui is a bit stupid imo. For example the recent call screen doesn't show time.

  • I have used mine for couple months now. 6Gb/128.
    Dual SIM, fast responsive screen, lots of camera features (copy,slow mo, fast mo etc)

  • what's the story with warranty on these devices? Do they offer a warranty in addition to consumer law protections?

    • Nope, warranty is pretty much non-existent.

  • Been using over the past few months and would recommend as well. It only randomly crashed once, but just restarted. Thought there was an issue with notifications not disappearing but just needed to change Accessibility Timeout to 'Default'. Great phone overall for price.

  • I cant link to Amazon - but is this the same item?

    "Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro - Smartphone 6+128GB, 6,67” 120Hz AMOLED DotDisplay, Snapdragon 732G, 108MP Quad Camera, 5020mAh, Onyx Gray (UK Version + 2 Years Warranty)"

  • I'm confused - does this model in the title have NFC or not?

    • Nobody seems to know, including Banggood (who I just asked). Their info states it's the global model but it also says that NFC is market dependent. That doesn't make sense. I just ordered 2 and I'll be furious if there's no NFC.

      edit: this says it does https://www.devicespecifications.com/en/model/eb8655d1

  • I am thinking of getting 6GB/128GB variant for $382.68 … It seem the delivery time has increased to 6-7 wks now..


    • +1

      I bought that last month. Used priority delivery for $8. Took 2 weeks but totally worth it during this congestion in VIC

  • +1

    My order from last deal (the 128gb) one seems lost by fastway, marking as delivered but can't find anywhere only 15min after "delivery time" shown on their website. I'm quite upset that I have to deal with the courier and Banggood, maybe PayPal & C/C issuer later.

  • Just bought poco x3 pro :(

  • Or wait for Note 11 Pro next month?

  • Any deals on the 8gb version??

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