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Felt DIY Christmas Tree for Kids $19.95 Delivered @ Health Carer

Merry Christmas!!!

Let Our Kids Be Involved In The Most Beloved Christmas

  1. The DIY Christmas Tree Is The Best Gift For Your Kids
  2. Colorful patterns and 3D design make the tree more cute and attractive
  3. Children can exercise their hand-on and creative ability, enjoy the fun of DIY
  4. Magic stickers are stitched, sturdy enough, don't need to worry about wearing out
  5. Adopting high quality felt fabric, odorless and non-toxic, thick and durable. Child's Favorite Christmas Felt Tree

Electronic Pulse Neck Massage

  1. Uses adjustable electrical pulses to relax the muscles on your neck, back and shoulders
  2. Drives neck muscles to move together, effectively relieve neck stiffness, swelling and pain caused by work and study

Immediate $15 OFF by using OZCHRISTMAS code when buying the DIY Chritmas Tree

DIY Christmas Tree

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Electronic Neck Massage
Magnetic Posture Corrector

Buy one Magnetic Therapy Posture Corrector, get another posture corrector for only $0.95, which worths $15.95.

Magnetic Posture Corrector
Lumbar Posture Correction

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  • Dimensions of the christmas tree?

    • 75cm * 95cm

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      Please look at their shipment method:
      Dec 17 Free Shipping Cainiao Super Economy Global
      Dec 02 US $3.68 AliExpress Standard Shipping
      Nov 24 US $18.12 AliExpress Premium Shipping

      Please be aware that their free shipping is unavailable and cannot provide tracking information.

      For us, the package will be at customer's hand in two weeks in most cases.

      • +1

        Lol 2 weeks in most cases. Thanks for confirming you're dropshipping from China.

        • -1

          We have stocks in Australia.

          • @Joseph Song: if i order today, when can I expect it to receive it?

            • @ozzyoi: Probably by the end of this month, and you can always track the order to see the progress.

              • @Joseph Song: ok thanks

                • @ozzyoi: Also, are u saying that your quality is much better than the ones that are being sold on Ali Express for the same thing. Infact the listings on AE have the exact same photo of the tree.

        • It's actually from $6.49 (AUD) + $5.04 Shipping + 10% GST. Saving $5 but gotta wait 1.5 months.

          A saving indeed, but for those who like to prepare Xmas early, paying that extra few bucks won't hurt for peace of mind, especially this xmas is going to be hectic, possibly disastrously, with parcel postages etc.

          • @howard22:

            Saving $5

            All 3 I linked to has free shipping:

            US $4.73 or AU $6.40 x 1.1 = AU $7.04
            US $4.99 or AU $6.75 x 1.1 = AU $7.43
            US $4.99 or AU $6.75 x 1.1 = AU $7.43

            These are savings of over $12, or about 62-64% cheaper.

            gotta wait 1.5 months.

            The rep quoted 2 weeks shipping at best. This is the same time frame as paying extra for Aliexpress Standard Shipping. In this case:

            US $4.73 + 3.68 or AU $11.37 x 1.1 = AU $12.51
            US $4.99 + 3.25 or AU $11.14 x 1.1 = AU $12.26
            US $4.99 + 3.25 or AU $11.14 x 1.1 = AU $12.26

            The same 2 weeks delivery and still saving over $7, or about 38% cheaper.

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      they have used the exact same pic as the first link. Thanks I will buy from AE.

  • +6

    No reviews - click bait - just free advertising they are pushing through Ozbargin

  • +1

    Their Australian address is a post office. Are they even in Australia?

    • -1

      Yes, we are in Australia.

  • Ho Ho Hodllllllllllllll

  • Go and buy it from BigW to get it today for $20
    pretty sure Kmart/Target has it too cause wife bought one for the kids last week.

  • +1

    No bargain here, another advertising post

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