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NBA League Pass 2021/22 - Annual US$42.99 (Approx A$61) via South Africa @ NBA.com (VPN Required)


Hi guys,

Please go easy on me as this is my first post.

I was looking through OZB for a cheap NBA League Pass option for the upcoming season and noticed that there are no recent active posts.

For signup you'll need to use a VPN and sign up via South Africa.
Works perfectly inconjunction with the current free KeepSolid VPN deal.

  1. Follow the instructions in the post for the KeepSolid VPN deal to create your free 6 month VPN subscription.
  2. Open VPN; select South Africa
  3. Go to NBA.com. Choose an option that suits you (the annual package works out to be the best for all teams). Make sure you have selected South African Rand US Dollar for the payment option (drop down list with red arrow on the right)
  4. Sign up with a valid Credit Card; preferbally one with no international transaction fees - you can select Australia in the Country/Region.
  5. Done!

Once you have signed up, you should be able to stream and watch NBA games without the need of a VPN.


edit: As mentioned in the comments, it's actually cheaper to pay for the subscription in USD as opposed to Rand.

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      That’s good but 3 games a week out of, what, 60 games?

      That’s not ‘many’

      • For Australian free to air TV - 3 games a week for a league is heaps, especially for an international league. I dont think you would find any international sport with more than 3 games a week. Our local soccer, basketball leagues etc dont even get 3 games a week. NRL & AFL get like 4 games max a week?

          • +1

            @XCOM v2: I'm fully aware of that - but how many more are you expecting?? This is Australian free to air TV, we arnt in the US - 3 games a week is a lot, it doesnt matter how many games a week they play. MLB plays twice as many games and we have 0 games a week here on FTA.

            Name me an international league with more games on FTA TV.

    • Only regular season? I think there were no playoffs on SBS last year.

  • Question for those in the know… I had the Mexican one from last year, it didn't renew cause I changed card details, I just renewed it using the south african one, now I can see 2 subscriptions… but it doesn't really say which is from where, would I get charged again for the Mexican one when then season start?

  • Fantastic 1st post OP. First season I could set up VPN by following your great instructions. Thank you!

  • Anyone have any experience using the NBA League Pass add-on for Kodi?

    Hopefully goes alright on Wefnesday.

    • +1

      You could try hitting up the legendary Matt Huisman over on WP. He creates all sorts of Kodi add-ons including Kayo. Donate a few coffees to him.

      • +1

        Will do, cheers. I follow him on his reddit page so might message him there.

        • If you get any good news, it'd be great to find out.

          I used to use it a couple of seasons ago and it was excellent, but stopped being updated and ultimately stopped working. Haven't looked into it for a while

  • After I change VPN and click to buy on the NBA website, I get prompted to login again. After entering my login details it refreshes and does the same. Prompts me to sign up or login. Any suggestions please?

    • Yea i'm getting the same thing happen to me - anyone have ideas?

  • +1

    My Argentinian auto-renew was AU$89.10 - ahh well…still a good deal.

  • Anyone else having issues with paying? Tried my 28 Degree and NAB credit card, neither of them worked.

    "There was an error in processing the payment method on file. If paying by PayPal, please try again at a later time. If paying by credit card, please check that the billing address on file matches the address on your credit card account or use a different credit card and try again. If you need further help, please contact Customer Support."

    • Ended up changing the currency to USD and paid with PayPal - 28 Degrees, was charged $58.08

  • Can anyone confirm how many devices at once can be used if you buy the league pass that cost R739.99

    • +1

      1 mate

  • I did this few weeks ago.
    I used NAB total $65.67 including international transactions. Also South Africa.

    First game today, can't wait!

    • +2

      err tomorrow brah

      • itonez is stuck in US time zones.

  • Why does Seth Efrike get it so cheap? :)

    • Poor currency and wanting to grow the league most likely.

  • +1

    For anyone interested you can watch most NBA games via the NSW TAB app for free.

  • How do I cancel autorenew? I paid with paypal but the Billing and Payment only has CC option which is empty.

    • +1

      Have you tried to cancel auto payments in PayPal? Settings (the cog in the upper right corner of the landing page) -> Payments -> Automatic Payments (Show active) -> select NBA League Pass and choose cancel.

      • Thanks. Never knew this was a thing on paypal.

  • I used the free TunnelBear approach to this and my South African League pass came to AU$60. I did change the price to US before buying but not sure if that would make a difference?

  • Have tried using IPVanishVPN to purchase and their servers are blocked.. in the past I have had to use the VPN to play the content too. Are people confident that the vpn is not required to watch the games too?

    • +1

      You need VPN to watch for India sub, not other countries. This has been covered in the comments

  • AU$58.28 sweet as bru

  • Noob question. I can't seem to find the finer details on the website. Does this include the playoffs and the finals?

  • +1

    the vpn offer seems to have expired, is there any alternatives?

  • This may be so stupid. But is anyone else having a problem that even with a valid vpn (tested that shows a different country) it still won’t work for changing the price from the $250usd? :/

    • Opening Chrome in Incognito mode?

  • Awesome! Just did this and signed up using my 28 Degrees card using US dollars! Although many people have confirmed this works without a VPN.. moment of truth will be tomorrow morning when i test it on my iphone!

    Does anyone know with this pass whether two people can stream at the same time? A mate was interested in going halves with me.

  • Just signed up and it worked.

    First time it showed $170USD, so I changed the VPN to Argentina, refreshed page, then back to South Africa, and refreshed again. Bought for $42.99 USD.

    Thank you!

  • I keep getting logged out and refreshing after pressing "Buy Now". Can anyone help?

  • Thanks mate. Signed up works well. Better then shared accounts for 25 bucks that boot you off due to too many users or them getting banned.

    I paid in US dollars instead of rand as it worked out to something like $50.

    Much better value.

  • Betting on a discount code to come up when the season starts. My last season's sub is still giving me access til 28/10 so can wait

    • to get better than $58? good luck

    • Discount codes come out in December. They will give you a qtr off beacuase a qtr of the season is gone. Season start discount codes dont exist anymore, if you are an ongoing subscriber, they give you 10% at the start of the season.

  • Does this still work for everyone else ? I just tried it, seems to be the same page with the same price no matter what country i choose on my vpn (using expressvpn)

    • still works
      I tried TunnelBear (free) South Africa, still as it should be

      • Did a flush dns cache and now it works!

  • Once you sign up I understand you don't need a VPN to watch. Are we able to watch on all devices normally? Like phone ipad console etc?

  • Still no Inside the NBA on Kayo. Useless Murdoch clowns. For anyone that has NBA League Pass, does it include Inside the NBA?

  • +1

    So I've just tried this method, the account and sign up work fine. The app logins and I can watch games, but if I try use a PC to go watch.nba.com, even when signed it, it takes me to the league pass sign up screen with prices in AUD.

    So it seems to work with apps (my PS5 and phone), but on PC, I can't get it to stream.

    • works fine on PC here, watching the bulls game atm

  • Works with PC if you go to the league pass website with South Africa VPN and then switch it off once the page has loaded and you can click watch

    • You don't need to once you've paid

  • +1

    Hi, is there anyway to get cheap "premium" NBA league pass? (2 screens) I bought the above mentioned plan through South Africa, but there was no premium option.

    • +1

      No premium. I was after the same for my mate but realized can't. I tried to register another account but having issues.

  • Its forcing me to use 7 day free trial but I signed up, it only let me pay in the Rand. Still works out cheap, hope it doesnt randomly charge me full AU prices after 7 days.

    • Hey mate any updates? Got the 7 day free trial first as well but paid in USD. I’m due to be charged for tomorrow

      • Yep soz didn’t see this. For future reference after 7 days it charges you the amount in USD or Rand from the VPN route and not AU prices.

  • I’m glad that I’m only paying ~$60/year for this service. Since last season I’ve been getting stuttering/frame drops when watching on a TV, via phone or tablet it’s fine.

  • Thank you! This worked for me for AUD 60.

  • Anyone able to confirm if the streams are 1080p this year?

    • yes

    • yes, has 1080p and gives you 3 options at times. TNT mobile view and also ESPN (depending on how you watch it).

  • Anyone having issues registering this. I keep trying to register for a mate of mine but it keeps looping and asking me to sign in again. Can't get pass the annual payment page.

    • try a diff browser incognito or whatever
      I just tried again using Tunnelbear south africa and it works as it should if I wanted to register again.

      • thanks mate.

  • One thing I am having trouble with and I have tried two browsers - is the stream just sometimes stops, and need to refresh the page to get it back again.

  • How does this compare to Kayo? Thinking bout getting this for my boyfriend

    • League Pass has far more games; if he wants to follow a specific team or watch a lot of games this would be much better.
      If he wants to watch a random game now and then, Kayo isn't bad.

      • Thanks!

  • hey everyone, how do you all watch the league pass on your smart tv. My samsung tv doesn't have the nba app. Thanks

  • Hi, anyone having an issue with their NBA account today? Seems like my subscription was removed or something. 😑

    • nah all good here

    • I do have to keep signing in though.. which is weird.

    • Same here, what to do?

    • Any updates on this? I bought the India one and it was working for a week no dramas but now it says there are no subscriptions :(

  • I'm having issues paying, its not accepting my cards and the PayPal option doesnt show up. Anyone have any solutions?

  • any free vpns that have a working south africa server? surfshark vpn seem to not work

    • Tunnelbear

  • Tunnelbear FREE worked well, and the signup process was simple - thanks for this great deal !!

    • +1

      So you do not need vpn to stream right? Only during signup?

      • that's what I've been told, but I haven't tried yet

        • yep - I can confirm it works just fine now on PC and mobile

      • Working well on Kodi with no vpn. I got a team pass. Only used VPN during sign up. Works flawlessly on my phone too.

  • I'm having trouble getting my games going, it just has a blank screen with the NBA logo on top of it, has anyone had this issue or know a way around it?

    • happened in one browser, I thought it might have been one of my addons.
      now I just use it in a diff browser

    • i have this issue using chrome browser. i have ad blocker add on installed. so in order to watch i use microsoft edge with no issues.

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