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Crucial MX500 1TB SSD SATA $129 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Been waiting for this to drop. Not the cheapest ever, still a good price for a good SSD though.

Enjoy :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    That RRP though lol

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      I don't think so. Price has been fluctuating for a long time. Precovid, it was $160-180, during covid it went up and has finally come back down

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        pcbyte was $100 I got two

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    On first look I thought it was a great deal, didn't realise how far prices had fallen - https://staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?q=Crucial+MX500+...

    • It still ties the cheapest seller and includes free delivery if you have Prime. Much faster delivery than AusPost.

  • +1

    I still have one I bought ages ago I have yet to install…

  • Isn't the Samsung a better deal now with the free Far Cry 6 License.

    • Cheapest I can find it for is $179, that's $50 more than this deal.
      I most people are reselling their FC6 keys for about $40

      • Where are you finding keys this cheap ? Please send me a link !

      • -1

        $129 I bought one this morning here

        • +7

          Different model, QVO is cheaper because it uses QLC nand which is slower and less durable
          EVO is more expensive using TLC nand
          Also only the 2TB QVO is eligible for FC6 redemption though Amazon isn’t a eligible reseller anyway

        • +2

          Mx500 is way better

        • +1

          Not a fair comparison. The equivalent would be a Samsung Evo 870

          • +2

            @Munki Kundi: mx500 is more of a 860evo equivalent, 870 evo is slightly better by not a meaningful margin.

            QVO is all the way down there and shall not be compared against either EVOs nor mx500s.

            • @OMGJL: QVO sits below MX500/EVO but is still considerably better than BX500

              • -1

                @FireRunner: BX500 uses low tier TLC with a inferior controller, QVO have a good controller but QLC. I'd still go bx500 if that's my only 2 choice.

                • +1

                  @OMGJL: QVO has a DRAM cache which is why I'd choose it over the BX500

                  • -1

                    @FireRunner: but QLC

                    • +1

                      @OMGJL: Yep, I'd rather QLC + DRAM than DRAM-less TLC

                      • @FireRunner: well I'd rather MX500 than QVO any day any time. and it's cheaper anyway.

                        • +1

                          @OMGJL: At 1TB or less, the price difference between quality and budget drives isn't much so you shouldn't even consider anything that isn't TLC with DRAM (unless heavily discounted)
                          At 2TB or greater, the price difference is considerable. For a secondary/game drive, the budget drive might be the better option

                          Example is my secondary NVMe Intel 660p drive which I got for ~$300 (It's QLC with a small DRAM cache) which is perfect to play all my Steam games off
                          A high quality 2TB NVMe would have cost probably $450+ at the time and the difference would probably would be unnoticeable

            • -1

              @OMGJL: Agreed

    • The similarly priced 870 QVO 1TB isn't included in that promotion.

      • oh… you are right. no 1Tb. $&&@@%#

  • +4

    I have this in my PS4 slim after my old mechanical was clicking, its noticeably faster, mostly in the UI, the best is the 'copying' after an update is done.. so much faster :)

    • +1

      Load times should be noticeably faster in games too.
      The PS4 Slim (and original) has a bit of a bottleneck for SSD being only SATA II but it's still a very worthwhile upgrade

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    Does this have any advantage over a 1TB Samsung 870 QVO?

    Benchmark looks very similar

    • +5

      TLC vs QLC.

      If you want the Samsung, get the 2TB version, twice the write speed after the cache is full at 180 Vs 90 on the 1TB.

      • Appreciate it.

        Looks like I'm terms of the 1TB not a lot of difference. Perhaps even a slight advantage to the Samsung?

        • +7

          No, the Crucial will be more durable and have more consistent write speeds during large transfers than the 870 QVO
          The Samsung 870 EVO is the comparable model to the Crucial MX500.

          • +1

            @FireRunner: Thanks. Looks like I had used the MX500 250GB variant in my bench mark comparison which skewed the results. Thanks for your help.

            • +4

              @AdamFury: That userbenchmark site isn’t a reliable source btw. It’s been found to favour Intel over AMD CPUs for example

    • This is the competitor to the Samsung 850 evo, which is now discontinued

  • +3

    Is this really a bargain?

    • +1

      Yea im wondering this too theres been a trend on ozbargain recently whereby products that are sitting at MSRP or at a price so long i would consider it a regular price are being listed as a bargain.

      Pretty certain i remember this drive in particular being $130 all the time pre pandemic.

  • Crying rn as I got the 500gb for $89…

    • I got 480GB for $150 in 2016 :-) Still using it on a daily basis.

      • 128GB M4 for $221 in 2011. Still my boot/apps drive in my daily driver PC

  • Also, this one's available for less $, however a little bit slower SSD than the OP's..

    Crucial BX500 1TB 2.5" SSD, CT1000BX500SSD1, Black
    Price: $119.00

    • +13

      Definitely don't get the BX500 over the MX500. It's a budget SSD with no dram.
      Less durable and much slower in sustained writes (transfer speeds drop below that of HDDs).

      • +2

        well noted, thanks

  • I paid more than that for less GB … it was 7yrs ago thou

  • Thanks OP, I've been looking for a good priced 1TB SSD for a few months now.

  • Thanks OP.

    Might upgrade the HDD in my old laptop to this to breathe new life into it.

  • What would i need for this to work on my 2011 MacBook air that's beeping three times and ran out of memory?

    • +2

      A new laptop.

      Seriously, this is not the item you need for a MacBook Air. Refer to ifixit for tips but you are looking at a proprietary ssd I believe

  • Not the best deal, bought one from umart for 137 few months ago.
    For product review: I use this for my PS4 Pro, it works awesome.

  • +4

    RRP horribly inflated. For and extra $9 I can grab one from PLE locally


  • How would this compare in real world use to an msata drive?

    • Just based on interface alone, both provide 6Gbps bandwidth.

      We could go into chip performance (MLC vs TLC vs QLC) and cache, but in real world it wouldn't be noticeably different to most users, especially if it's for office productivity and gaming.

    • +1

      You need to compare the actual SSD model. mSATA is just a different SATA connector, it is still SATA. This is SATA as well. We know mSATA is no longer popular because of m.2. If you have a decent mSATA SSD, you are not going to experience much difference.

  • Only $3 cheaper than Shoppingexpress..

    $132 is the new RRP.

    • +3

      Free shipping with Amazon however.

    • Centre Com have matched the $129 Amazon price, including free shipping.

      • +1

        My guess is that it happened the other way around. Amazon price matched centrecom but it was noticed on Amazon first

  • +1

    Wish Crucial MX500 had a 4TB version to give Samsung a bit more competition. But ahh well such as life :)

  • How does it compare to https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08LB5LQ65/ref=ppx_od_d...

    Seagate barracudda 1Tb M2 Nvme apart from the Nvme part of course for $126?

    • Destroys it, TLC is way more reliable than QLC long-term. It's not worth the savings (in this case $1) to go with that inferior product. You can get the mx500 in m.2 form factor too.

  • dam waiting on the 2tb one… mised it last time. I cry.

  • OP please update - now $119

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