Tennis Ball Roller Pickup Tool

Hi to all that play Tennis,

Has anyone ever bought something like this before for picking up balls and can tell me if it does work fine and hasn’t broken after months?

80 Balls Capacity Tennis Balls Retriever Picker Ball Hopper Roller Stand Trainer


  • For that money I think a Kollectaball brand might be better. You can buy replacement wires for the kollectaball too. I would buy from a local store if possible incase you have issues down the track. Personally I think a simple tube works fine for me and it's easier to store in the car or wherever.

    • Hmmm kollectaball - alright I’ll start saving for that one

  • make one…

    PVC pipe..

    one end get an old tennis ball and cut it and glue it to the inside, so the balls just push in when you go over them and don't fall out.. and then tip them out from the other end.

    light weight, so kids and parents can use it to quickly pick up balls.

    cost… probably $30…..

    • Oh I have one of those ball pick up tubes - just need something that collects 50-70 balls really fast

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    yes, they are great if you have a ball machine. when I don't use a ball machine I use a ball hopper that flips up to a stand. then I can keep practicing with the balls.

    • Do you mean the Tourna branded baskets?

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        i think tourna is plastic, i would get a metal one. I think the one i have is gamma.

        yea the one i have is the gamma ball pick up basket. they sell in different sizes. also amazon has them.

        you put the arms/legs up and the basket down and pick up the balls. after you pick up the balls, you flip the arms/legs down and now you have a basket next to you to hit balls on your own or to you partner to practice. then it is also a storage when your done. i also have the pick up tube so the other people can help so we don't waste our court time.

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