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50% off Storewide (Excludes Machinery + Gift Cards) + Delivery ($0 with $100 Order) @ Undercover Roasters


Hey OzBargain fam,

To celebrate our feature in The Age tomorrow we are giving you early bird access to our 50% off sale starting NOW!

Use the code: THEAGE

For 50% off coffee (whole beans only), chocolates, chai's, syrups, coffee gear and merch- excludes coffee machines and gift cards.

Get in quick for early dispatch as this sale opens to the public in The Age TOMORROW.

We're expecting this one to be BIG, so please be patient with us as we work through your orders.

Our normal shipping costs will apply:
$7.5 under $50
$5 between $50-$99
FREE over $100

As always (thanks to COVID) there are unavoidable delivery delays across all courier networks.

Thanks guys + please comment with any questions/concerns and we will try to get back to you ASAP!

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  • How to you put delay shipping in to the order?

  • When will pickup be available from the Abbotsford location?

    • hey! for which items?

      • +2

        I placed as order yesterday morning for the DRK 1kg & BLK 1kg. I'm right around the block so hoping i could pick it up today if possible from the Abbts location

        • same boat, following

      • any updates when pickup at Abbts can be done for orders placed on Wed?

        • Keen to know too!

  • I will wait for the free shipping one. $7.5 is too much for ozbargainer.

  • Just ordered 1kg BLK, 1kg Peru, and a set of scales. I look forward to trying your coffee. Thank you!

  • Awesome deal will grab a few kgs tonight 👍🏻 Drk and wht
    Real struggle on your hands if you introduce a fourth signature flavor..gry? Lol

    • hahaah dont tempt us… was thinking GLD :)

  • Silly question - is the 'expresso' grind option ground coffee suitable for a semi automatic coffee machine?

    • hmmm what do you mean by semi-auto? let me know what machine make/model and ill check it out for you!

      • The gaggia classic, thanks! I do not own a grinder at the moment.

  • I love a coffee deal. Just copped the Michael Jackson combo: BLK and WHT

  • +1

    OZBers, where are we ranking these guys compared to Airjo and Blue Lime on taste?

    • Personally, I prefer UCR (BLK & WHT).

      I've tried both Airjo and Lime Blue coffee and been generally happy.

      One thing I WILL say is that all three roasters have each been a pleasure to deal with!

      • +1

        all three roasters have each been a pleasure to deal with!

        Must say the first two have been great. Might give these guys a shot too.

  • Cheers, just ordered 2kg of BLK on your recommendation and 2 Vanilla syrups.

  • Thanks Op. I do like your beans. I dont have a grinder could order your 1kg signature blend expresso grind / aeropress?
    I can pick up from Abbotsford

    • +1

      if you're picking up from abbotsford just ask the team to grind them when you pick them up :)
      they can reseal them for you there!

      • Oh brilliant!!! Thank you

  • What will be roast date for Ethiopia Guji Allona G1. I already ordered, probably should have asked this first hahah.

    • hahhahha seems to be a popular choice- let me check for you. but it looks like we'll be doing a fresh roast to fill all these orders anyway!

      • The tasting notes got me, but I'm sure with my palette it will just taste like 'coffee' anyway

        • its very unique coffee! im sure you'll pick up some of the fruity notes

  • Ordered one kg of BLK & White! Can’t wait!

  • Thanks OP, ordered the Kenya Gikirima 1kg for delayed shipping. Those notes sound right up my alley.

    • look forward to hearing what you think!

  • How is the roast level of DRK? I tried BLK before and it’s nice medium roasted.
    I want to try abit more kick than BLK.

    • DRK is the same blend wise as BLK just roasted darker- sounds like its just what you're looking for!

  • BLK and WHT, which is lighter roast suitable for V60 pour over?

    • +1

      Why not get Single Origin instead for v60? I believe blend are more suited towards espresso drinks.

    • WHT is a little lighter and more acidic.
      But yes single origin is a good option too! we are running low on stock for some singles though!

  • The decaf isn’t working with the code?

    • hey! what size are you trying to order? and its whole beans only :) so if you've chosen to have them ground that may be why!

      • Decaf 500g whole beans = no discount

        • I agree - looks like an issue with the code because the code works for decaf 250g and 1kg but not decaf 500g (whole beans). Rep, any chance you could sort this out please? Thank you!!

  • Undercover Roasters
    Can I please get a 30 day delay on Order #5474?
    I still have a couple bags of coffee to get through now.

  • Hey team! Just wondering what beans you would recommend for cold drip? Don't mind a flavoursome coffee so was thinking blk. Cheers !

    • Hi Slinky0111, you could definitely give BLK a go- but i would recommend one of the single origins.

      Maybe colombia?

  • Couple of questions:
    1) Peru single origin is now sold out. Any plans to re-stock given 7 days left for the sale?
    2) How many days out can Delayed Shipping be done for?


    • Yes we will be restocking Peru- just need to work thru these current orders and reset.
      Will let you know when we've restocked!

  • I've ordered 1kg BLK.

    Wondering if you have any suggestions for grind settings for Breville Barista Express? Thank OP.

    • Hey! do you have your own grinder at home? or for us to grind for you?

  • Hi Op, can we get recommended espresso brew ratio and extraction time for DRK and BLK?

    • +1

      Hey! 1:2 is generally a pretty safe ratio for BLK - maybe pull it back a little for DRK though
      You dont wanna overexract

      • And what would be you recommendation for contact/extraction time?

  • Hi OP,
    i am looking to pickup from Abbotsford and have the beans grinded for filer at pickup. When i have 1x BLK 1kg, 1x syrup and 1x panela, Bendigo is the only pickup option.
    So it looks like only beans can be picked up from Abbotsford. Can you please advise of my options? Else i am ok to forgo the syrup and panela.

    • Hi there,
      just select Bendigo as your pickup location but write in the notes that pickup will be from Abbotsford!

  • Can I delay till next year Feb-March? If so I wanna buy more?
    Just bought 1kg of singles.

    • +1

      wow- thats a long time.
      there will definitely be more sales before then, im worried your order may get lost in the chaos…

      • Icyfire is obviously a futures trader.

  • Grabbed 250g each of the Kenya Gikirima and Ethiopia Guji Allona

  • Amazing deal, thanks OP! Just checking, I made a note on the cart to pick up in Abbotsford but could only select Bendigo at checkout. I can't see that note in my order confirmation so hopefully it's there at your end! Order #5260… is there any way to check that the note has gone through?

    • +1

      its there :) thank you for checking!

  • OP, is it possible to split an order? I'm grinder less at the moment until i take delivery of a preorder in early december. If possible, could I get 500g ground for earliest pickup and then drop in for the other 500g when I'm nearly out?

    Victoria St is within my commute so pickup isn't a problem and 500 would last me 1-2 weeks.

    Looking for a fine espresso grind for an ECM Synchronika.

    Thanks in advance.

    • +2

      Wouldn't it be easiest to place two separate orders and just put a note of what you want to do on each one?

      • Much of a muchness but yeh sure.

        It also costs more for 2x 500g as opposed to a 1kg order.

      • +2

        hey there! so if you're happy to pick up from Abbotsford- you can order your 1kg, ask for it to be split into 2 x 500g.
        When you get to Abbotsford to pickup ask them to open the bag and grind for you :) they can reseal it there

        • Legends. I placed my order anyway and with the same notes so I'll have a chat to them once it's ready for pickup. 👍

          • @db87: One more question, I wanted to order a group head cleaning brush and your scales but they're only available for pickup in Bendigo, do you guys stock these in Abbotsford?

  • Hi team, I received my BLK coffee - just wanted to say that it might be the nicest beans from any of the roasters that frequent OzB.

    That said, one strong suggestion is to switch to resealable coffee bags, as you have done with your Chai bags. With beans this good, you want to make sure they last! :)

    • Geez if I had known that I would have not ordered from these guys. Poor packaging and slow delivery isn't cutting it for me.

      • Mine arrived on time, as promised (end of last week) - just disappointed by the packaging.

  • Hi OP, missed the mystery box, just wondering will it be back in stock? Thanks.

  • Hey OP - just checked my order and I've had no tracking or order updates? Ordered last Tuesday?

  • +2

    I got shipping notification today - i ordered on the 19th - so 7 days to put in the mail.

    Pretty poor.

  • +4

    I’m waiting too…

    Expected this to arrive perfectly to degas a little and be ready to drink when my Sumatra from Airjo runs out.

    Better arrive before the weekend or I’ll be out and onto something else - never to purchase this again.

    That’s the key thing for beans - fast shipping or you’re out the door and off my list as a roaster!

    • No shipping update would imply that the goods are still sitting with the OP.

    • Same here. I don't mind a few days wait. But a week to even put it in the post is not good.

      • Mine just updated to in transit.

  • Anyone else had their order shipped yet? Ordered a week ago and all they've done is confirmed my order and taken my money.

    • Mine was updated to packing this morning, so Aussie Post know about it, but they don't have it yet. I'm getting more interested in the idea of buying green beans and roasting myself - will never need to worry about trying to time new orders, or running out of fresh bean supply (first world problem, I know).

    • I'm a bit disappointed at the moment, ordered last Friday, still waiting to be shipped, about to run out of current beans. Messaged OP yesterday to check in on the order but haven't heard back yet. I'm wondering whether this means they'll be more freshly roasted or less freshly roasted.

      • I ordered last Tuesday and haven’t heard anything. I’d have a guess you’re still a while away. I did the same thing - bought a 200g small local bag to last me the few days and a backup in case shipping was delayed. Didn’t realise it would take longer than 1 week to even get an update. This place should be neg’d.

        • Yeah I'm sure OP can explain, probably just more orders than they expected, but definitely needs to get back on top of the communication. I'll probably buy a local bag to get me through as well.

    • I received mine yesterday, the 1kg of BLK was half sealed so it spilled out into the post bag.

      • Oh my!

        • +1

          I emailed them and they are sending me a replacement

  • +1

    OP are you roasting later batches? I ordered mine on 19th with a note requesting pickup from Abbotsford as per your instructions (selected Bendigo) and heard nothing since. You mentioned above it was being roasted on the 19th. Picking it up 7 days after roasting is ok to allow time for degassing but now its 3 days after that it would be getting half way through its best time to use (7-14 days) so hoping I can get a later roast date now. Thanks OP.

  • Still waiting to be notified about when I can pick up…

  • Has anyone had their orders fulfilled? I emailed them yesterday asking for an update as it had been 9 days since ordering but they haven’t replied.

  • Ordered on 19/10. Undercover Roasters processed the order on 25/10 and it was picked up by Australia Post from Bendigo on 26/10. It's regular post, so probably another week in transit to Sydney given current delays. Not great delivery time frames for coffee, to be honest…

  • +1

    OP I'm really trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here but we haven't heard from you in days, what is going on?

    • +1

      I went to Undercover roasters web page, contact us and messaged them asking if anyone was still monitoring this post here; that customers had questions and no one heard from for 10 days.

  • Ordered on 20/10, this morning is 1/11, I've just emailed them about my order as I haven't received anything from them since confirming my order. I don't even know if they've shipped it yet and I live in Tassie.

    My Inglewood coffee in their 50% off sale recently only took 1 week to get here and I was impressed, but I only have about four lattes left!

  • Received a reply from Undercover saying it would be shipped out today, so it will probably take at least a week to get here :-( Just ordered AirJo because it usually only takes 2 days to get to Tassie.

    • I just got the notification that mine's being packed yesterday, after ordering on the 21st of October. Pretty poor form given many people order their beans just in time for when their last batch runs out

      • My beans arrived on 5/11 after ordering on 20/10. I started using them on 9/11. Roast date is 25/10 and they sent them 1/11!

        TASTELESS. I'm trying the Black blend that's supposed to be good with milk but my latte just tastes like milk. I've tried 3 different grind settings, 23, 26, and 18, and it tastes the same each time. NOT HAPPY.

        Breville Smart Grinder Pro. I usually don't have much trouble dialling it in.

  • from my message to them via the Undercover Roasters web site:

    No I haven’t been monitoring the post as 3-4 days after the sale went live there was no comments being made on the post.

    We have been monitoring emails though, is there something I can help you with?

    Alex O’Connor

    Undercover Roasters
    4B Roanoak Court, East Bendigo VIC 3550
    0406 679 923


  • Mine came after being posted on the 26th, ordered 19th.

    The Peru SO did have a 25th roast date so that explains that. BLK was dated the 20th.

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